How to Start a TV Show Blog

Here’s everything you’ll want to know when starting and growing your TV Show blog

The TV show industry has developed tremendously throughout the years and continues to do so at a breakneck pace. 

Despite the global coronavirus epidemic, the sector as a whole is expected to develop at a healthy rate in the future years. There are plenty of TV shows to review, and with more attention devoted to the internet for entertainment and news, now is an excellent moment to start a TV show blog.

Furthermore, starting your own blog is a great opportunity to write about something you love, and maybe even gain opportunities inside that area if you have a favorite TV show or any other topic you want to write about. 

A TV show blog will give you a way to reach out to a large online audience. It’s a fantastic opportunity to express your ideas on TV series you care about and to show others your point of view. This tutorial will walk you through the steps of creating a successful and profitable TV show blog, so you can earn money doing something you love.


Let’s start by establishing the foundation for your blog. This is the first and most important step in the long process of creating a blog. This section covers all of the fundamental planning steps.

The Focus Of Your Blog

To ensure your blog’s success, you must first grasp its purpose. This is something that many bloggers ignore, and it’s one of the key reasons why so many of them collapse in the end. 

Below are some suggestions for how you might position your blog for the highest possibility of success.

  • Careers: Making negative or complimentary comments on directors/actors and their respective careers.
  • Recommendations: Tell people about the famous and infamous TV shows that you think are worth their time.
  • Reviews: Your blog may be devoted to reviews of current and past television shows.
  • Criticisms: Criticizing and appreciating TV shows based on your personal judgement.

Tv Show Niche

The next stage is to pick a TV show niche and determine its size because you’ll need the traffic to monetize your blog. 

Your niche is essentially a segment of the market in which you have the most expertise. It’s where you may position yourself as a subject matter expert or authority. 

You should choose a blog niche that will allow you to draw an audience while also allowing you to grow your blog in the future.

Choosing a specialization increases your chances of being seen as an expert or authority in that field. You won’t know if the niche you chose is large enough unless you give it a shot. However, here are a few helpful signs that you’re on the correct track:

  • In Google Trends, you’ll see how popular your topic is.
  • There are already several well-known bloggers.
  • Google adverts appear in your search results.

You need to discover the perfect balance for your TV show blog niche, where it’s not too broad to be noticed but not too tight to leave you with little possibility for expansion. 

In addition, you should choose a blog niche that will allow you to draw an audience while also allowing you to grow your blog in the future. 

With your blog, you can focus on a variety of different niches. To offer you some ideas, we’ve included a few of them below:

  • Generalized blog: You can write about TV shows in general on your blog.
  • A TV show blog dedicated to directors: Writing about TV shows coming from a specific director.
  • Asian or international TV shows: Your speciality could be Asian shows or shows from all over the world.
  • Netflix shows review: Your blog might be solely dedicated to Netflix show reviews.

Select A Blogging Platform

A blogging platform is required before you can begin blogging. This software will actually be putting your blog up on the internet. 

A web hosting firm can help you with that. You’ll choose the blogging platform and web hosting package you’ll use to get your blog up and running in this phase.

There are several free and paid platforms to select from, but we recommend avoiding free blogging platforms like Blogger, Wix, and Squarespace. 

Although it may be enticing to start your new TV show blog without spending any money, there are several reasons why you should not.

  • Your site isn’t completely under your control.
  • The appearance of free blogging sites is amateurish.
  • Any SEO effort you undertake for the free blogging platform will benefit it rather than your own website.
  • The features are limited, which will limit your future capacity to grow and monetize your blog.
  • In addition, if you break their terms of service in any manner, your site may be shut down without warning.

After you’ve decided on a platform, you’ll need to choose a hosting package. A Choice Plus package, for example, includes Domain Privacy, which prevents your personal information from being shared publicly online.

Blog Name

Now comes the fun part, coming up with a name for your blog. 

It should also be brief, distinct, catchy, and memorable. This makes it simple and convenient for your blog readers to return to your site by just typing the name into their browsers. 

You want to pick something you’ll like for a long time. After you’ve begun adding material, it’s never a good idea to alter the name of your site or move it to a new domain, so choose wisely.

You can use our blog name generator if you need help coming up with amazing name ideas for your TV show blog. 

The Things You Need

Now comes the part where you actually start building your blog. It comprises all of the investments and manual labor required to build the blog from the ground up during the planning phase. 

So let’s take a closer look at this procedure and see what needs to be done.

Choose A Theme For Your Blog

A theme is a piece of software that controls the appearance of your blog. The importance of aesthetics in a blog cannot be overstated. 

