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How To Name Your Data Business

Are you ready to find your perfect data business name today? Look no further. We have everything you need right here to make that decision, from inspirational ideas to real-life examples of the top data business company names in the world.

Do you just need a little bit of encouragement? Then make use of our dedicated Data Business Name Generator. With a single click, you can find hundreds of unique data names!

Still not ready yet to decide? Keep reading this breakdown to find everything you need to know about the process of choosing a great company name. We know that there is an art to choosing the right name, so stick with us for an insight into how previous data names have been chosen.

20 Data Business Name Ideas

Is your business all about data analytics and statistical planning? Well, you’re going to want a name that reflects all the intricacies of your services. Take some time to use our Data Business Name Generator. With hundreds of data business names, you might find your spark. Here is a list of 20:

  1. Data Suite
  2. Data Crowd
  3. Pursue Data Today
  4. Analytics Central
  5. Intellectual Insights
  6. Data Peak
  7. Metric Strategics 24/7
  8. Dataster
  9. TaskMaster Statistics
  10. MojoData
  11. Level Up Statistics
  12. Datagenix
  13. Backbone Analytics
  14. Data Illuminate
  15. Multiply Connectivity
  16. GetWriedIn
  17. Unite and Elevate Data
  18. Statistical Synergist
  19. Stats 4 You
  20. Data Obelisk

20 More Data Business Name Ideas

  1. Plenty Of Bytes
  2. Data For Days
  3. Artistic Algorithms
  4. Always Analytics
  5. Bundles And Batches
  6. CloudBytes
  7. Endless Data
  8. ByteBites
  9. Byte Makes Right
  10. Straight A Data
  11. Schism Algorithms
  12. Pacific Analytics
  13. DataGate
  14. Great Data
  15. Cyber Chomp
  16. Dino Data
  17. Delta MetaData
  18. Raincloud Analytics
  19. Meta Majority
  20. DigDogData

Best Real-world Data Business Names

Having made use of our Data Business Name Generator, you may still be struggling to decide on that suitable name. As part of our mission, we are here to help you through the whole process.

A great go-to task on your journey to find that perfect name is researching the most known and successful data company names in the world. We’ve helped you out by compiling some, what their name represents, and why it informs clients of their services.

In the world of big data, here are the main data names to find inspiration from:

  • ITechArt
  • ScienceSoft
  • Oracle
  • Teradata
  • Amazon
  • Microsoft


As one of the fastest-growing startups since 2002, ItechArt provides engineering teams and software solutions. As data names come, this may appear cryptic at first. However, ITechArt is actually a shortened version of the services they offer.

Named back in 2002, ITechArt stands for Information, Technologies, Art. Take note here of how data names usually utilize short acronym-type styles to present the facilities they offer. Using “i” as a short for information, clients know straight away that ITechArt is experienced in every kind of data.


With 32 years of experience in digital solutions, ScienceSoft leads the way in unlocking accessible big data for its clients.

As a data analyst yourself, you’ll know how important the rise in data science is today in your industry. ScienceSoft takes a leaf out of this book and makes it clear to clients that its consulting work and development services are rooted in data science.

The name itself also implies a pedagogical angle. As professional software developers, this company shows in its name that it will soften some of the more complex big-data problems for you.


Data analytics are more and more focused on using past analysis to find future solutions. Just look at how Oracle’s mission statement is perfectly encapsulated by its name.

Their mission is “to help people see data in new ways, discover insights, and unlock endless possibilities”. In 1982, just five years after their creation, they decided on the name Oracle.

Changing from Corporation from Relational Software Inc. to the single word “Oracle”, they advertised their company under the trademark, “Oracle sees the future”.


As a big data company, data names should aim at the macro tasks that are undertaken every day. For those in the data industry, “Teradata” symbolizes the possibility to manage terabytes, otherwise known as trillions of bytes of data.

Marketing themselves under the phrase, “What other analytics can’t, Teradata does”, it’s clear to clients that this company offers some of the biggest data and consulting services available.


