How To Create An Amazing Blog Name If You’re A Blogger And Need A Name

So, you want to be a blogger? 

Congrats, and good luck. 

Blogging is a great way to get your message across, but it’s also becoming increasingly more competitive. 

Thousands of new blogs are published daily, and you really have to provide exceptional value if you want to stand out. 

And as usual, it all starts with your name. Your blog name. 

Did You Know?

WordPress users publish around 70 million blogs every month. This makes WordPress the most popular blogging platform in the world. 

Why Your Blog Name Matters

If you’re serious about growing your blog into something meaningful, you should treat your blog as your business. 

You’re probably aware of the importance of business names. The same holds true for blogs. Your blog name is the first thing people see. It’s the first information they have about you and your brand. 

In fact, you can say blog names are even more important than business names because of SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization. The goal of SEO is to rank your blog as high as possible in search results for targeted keywords. 

Extra Information for You:

What is SEO?
SEO is the process of improving and optimizing your website to get as many high-quality visitors from search engines as possible. SEO is a great source of free traffic and fresh leads. More than ⅔ of online marketers believe SEO is better than paid advertising for generating leads. 

We want people to click on our blog when it appears as a suggestion in search engines. 

How do you get people to click on your blog and not on the other 9 that also appear on the first page of Google? 

With a catchy blog post title and an interesting blog name. Your name can be the thing that makes you win over your competitors. 

If the name is catchy and different, potential readers might notice it and click on your blog. 

So, let’s do a recap. What can a good blog name do for you?

  • It leaves an amazing first impression. 
  • It helps position your blog. 
  • It captures the attention of potential readers. 
  • It gets people to click on your blog. 

Great, we know blog names matter. But how do we create a good one for our blog? 

We answer this question in the next chapter. 

blog names

Simple Tricks To Create The Best Blog Names

This chapter is all action. We want to give you simple tricks you can use to generate memorable blog name ideas fast

These tricks will help you go from a blank page to a long list of potential blog name ideas in under an hour. 

In fact, you can have your blog name ready in the next 15 minutes if you really want. 

Are you ready? Let’s start. 

What Makes Your Blog Special

We mentioned that a good name helps position your blog. Can you pick a name that describes what makes your blog different from other blogs in your niche? 

If you manage to find a name that does that, you’ll immediately separate yourself from your competitors. It’s safe to assume most of them use simple and descriptive names. 

Can you imagine how much more interesting your blog would appear if it had a name that’s different?

Try to think of words and phrases that describe your uniqueness. What do you do that’s special? Do you offer unique insight into important topics in your niche? Or do you maybe provide information with a different medium than your competitors?

Whatever it is, try to come up with a blog name that captures your uniqueness. 

Did You Know?

Businesses that blog have twice as much email traffic compared to businesses that don’t have a blog. 

Think Of Words That Describe Your Blog

We understand that finding names that capture your essence and position your blog is hard. Maybe we can start simpler. 

Instead of brainstorming name ideas, why don’t we start with words that describe your blog? 

We want you to think of words that describe your uniqueness. Think of the words that explain what you do differently. 

Start writing the words down. Don’t worry if they make sense or not. You will use them later when it’s time to start creating actual names. 

Don’t limit yourself during this exercise. Write down all the ideas that you can think of. The bigger the list of potential words, the better. 

Find Inspiration In Images

We’re still talking about words instead of names. We’ll create names based on the words in the last step of this guide. 

Another simple trick you can use to generate meaningful words is by finding inspiration in images. You can use Google images for this step. 

Go to Google images and insert some of the words from the previous step in the search bar. Go through the images. Does any of them make you think of something relevant that you haven’t thought of yet? 

Can you find any meaningful metaphors from the images? 

Let us give you an example to understand this tactic better. Let’s say you want to show your blog provides punctual and precise information about a specific topic. You want to be known as the blog that always has the correct information in your niche. 

You would insert the words “punctual” and “precise” in the search bar. In the image results, you’d find a picture of an archery competition where a competitor hit a perfect ten (bullseye). 

You could use the metaphors “perfect ten” and “bullseye” for your name. 

