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Complete Guide to Naming Your Data Business

Our data business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get data business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

Data processing is becoming increasingly complex in this day and age. As a result, a growing number of companies and end consumers demand innovative data services and software products.

Branding in the field of data processing is typically based on a number of key characteristics. Speed of handling large volumes of information, as well as automation are incredibly important. The same applies to security and control over who has access to the information.

Think about the specific service you’re delivering and focus your name selection or branding efforts on it. If you have a software-based data processing software programme, you’ll have to adopt a specific approach. A data processing solution to be employed in the fields of corporate finance and invoicing will necessitate a different approach.

To find some inspiration and the direction that makes the most sense, do a bit of competition research. See how your product positions itself in comparison to other data processing solutions on the market. This way, you’ll find yourself capable of doing branding from a unique perspective.

Demographic Interests

Data companies work with both businesses and end consumers. The branding efforts in these two cases are different, which is why you’ll have to put some emphasis on doing market segmentation and identifying the ideal buyer persona for your brand.

Corporate customers who work with data companies are usually in need of specialised solutions that match their processes. Scalability and efficiency are two features in high demand. Cloud-based data solutions and programmes aimed for use in specific departments are most needed by businesses today. Companies are typically looking for a stellar price to quality ratio, as well as reliable customer support and minimal downtime.

End customers may be less knowledgeable and experienced, which means that they don’t always know what they’re looking for. To impress them, you will have to establish your leadership reputation in the field. Informative content and marketing campaigns can also prove to be quite beneficial in terms of increasing brand recognition and loyalty.

Competitor Name Analysis


The name of the company stems from Tera – a unit of measurements in the world of data and Data – no explanation required here. The company offers database and analytics-related products.


International Business Machines or IBM is one of the biggest data processing companies today. It was previously known as Computer Tabulating Record Company or CTRC.


Oracle founders Larry Ellison and Bob Oats were asked to work on a data analysis project for CIA. The code name for the project was Oracle. While CIA eventually dropped it, the two developers decided to continue the work and this is how Oracle was born.


A massive computer and data processing giant, Microsoft was named by its founder Bill Gates. The name was derived from Microcomputer Software – probably one of the most popular portmanteaus in the world.

New Relic

While the name of this software and data processing company does sound great, it also has a hidden meaning. New Relic is an anagram of Lew Cirne’s name (as you’ve probably guessed already, Cirne is the company’s founder).


Originally known as SRC LLC, the company is recognised as the developer of the first online data engine. Eventually, the name was changed and the company adopted the title of its most popular product – Alteryx.

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The name of your company could be based on data-related terminology or you could opt for something a bit more obscure and unusual. Take your time, do a bit of research and carry out a brainstorming session.

To gain a bit of inspiration, try our Business Name Generator. It will give you variations of a word or a phrase that you believe to be a suitable descriptor for your brand. You will also get information about domain name availability.

To test our name generator and to play around with relevant concepts, try out the following words and phrases:


Big data







Data centre

Internet of things (IoT)


Predictive analytics

Software as a service (SAAS)

Artificial intelligence

Machine learning

Business intelligence




Data aggregation





Data Business Name Inspiration

  1. NetWorked: you can be playful and you can have something a bit more frivolous included in the title of your data company. While this name is a memorable one, it also maintains the industry relevance.
  2. The Virtual Office: the name is suitable for a cloud-based and digital data processing company offering enterprise solutions.
  3. Power Analytics: data processing is a paramount service for corporate clients. If you offer powerful analytics services, let your clients know right from the start.
  4. Macro Data Solutions: you don’t offer micro-management, you offer your clients the optimal solution. The name is suitable for data companies that work with both B2B and B2C clients.
  5. SoftGiant: the soft portion of the name refers to software, resulting in a rather fun portmanteau that delivers excellent branding opportunities.
  6. Future Quest: digital technologies and data processing will continue evolving in the years to come. A name like this one suggests adoption of innovative trends and works towards improved services.
  7. Nebula Tech: an interstellar cloud of dust – what could be better for naming a data company. Space is typically linked to innovation, plus the name sounds rather cool.
  8. Cyber Tech: while the name is not the most original one in the bunch, it sounds good and it offers excellent branding opportunities.
  9. IntelliNet: data and intelligence are in need by corporate customers. The name of this data company makes a mention of both.
  10. Rise of the Machine: machine learning and artificial intelligence are seen by many as the future of data processing.

What Not to Name Your Data Business

Avoid the clichés in the world of data processing. If you plan to use a common phrase like cyber, tech or intelligence, at least feature it in combination with something unexpected that will make the brand more memorable.

Heavy jargon and technological vocab aren’t appropriate for naming your company. While corporate clients tend to have a relatively good idea about data management, you still don’t want to make your customers feel stupid.

Keep it short. A longer and descriptive title may be a better match to what you do but it will impede memorability.

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