Perhaps the most known company in the world, Amazon came from humble origins. Jeff Bezos originally wanted a magical name such as “Cadabra”. Instead, to match his marketing strategy, he named the company after the largest river in the world. This decision also reflected the company’s original logo.

Understanding Your Data Business Before Naming

As an experienced employer in the data industry, you probably already know that “data business” is a very broad term. However, it will help to clear up exactly what services you’re going to offer before deciding on your name. In other words, be specific!

Take a look at Teradata. Straight away you know that this company is dealing with the biggest data clients available. Try to understand the type of data you’re dealing with. Maybe decide on data names depending on the analytics you offer.

Be specific!

Let’s look at 5 different types of data in business and see what data names suit each:

  • Transactional Data
  • Master Data
  • Reference Data
  • Reporting Data
  • MetaData

With these 5 types of data services mapped out, you can begin to choose a name that resembles your core business activities.

Transactional Data. This type is all about buying and selling activities. In this case, try to think of data names that speak to operational transactions. Maybe have a go at using words like “invoice”, “insurance”, and “sales” as the starting point in your name search.

Master Data. This type of data relates to HR services such as places, things, and parties. With a big emphasis on creation, storing, and maintaining, you may want to focus on names such as “supply”, “employee”, “ledgers”, or simply “individual”. This is going to involve a lot of private data so you need to make sure your name implies security.

MetaData. While quite a perplexing type of data at first sight, this name refers to data about data. Metadata is always focused on giving answers to questions by looking directly at the data itself. In other words, if you’re finding solutions within datasets themselves you’re going to want names that include words like “solutions”, “analytics”, and “classify”.

Try taking a few of these words and running them through our Data Business Name Generator. You will receive a number of suggestions.

5-Tips for creating unique Data Business name ideas

1. Choose a Name that Excites You

One thing we haven’t covered yet in this article is what the name means to you. There’s no point taking all this time to choose a name that satisfies everyone but yourself. After all, this is your business so you must be happy with the name.

Choose a Name that Excites You!

Unless you’re planning to change your name again in 5 years’ time, it’s going to be a permanent choice that defines both the personality of your company and the services you offer.

2. There’s Never a Limit to Your Ideas

Don’t be satisfied by the first thing that jumps out at you. Remember that this process can take some time so get ready to be diligent with your journey.

One of the most successful routes to good ideas is having lots of ideas. Begin to write down every idea, word, or phrase that comes into your head.

Start a journal of ideas. You may simply be having a break with colleagues and a word gets mentioned that sparks interest in everyone.

When you stop thinking about names, they tend to naturally grow in your mind. Don’t rush it!

3. Ask For Ideas!

If you’re completely stuck, remember you’re not alone. Get in touch with all your colleagues. Organize regular meetings to pitch some ideas.

You can even make use of social media. Don’t be afraid to ask around, test out a couple of names and see what feedback you get.

4. Convey Your Authority

With data being part of all our lives, data names should aim to promote trustworthiness. Choose a name that builds trust between you and future clients by establishing an authoritative tone.

You don’t only want to be taken seriously. You want your clientele to know their data is safe with you!

5. There’s Never a Limit to Your Ideas

From the examples you’ve seen, the most successful data names are short, concise, and memorable. In reality, the shorter data company names are more likely to be remembered, especially in 2021.

Think how simple Amazon or Apples is, they are 2-3 syllables, and easy to memorize.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A powerful name is always crucial to creating a strong brand. Powerful names convey prestige, authority, and trust. The name should have an impact on potential customers and leave a lasting impression.

We normally associate products with the correlating brand. Examples include Microsoft, Apple, Hoover, Nike, and Coca-Cola.

This can be a very complex question as data companies can offer a variety of services. They often work with clients to highlight consumer and buying habits. For example, media companies may rely on data businesses to collect insights into viewers’ preferences, watches, and habits.

1. Try creating mash-ups
2. Make use of acronyms
3. Take inspiration from history, literature, and mythology
4. Try making it geographically related
5. Use your own name


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