Top Tips To Start A Day Care: Ultimate Guide 2022

Everything you’ll want to know when starting your new daycare business.

Many people’s greatest love is children, and they want to do something significant for kids through their professions. Some attend university to pursue a teaching degree, special education, or the development of children. At the same time, others seek teaching fellowships or learner-ships. Nonetheless, there is another method of working with kids, i.e., opening a daycare center for kids.

Since most parents work full-time, most preschool-aged children get some form of child care. Moreover, many kids under age five are taken care of by caretakers, babysitters, or other relatives, and almost nearly one-quarter (23.4 percent) attend a professional daycare center.

This opens up a world of possibilities for individuals wishing to take the next step and establish their child care service. Besides, starting a daycare business can be both emotionally and professionally rewarding.

This post will give you ideas and insights into the actions you need to do to start a daycare.

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Gain Knowledge

Not much can be accomplished and achieved without a solid foundation. In the context of daycare, this solid foundation depends on extensive and considerable knowledge in various sectors ranging from children to education. This is indeed the most critical stage because the volume of backstage or back-end efforts you put into it is eventually represented in the long term. Once the daycare center is up and operating, these back-end factors may also influence the daycare’s success rate.

For instance, your level of skill, competence, and expertise in the area of children’s development or wellbeing will demonstrate how pleasant the children feel at your childcare center. Besides, this will help ascertain the level of gratification on parents’ part, affecting the number of kids who join your daycare.

You must be knowledgeable about kids and their care. Furthermore, you must also know the practicalities and marketing aspects of launching a business. Without these two knowledge sources, there is a high probability that your firm may not flourish as effectively or meaningfully as you had hoped. To manage expectations, make sure you’ve taken time to adequately prep- yourself.

Develop a Smooth Business Plan

Developing a business strategy is an unavoidable and beneficial step for any entrepreneur. This is because it allows you to readily visualize all the aspects that are essential to remember while building your business. Moreover, draw your attention to every tiny detail that you may not have considered previously.

When developing your business strategy, be sure to include the key points:


Write a summary or broad overview of your childcare as the title suggests. Then, mention each item and step you would like to explore in greater detail throughout the remainder of the business strategy. Use this medium to describe your aims and objectives for your daycare facility. Doing so will make it much easier to determine where to focus the majority of your attention and effort.


In the overview, dive into greater depth about the daycare’s location, the form of company you hope to operate, and the legislative framework. You must specify whether your daycare functions as a single proprietorship, a partnership, or whether it is more like a company or corporation. On the other hand, it will be best to get the advice and recommendations of a lawyer on this topic. That way, you will understand what other viable business forms are accessible and the most suitable for you.

Service and Target Audience

Describe the kinds of services you will provide here. Define the daycare’s target group or, in other terms, the age group of the kids you intend to enroll in the daycare. In reality, establishing the target age group will be useful when selecting what kinds of services will be accessible. For instance, if toddlers are your target audience, the activities held at the daycare would most likely revolve around educational playtime, napping, and lunch breaks.

Determining the hours during which your services will be available will help you focus (or broaden) your target group even more. For example, if you decide to open in the wee hours of the morning, your daycare may be appealing to working moms who begin early shifts. If you provide breakfast or lunch, your childcare will be a good alternative for full-time working parents who find it impossible to return for mealtimes with their kids.

Keep in mind that the more amenities you provide, the more appealing your daycare will be to families looking for one.

Financial Strategy

Organizing and structuring funds may be one of the most challenging stages of designing a business plan. It is critical to be as accurate as possible, as any gaffes could be detrimental to our daycare’s business. This may even cause some significant losses on your part and the part of your consumers.

Don’t forget to prepare for the longer-term—plan for three to five years and beyond. Also, have a contingency plan in the form of capital or a loan, especially when you might need more financing. Also, include the amount of money you believe is required to start and sustain the daycare.

It’s also a good idea to calculate how much and how you’ll charge your clients in your financial plan. It is also critical to open a company bank account to maintain accurate records.


As part of its strategic plan, you must consider all the necessary safety precautions. This may include background investigations and verification of expertise in first-aid service and child-proofing the premises. In addition, ensuring a safe daycare entails everything from maintaining a safe worker-to-child ratio to recruiting only staff members who have the needed skills to work with children.

It is vital to make your daycare center legitimate in order to prevent painful and costly legal shocks. There are numerous steps and documentation procedures that must be followed to obtain legal status.

Before starting your daycare facility, you must first register it with federal and state tax authorities. Otherwise, you might have to face the risk of shutting down. This is a critical step when dealing with children because a fine would be the smallest repercussions. It is also crucial to secure the necessary licenses and permits to prevent penalization. Obtaining business insurance is another vital recommendation, especially if you intend to hire employees. However, these methods are pretty useful if you want to escape being personally accountable for tragic events. Like your daycare being fined or charged.