Do you see how powerful this technique is? 

inspiration in images

Talk Like Your Readers

People like to connect with people who talk, act, and think the same way as they do. That’s basic human psychology. If someone acts like us, they are probably similar to us. 

A simple trick you can try is to incorporate words that your readers use in your blog name

You can search for niche vocabularies online. For example, if you’re starting a personal development blog, you can search for “personal development vocabulary.” 

You’ll get a list of words that people in your target audience use in their everyday life. If you include any of the words in your name, you’ll increase your chances of people connecting with you. 

Take Out Your Thesaurus

You should have a long list of words by now. We went through the words that describe your blog, we searched for inspiration in images, and we went through niche vocabularies. 

It’s now time to expand the list of words even further. 

Try to find interesting synonyms and phrases for your list of words. You can use online thesauruses to find synonyms easier and faster. 

Try to find two or three synonyms for every word on your list. This will quickly make your list three times bigger. 

That should give you more than enough words to start generating name ideas. 


Read A Book Or Watch A Movie

This is the last step before we finally start creating blog names. We suggest you watch a movie or read a book from your niche. 

Write down interesting words and phrases that you read or hear. Make sure you include the ones that relate to your niche and aren’t common in everyday language. 

Hopefully, you’ll add a couple more words to your already extensive list of words. You don’t have to go overboard. It’s better to have a few good words than many bad ones. 

It’s now time you actually start creating name ideas. 

Let AI Help You Find Name Ideas

If you followed the last five steps, you’ve compiled a long list of interesting words from your niche. Let’s use them to create your blog name. 

We will use the blog name generator you can find on our website. The AI-powered generator helps you turn words into memorable names. Here’s how to use it. 

Go to blog name generator and insert up to six keywords in the search bar. This is where you will use the words from your list. Once you insert the words, press “get started,” and wait for the tool to do its magic.

You will receive a long list of meaningful name ideas you can use for your blog. 

You can repeat the same process for all the words on your list. You can even save the best name ideas by pressing the star symbol next to every name. 

You can also play with filters to fine-tune your selection. 

This process enables you to create unique names in minutes. You won’t have to stare at a blank page and bash your head against the wall because you can’t think of any new name ideas. 

You can ask potential readers for feedback once you have a list of strong name candidates. All you have to do now is pick the winning name. 

AI naming

Techniques To Make Your Blog Name Stand Out

We already talked about how the best names stand out from the crowd. There are some simple things you can try to make your names more memorable. 

We recommend you try the following things to make your name stand out.

  • Use rhymes and alliterations – These make names very smooth and memorable. 
  • Use rhythmic sounds – Think about how your blog name sounds. Is it smooth and catchy?
  • Use favorable word structures – We often use interchanging vowels and consonants to make the names as memorable as possible. 

Another suggestion we have to make your blog name stand out is to avoid descriptive names. These are too common, and it’s almost impossible to create one that is different from other names in your niche. 

If you follow these tips and techniques, you vastly improve your chances of finding a memorable name for your blog.

naming tactics

Examples Of Great Blog Names

Talking about naming theory is interesting, but nothing proves a point like a few good examples. Let’s look at three successful bloggers that have awesome blog names.

Pinch Of Yum

This is one of the most successful cooking blogs in the world. The name of the blog is simple, meaningful, yet not too descriptive. 

You can immediately tell what the blog is about. But the name doesn’t limit the blog and it allows the authors to cover different cuisines and cooking styles. 

pinch of yum

Breaking Muscle

This is another example of a blog that clearly describes the niche but uses a word that’s not too common. You can find many fitness blogs with the word “muscle” in their name. But it’s almost impossible to find one with the word “breaking.” 

This unusual combination makes the blog name memorable and unique. 

breaking muscle

Cranky Flier

Isn’t that a great name for a blog covering airlines and the airline industry? It’s fun, playful, and relevant. It captures the essence of the blog without being as descriptive as most blogs in the niche. 

This is definitely one of the names that immediately capture the attention of potential readers. 

cranky flier


Congrats, you now know everything you need to know to create an amazing blog name. With the help of our blog name generator, you can have a great name in the next hour. 

Just make sure you follow the steps we outlined in the article. Good luck on your blogging journey. 

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