How To Start A Celebrity And Gossip Blog

When you want to dig into the latest celebrity gossip, what better way to do it than with a blog? Here, you can learn how to start a celebrity and gossip blog successfully!

Undoubtedly, celebrity gossip is one of the most significant components of the entertainment industry. Generally, the public cannot get enough exposure to celebrity images, videos and articles. Furthermore, fans love to read about detail, whether its celebrity style, lifestyle or occupation, content is vast. Inevitably, the competition is huge, meaning that you will need to fully equip yourself before you start your blog. So, if you are interested in the world of celebrity and if you think blogging is for you, read our comprehensive guide to find out more.

Conduct market research

Although you will already have your own ideas, due to the vast nature of the competition, it is beneficial to explore the existing celebrity blogosphere. Read and explore a vast range of celebrity gossip blogs and make a list of things about their successes and limitations. Ultimately, you will find that each differs in appearance, tone and content. Identify the angle or perspective from which blogs are written. Does the blogger write humorously? Which elements of celebrity does the blog document?

Choose a blogging platform and set up your blog

Evidently, there are many blogging sites to choose from, most offer a selection of more limited free options alongside offers that require payment. Specifically, paid options allow for added personalization relating to themes. Additionally, they facilitate the monetization of your blog.

We recommend a site such as WordPress for its ease of access and usability. You can experiment with the free versions before paying for extras. Alternatively, we recommend BlueHost to host your website as they have a simple one-click WordPress installation tool and offer discounted hosting as well as a free domain name.

Choose a blog and domain name

Next, you will need to create a blog name and a domain name, both of which can be the same. You will need to ensure that your domain name is available and that both names represent you as a brand. Notably, your domain name is your website’s URL address and both should be interlinked if not the same, as well as being simple and memorable. For added inspiration, try our blog name generator for some ideas.

Inevitably, it may be difficult to come up with a unique blog name that will attract the attention of your target audience. This is where our branding professionals come in. They generate 20 fantastic blog name ideas to inspire you to create your own. If you haven’t already, check out our Blog Name Generator to start compiling your own original blog name ideas.

Tips for choosing your blog name

Your blog’s name should be distinct and genuine. As a result, there is no such thing as a limit to creativity or thinking outside the box. However, there are several things to avoid, things that are highly unlikely to succeed for any blogger. So, here are a few pointers to help you come up with a clever name for your blog:

  • Choose an easy-to-pronounce spelling for your blog name (and remember it).
  • Avoid hyphens and misspellings to make it easier for your visitors to find your blog.
  • Don’t use odd names because visitors will rapidly forget them.
  • Keep away from using a copyrighted name that is close to the name of a high-level commercial website.
  • Choose a domain extension that is appropriate for your blog (.com works for most).
  • Try to think of a unique option that will attract the reader’s attention.
  • Create a unique name that highlights your niche and distinguishes you from other firms.It’s best to figure out where your blog is right now and who your target audience is.

A smart marketing strategy usually begins with the customer’s requirements and desires, and your blog name is no exception.

Your website’s logo enhances your blog’s branding and increases your visibility. Therefore, create a logo that represents your blog or an aspect of your blog. Here are some of our useful tips.

Generally, creating a word mark logo is common practice for blogs of this nature. Specifically, this logo includes aspects or correlation to your blog’s name. Eventually, this allows your audience to recognize your blog when the logo is placed elsewhere online.

Choose your topic

Whilst anybody can create a blog, it takes a unique, consistently promoted idea to achieve success. Ideally, your blog will concentrate on a niche topic. Perhaps, you wish to choose a specific type of celebrity such as musicians and singers. Alternatively, you could focus on one family or one single celebrity and comprehensively explore all aspects of their lives. Additionally, you may choose to focus on one aspect of celebrity life such as relationships.

Remember, gossip is only gossip when it is something that people want to talk about. Your topic should be something that both you and your audience share a mutual interest in. Look back to your research and determine which areas are over saturated, is there a niche that you can explore further?

Here are some topics that you may wish to consider:

  • Women
  • Men
  • Celebrity parents
  • Relationships and break-ups
  • Style
  • Lifestyle
  • Musicians/film stars/sports celebrities
  • The Royal family
  • Hollywood
  • Behind the scenes

Alternatively, your blog could have a unique selling point

  • Exclusive videos and/or photos
  • The first to report on breaking news
  • Candid interviews
  • Celebrity sightings
  • Leaked conversations
  • Mishaps and wardrobe malfunctions

Create content

Inevitably, your content depends upon your niche. A broader topic will allow you to write about many facets of celebrity life. Aspects such as breakups, secret relationships, new babies, weddings, illnesses and a variety of other events might serve to keep the blog interesting for people who read it. Whereas, a more refined topic focus will allow you to pinpoint your content easily, but you will need to ensure that your topic choice is not overly refined ensuring sufficient content.

