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Complete Guide to Naming Your Outdoor Business

Our outdoor business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get outdoor business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

While outdoor companies typically sell clothes and gear, their branding should focus on the adventure these products enable. Yes, the practical benefits of the items are important but it can be highlighted when the brand itself is established.

Adventure should be seen as accessible and even more so when a person is equipped with items from the respective company.

Outdoor companies can also put emphasis on emotions and feelings like freedom, conquering the wilderness, relaxing away from the busy city, survival and fitness among others.

These are the reasons why so many outdoor companies have animals, mountain peaks and plants as their logo or symbol. They’re giving access to the great outdoors. An image of toughness, resilience and adaptivity will work exceptionally well among the target demographic.

Demographic Interests

According to the Outdoors Industry Association, outdoor industry consumers are young, ethnically diversified and very active. They live in both larger cities and small residential areas. Most of their spending money goes towards the purchase of outdoor gear.

Almost half of outdoor consumers have kids and they enjoy such activities with their family. They believe that they’re raising a new generation of outdoor enthusiasts. Their buying decisions are motivated by many different factors – some are looking for a good way to spend their leisure time while others are highly interested in fitness and leading an active lifestyle.

It’s interesting to point out that technologies and new developments in the field are highly demanded. The Outdoors Industry Association report suggests that 70 per cent of outdoor product consumers are looking for technological innovations.

As far as spending habits go, there are several things that are considered important. Most outdoor consumers will be willing to spend more money on an item that is seen as more durable than the alternatives. Comfort and high quality also rank among the top factors that will contribute to higher expenditure.

Competitor Name Analysis


A maker of outdoor clothes and accessories. As the company grew, brainstorming for a name began. Patagonia was peaked because it’s a distant, interesting and exotic place – a place that outdoor consumers would love to conquer.


Another very prominent outdoor company that has a geographical name. Cotopaxi is an active Ecuadorian volcano. It’s also considered an important part of local culture (some local communities consider it sacred).

Under Armour

Under Armour is probably one of the most popular active and outdoor wear brands. Originally, the founder wanted to call the company Heart, which was eventually transformed to Body Armor. Unfortunately, the name was already trademarked. His brother came up with Under Armour.


A company named after an animal, Marmot honours these very social squirrels that live in mountainous areas.


The outdoor gear brand was founded in 1989 and it was named after archaeopteryx lithographica – the first known reptile that had developed feathers for flight. A bit of symbolism there, don’t you think?

The Timberland Company

Here’s a story of an outdoor company that was named after its most popular product. Timberland originally referred solely to the waterproof leather boots made by the company. Since their popularity was so high, the brand eventually became known as The Timberland Company.


As already mentioned, ruggedness and adventure are typical for outdoor companies. You can convey the message in multiple ways. Don’t limit yourself to the standard formulas in the field and explore alternatives.

Our Business Name Generator can help you come up with something completely unique and 100 per cent representative of your company. Just choose a relevant word or phrase and you’ll get dozens of meaningful variations. Domain name availability information will also be provided.

To test out the functionality, you may want to start with the following outdoor-related terms and phrases:















Camp fire







Outdoor Business Name Inspiration

  1. Tardigrade: this is a microscopic creature that has been called the toughest living thing on the planet. As a result, the name is ideal for an outdoor company.
  2. Four Directions: the name obviously refers to the four directions – north, south, east and west. Every outdoor adventurer knows that having a compass and identifying the directions is essential,
  3. Campfire Essentials: what would an outdoor adventure be without a tent and a warm campfire in the evening? The name provokes an immediate positive association.
  4. Ursus Arctos Mountain Gear: this is the Latin name of the grizzly bear – another fearsome and incredibly rugged creature.
  5. Lone Pioneer: outdoor enthusiasts are pioneers of a sort. The name of the company is in a way indicative of man against nature.
  6. Symbiosis Outdoor Pros: symbiosis is a term referring to a mutually beneficial interaction between two organisms. When in nature, human beings should definitely be in symbiosis with other creatures.
  7. Survival Things: ultimately, outdoor companies sell product for comfort, safety and survival in nature.
  8. Tough Boots: sometimes, the most literal and direct approach to naming your company is going to be the most effective one. The name provides just one illustration of the concept.
  9. Resilire Gear: the first is derived from Latin and it is in the origin of today’s “resilience.”
  10. Vulcan Power: in Greek mythology, Vulcan is the god of fire. A tough and aggressive deity, it certainly produces an excellent name for an outdoor company.

What Not to Name Your Outdoor Business

Remember that you’re not selling products, you’re selling an experience. Thus, your outdoor business name should refrain from focusing on practical characteristics of the items that you’re trying to sell.

Animal names are a good idea but some have been overdone. The lion, wolf and eagle are all seen as symbols of strength and power. This is the reason why so many outdoor companies have adopted these creatures as a part of their brand identity. Don’t be a part of the crowd – look for another spectacular creature that could represent your products.

Don’t be too direct and literal with your name. it’s ok to choose something abstract and symbolic. In fact, such an approach will make your brand much more intriguing for those looking for outdoor products.