That’s why you should pick a theme that will attract readers to your site and keep them engaged for as long as feasible. If you want to create a blog that stands out, pick one that corresponds to your TV show topic.


This is an excellent time to concentrate on designing a logo for your blog. 

There are numerous platforms that can supply you with a free logo for your blog, and if you require high-resolution logo files, you can pay a small fee to have access to those files as well as a few other items.

Create Essential Pages

This stage entails building the necessary pages for your blog. These are the major pages that will help you create trust with your audience, so take the time to make sure the content is well-crafted. 

These pages include the following information:

  • Privacy policies: A privacy policy’s objective is to notify your blog’s readers about how you gather and utilize their personal information.
  • Copyright page: It clarifies that the content on your TV show blog is entirely yours and that you do not want any of it used without your permission.
  • Contact page: You can include information like your email address, phone number, Skype ID, and address on this page to give your readers more alternatives and make it easier for them to contact you.
  • About page: This is where you introduce yourself, explain why you established a TV show blog, and so on. People who read your blog want to get to know you, and they enjoy interesting tales, so use this page to interact with your new readers and show them what kind of value they can expect from your site. On this page, you can also include a photo of yourself.

Begin Blogging

To establish a focused audience for your TV show blog, you must constantly produce new content. You won’t be able to make your blog a success, let alone monetize it if you don’t have an audience. 

In order to become a “pro” in the TV show review industry, you’ll need a lot of content. Just because you have to publish regularly doesn’t imply you have to write low-quality content every time. 

You need to pick a blog publishing schedule that allows you to consistently produce high-quality material that resonates with your target audience. 

The following are the types of content that you can produce:

  • News-type articles
  • Mix and match
  • Imagery content
  • Podcasts/videos
  • Evergreen content

You want to make material that people will want to read. It’s a good idea to find your own voice, as that is the reason why many TV show bloggers are successful.

Content Of TV Show Bloggers

Bloggers for TV shows have a lot of work to do. There’s a lot on TV shows these days, and a lot of it is garbage. 

A renowned TV blogger can assist their audience in determining which series to watch and which to avoid. They can go over each episode and write down their comments. 

Some TV bloggers will write about rumors or news about TV shows. Video and podcasts are available from other TV bloggers.

Furthermore, the bigger personalities may conduct interviews with the cast or work with other bloggers. They may focus on the channel itself, discussing their future ambitions or history. 

There are also vintage TV bloggers who talk about shows from the twentieth century. This will appeal to a wistful audience or those who appreciate classic television series.

Tips To Grow Your Trafic

Even if your material is interesting and relevant, people must come looking for it. Here are some ideas for attracting viewers:

Promote With Social Media

Each new blog post should be shared on social networking sites. Social networking sites can become some of your top traffic sources if you invest time in them.


Collaborate with other similar-sized TV bloggers. Consider your competitors as allies rather than foes. You can guest post on their sites or have them appear in your videos or podcasts, which will benefit both of your audiences.

Improve Your Post Titles

Your blog postings’ titles are almost as crucial as the material itself. This is because titles assist potential readers in deciding whether or not to click and read more. 

Keep an eye out for article titles on magazine covers to learn how titles should be picked and adjusted.

Engage With Your Audience

Keep your audience interested by engaging with them. If someone disagrees with your assessment of the season finale or a specific episode, respond to their criticism. Not every comment must be responded to, but try to respond to as many as possible.

SEO Strategy

Make sure you have a keyword strategy for each page on your website. This is one of the most straightforward methods for increasing website traffic. 

As a result, for each blog post you create, pick one keyword that you think people will use to find it. Next, use that term in the post’s title, the page’s headline, at least two times in the page’s content, in a prominent image on the page, and as part of the page link also.

Paid Ads

Target a possible audience by purchasing some targeted ads on Facebook, Google, or other platforms.

Make Money With Your TV Show Blog

You can start looking at ways to make money from your blog after it’s up and running. These are the finest and simplest ways for a blogger to earn money:

  • Affiliate marketing works by incorporating monitored affiliate links into your blog’s material. Every time a reader clicks through to a site you promote and makes a purchase, you can earn a small compensation. The links will take readers to a brand’s website, and the money you’ll get is a thank-you for getting some of your nice audience there.
  • AdSense can assist you in placing advertisements on your website and earning money.
  • Offering sponsored content possibilities is one of the most effective methods to monetize a blog. These are effectively sponsored advertisements in the shape of articles or blog posts.
  • Patreons might pay on a monthly basis for unique content from you just because they admire and support your work.

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