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Complete Guide to Naming Your Kid Business

Our kid business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get kid business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

The kid and children’s product market is heavily saturated. An abundance of items and services makes it difficult for newcomers to identify the right niche and to begin building a solid reputation inside it.

Being successful is all about differentiation. How are you different from other kid product and service providers? This should be the emphasis of company name selection, as well as of the subsequent branding efforts.

Selling to kids and parents is challenging because the expectations are high. This is why you have to think in terms of being both kid-friendly and parent-approved. Children are emotional in their choices. If your branding is way out there, however, parents are going to be hesitant.

A good approach is to target the name, the slogan and the corporate presentation to the parents. The visual side of marketing can be more tailored towards the needs of kids, which results in both consistency and an attractive image across the board.

Demographic Interests

Reports suggests that certain purchasing decisions are heavily influenced by children. These include clothing selection, software and entertainment purchases, as well as family fun choices (toys, games, sports activities, etc.). If your kid brand falls within these categories, you will need to tailor the campaign to the needs of the youngest demographic.

While kids do impact the decisions adults make, the final choice is with parents. More often, mothers will be making toy, clothing, accessory and basic childcare necessities purchases. Mothers adopt a more practical approach towards product selection. They focus on safety, comfort, educational value, practicality and longevity.

There’s a dichotomy here that poses some challenges in terms of targeting to the right demographic but it also brings opportunities to the table. Highlighting your strengths and being a bit whimsical about it can grow your brand in all of the right ways.

Competitor Name Analysis


A brand that most of us know and recognise, Lego was named after a combination of two Danish words – Leg and Got. These two mean “play well.”


A names and toys company, this one doesn’t have that much of an interesting name story. It was named after its founders – the Hassenfeld brothers.


Another very popular name in the children toy and accessory market, Fisher-Price is also named after its founders – Herman Fisher and Irving Price.


The company behind Barbie, Hot Wheels and Matchbox is named after its founders – Harold “Matt” Matson and Elliott Handler.

What’s My Name

A company that’s quickly growing in prominence, this one creates customised books that are based on the name of the child who will be receiving the item. Now the name makes sense, doesn’t it?

Mountain Buggy

The company is named after the primary product it manufactures – an all-terrain stroller that has sophisticated suspension and other characteristics aimed at the safety and the comfort of the child.


You can adopt multiple approaches towards the selection of the best name for your children’s company. Making it a bit more fun is certainly the best way to stand out. Remember, the competition is tough and you have to make an excellent first impression.

Think about words and phrases that both parents and kids will understand. When you have the list, try our Business Name Generator. It will give you a chance to explore variations and pinpoint the ones that are the best match for your brand. You will also get information about domain name availability.

If you are not certain how to approach the task of naming your company, try the following list of relevant words and phrases:



Cognitive development








Teddy bear






Modelling clay






Kid Business Name Inspiration

  1. Bit by Bit: children can learn bit by bit, especially if the right products are chosen for the task. At the same time, the name comes with some added cuteness, which can result in excellent branding ideas.
  2. Daily Magic: in the world of kids, toys and play things are magical. Sprinkling a bit of magic in the everyday existence of little ones can quickly translate a company from yet another business to the one that fulfils dreams.
  3. Fun Quest Toys: when a company is a toy maker or seller, a positive emotion should be established right from the start to provoke the right association in the mind of the potential buyer.
  4. Le Petit Bebe: a good name for a company that is creating or selling products for the youngest possible crowd – babies and toddlers.
  5. Gentle Touch: personal care products for babies and kids have to be hypoallergenic, gently formulated and chemical-free. These qualities are implied in the name of the company.
  6. Mama Knows Best: a pretty generic name that could apply to a wide array of baby and children products.
  7. The Colour Factory: toys have to be exciting, colourful and noticeable. A name like this one can help for the creation of an equally impressive logo and brand image.
  8. Baby’s Firsts: items that are designed to encourage the cognitive development and growth of babies will be properly represented by such a name.
  9. Fairy-tale Land: fairy-tales are loved by kids of all ages. The branding opportunities here are limitless.
  10. Princess and Princes: these one doesn’t need a special explanation and it will certainly appeal to both kids and parents.

What Not to Name Your Kid Business

Including your name or something a bit more corporate in the title of a company targeting children and parents doesn’t make a lot of sense. A name that’s a bit more out there will suit your business much better, even if you develop serious products.

Don’t be a cliché and don’t mimic some of the big players in the field. We’re all familiar with names like Toys“R”Us. A variation isn’t going to result in immediate recognition. Rather potential customers may be annoyed by your attempts to copy somebody else’s work and popularity.

If you can be specific, don’t settle for a broad and generic name. What exactly are you making or selling? A generic name could be explained via a slogan but immediate recognition does pay off in the corporate world.

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