Hire Reliable Staffs

When you start, you may be a one-person show since you don’t want to incur the expense of hiring unneeded aid. However, as time goes on, you may need to pay someone to look after the kids whenever you are unavailable.

This is especially true if you find yourself exceeding the required staff-to-child ratio established in your area’s daycare licensing regulations. Check these to ensure you have enough workers for the number of children you intend to care for.

Also, to safeguard the safety of the children, assure that all child care employees pass criminal background checks and offer references. Finally, make wise hiring decisions and rules to ensure your facilities are safe and up to standard.

Advertising Your Day Care

There are various things to think about when promoting your childcare business.

  • First and foremost, you need to make sure there is a setup. This includes choosing a decent location for your daycare. This is indeed a critical step.
  • To attract as many customers as possible, make sure that your center is in a popular area. Given that you want to work with kids, it might be a good idea to live near a residential neighborhood where most working parents can afford a childcare facility.
  • Look for a location with easy access to public transportation. Most significantly, assess the location’s safety and peacefulness. Thus, considering this, the parents will appreciate your center, strengthening their faith in you.
  • Another marketing component is advertising your daycare to parents, parts of town, communities, or businesses. This will help you establish yourself and differentiate your daycare from the competition. There are numerous ways to accomplish this, including building a website, a profile or account on social media channels, distributing pamphlets or advertising flyers on the streets, etc.
  • You mustn’t express just the title, location, and services your daycare offers in your marketing but also your persona. Furthermore, you may include the daycare’s beliefs, values, and the staff working there.
  • Try posting testimonials from delighted parents and films if you wish to use a digital advertising approach. This will help you demonstrate the facilities or reveal the principles and educational accent that the daycare concentrates on.

Incorporating these features into the advertising will give families a better idea of where their kids could be spending a lot of time. So it’s important to prepare for this stage carefully. Many graphic designers and commercial designers will be willing to work with you if required. However, their assistance would be more than valuable.

Consider other perks

To maintain a steady number of consumers in your daycare or to gain more customers who come in when you first open your doors, you may wish to adopt a loyalty system. In this system, you may reward your clients with perks if they come in for a given number of days within a specific time frame. Discounts, complimentary daycare days, and free meals are some instances of the incentives you could provide.

Aside from keeping track, also be conscious of any other daycare in the neighborhood to minimize your competition. Also, attempt to come up with additional, unique services that will set you apart from the competition. For example, offering to host a birthday bash for a child’s birthday or providing a transportation facility.

Build Your Company’s Website

One of the most effective ways of attracting more clients to your business is by having an online presence. Still, an internet website is also an important sales and marketing tool for any profitable business. When your daycare is offline, your website should be the shopfront. Moreover, it should be a gateway to access information about your daycare and demonstrate the values of your daycare.

Creating a website isn’t as difficult as it may appear. In fact, several hosting companies have specialized their services to small and medium that may not be tech adept. However, we recommend Blue Host for hosting your website because they provide a simple one-click installation via WordPress and offer 60 percent off hosting. Also, an absolutely free-of-cost domain name.

Also, posting blogs on your website is another excellent strategy to attract organic visitors and grow your business. Check out our comprehensive guide to the easiest method to set up a WordPress blog here.

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Daycare Owners’ Resources

Congratulations on taking the first step toward opening your daycare—reading this guide! You should now have a rough idea of creating and running your daycare business.

Do you require additional assistance in getting going? Check out these trustworthy sites for potential childcare owners.

Child-proofing Checklist from the US Department of Health and Human Services

Early Childhood Training and Technical Assistance System (ECTTAS): a resource guide for child care providers

The Office of Child Care maintains a list of state licensing agencies.

Early educator training provided by Child Care Resources Inc.

Provide Top-Notch Facilities and Service

Your daycare’s success is dependent on you offering high-quality childcare services. If the children at your center are well-cared for and always look forward to coming to your daycare, you are more likely to receive referrals.

Also, positive feedback can do wonders for attracting new customers. To increase your daycare’s popularity in your area, ask families to leave feedback and positive reviews on Facebook, Google, Yelp, as well as other review sites.

Additionally, always be on the lookout for ways to enhance your daycare. To make your childcare the first option for families in your neighborhood, solicit feedback from families, invest in extra education, and hire outstanding staff.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, creating your childcare center will need a lot of hard work but will be highly gratifying in the end. You will see all of your hard work and determination will pay off eventually. However, a basic roadmap for how to get started simplifies the process. Hopefully, this guide has given you some pointers on getting started and the motivation to start your venture.

And yes, remember to have as much fun as you possibly can!

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