Ensure that content is interesting, current and real

Ultimately, interesting and engaging content is key. Ensuring that you cover the latest celebrity news is critical and readers are more likely to engage with topical content in the form of comments, likes and shares. Additionally, in a world where fake news is prevalent, ensure that your sources are accurate and that your content is genuine. Over time, you will get to know which sources you can trust and eventually, you will establish yourself as a reputable blogger.

Furthermore, another approach for determining what people want to read about is to utilize a keyword-finding tool such as Ahrefs. This ascertains keywords that are linked with the content you want to create. This allows you to gain a better understanding of the demand for specific topics.

Typically, content comprises a mixture of both image and text given the visual nature of celebrity and online culture. Consequently, you’ll need to acquire some legal celebrity images to use in your postings. The good thing is that there are lots of these available online. It only takes a little digging to uncover websites dedicated to royalty-free celebrity images.

Market and monetize your celebrity blog

Essentially, visitor numbers are crucial to your blog’s success. Marketing is a fundamental aspect of establishing visitor numbers and there are many marketing methods that you can use. Additionally, you may wish to monetize your blog, which is something that can be achieved from proficient marketing. Before you make money from your blog, you will need to grow your audience. Here are a few ways in which you can promote your blog and elevate your visitor numbers.

Social media

Utilization of the various social media platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook is an ideal means of promoting your blog. Specifically, consider the platforms that your target audience uses and create pages or profiles that are associated with your blog. Use your name and logo, create hashtags to increase your visibility and to promote interest.


Contact other bloggers within the community and invite them to collaborate with you. Additionally, join new bloggers groups on social media sites such as Facebook and connect with other bloggers here. Often, others are keen to collaborate as the process is mutually beneficial.

Promotions or giveaways

Once you have acquired a following, you can introduce regular promotions or giveaways. You may start to receive free products, all of which can be used to encourage users to share your blog and like your page to stand a chance of winning a bundle of goods.

Paid advertisements

Depending on your blog package options, you may be able to sell advertising space within your blog. Alternatively, you can pay to have your blog advertised elsewhere. Digital marketing specialists can help you with this, once you have acquired your following. Additionally, Google AdSense, affiliate links, sponsored posts, website stores, and special access can all be used to supplement the time and effort you put into your blog.

Email subscriptions

Moreover, you can gather a list of email subscribers from the creation of a simple pop-up message within your website. Users can then receive emails with showbiz extras or first look gossip that is not readily available on your blog. This is a great way to remind users to visit your blog and to maintain their visiting habits.

Search engine optimization

Furthermore, the best option in relation to growing your blog’s traffic is search engine optimization (SEO). If your content is search engine friendly, you will rank more highly on search engines such as Google. Your content should be easy to read through. Additionally, it should provide all of the necessary keywords that users are likely to search.

Establish relationships

Lastly, commenting on posts on blogs that cover similar themes can be a terrific way to network with site owners and build a community. Here, you can all help each other obtain more visitors. You may leverage these relationships to use things like guest posts, which can help propagate different types of news to different blogs. Keep track of comments on your blog and ensure that you reply to them. Additionally, it is good practice to like, share and post comments on your competitors’ blogs.

Top gossip and celebrity blogs


This blog had to feature on our list due to its unique functionality. Here, users can interact and gossip with other like-minded fans. Oh no they didn’t (ONTD) provides the latest celebrity news and its visitors are encouraged to submit comments and engage with each other on various forums. Impressively, ONTD can now boast about the fact that it is the largest online community journal with over 100 000 community members. It generates considerable traffic on a daily basis and its success is reliant on its users.

Perez Hilton

The ultimate success story, blogger turned celebrity, Perez Hilton now has first-hand access to the inner circles he began writing about. His direct and sometimes brutal writing style differentiates his content. Additionally, his blog is known for gossip and tabloid photos accompanied by captions of doodles. Ultimately, he is now one of the most popular and controversial sources of Hollywood gossip. He has since gone on to write books, create YouTube channels and act in Broadway shows, films and television shows.


TMZ’s team of persistent and aggressive journalists are first to break the latest news. Its impressive speed of reporting leaves others competing for top stories. Focusing on Hollywood and A-List entertainment, this website presents interviews, videos, photos and video footage and works to satisfy the audience’s obsession with celebrity. TMZ is known for reporting first on Michael Jackson’s death and Mel Gibson’s drink-driving charge.


Every blog is based upon highly engaging daily content, which is especially true in the realm of celebrity gossip and Hollywood entertainment. It’s also crucial to understand that celebrity blogs, by definition, provide a variety of writing alternatives. In fact, some are image or video-based, while others, such as movie review sites, may benefit from the same content.

Finally, in order to achieve high rankings for a celebrity entertainment and gossip site, you must ensure that the material is genuine, frequent and current. Good luck and have fun!

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