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How To Name Your Data Analytics Business

The name of your data analytics business has the power to motivate clients to engage with your products and services – and if you’re reading this, you may be feeling stuck with where to start?

As we continue, you can expect to find a numbered step guide tailored to the niche and our top tips to keep in mind throughout the process.

We will also disclose how you can make the most of our data analytics business name generator according to your personal preferences.

20 Data Analytics Business Name Ideas

The name of your business analytics business will portray who you are as a company, so we understand that you want to get it right.

To shed some light on how to kickstart your search, we used the data analytics business name generator to curate a list of 20 potential business names.

  1. Core Data Reader
  2. Rubicon Analytics
  3. The Data Developers
  4. Scale Software
  5. Atlas Analytic
  6. Data Intelligence
  7. Catalyst Statistics
  8. Datafluent
  9. Stat protect
  10. Data Algorithm Strategists
  11. Chip Analytics
  12. Informategy
  13. Data Protectors
  14. ConnectStatistics
  15. Data Growth Guarantee
  16. Aspect Data Analytics
  17. Analytopedia
  18. Arc Analysis
  19. Data Define
  20. Inspect Interpreters

20 More Data Analytics Business Name Ideas

  1. The Data Strategy
  2. Real Growth Data
  3. Data Deeds
  4. The Insight Co.
  5. Buildlytics
  6. Growth Analytics
  7. Resulytics
  8. Analytical Resolutions
  9. Pure Data
  10. Datafly
  11. Strategic Analytics
  12. Data Boost
  13. Juicy Insights
  14. Data Protect
  15. DataArmour
  16. Raw Data Readers
  17. Data Exposer
  18. Data Worthy
  19. Read.Learn.Grow
  20. The Data Factory

Best Real-world Data Analytics Business Names

Before we get to the practical aspects of the process, let’s take the time to analyze the names of leading data analytics businesses.

Tackling this step early on can be hugely beneficial to those who are unsure of which keywords to feature. As you conduct a competitor analysis, try to do the following:

  • Note down any words or combinations that are used regularly. Commonly used terms may mean the word is overused.
  • Consider whether the name conveys the company’s values.
  • Ask yourself whether the name communicates the type of product or service it provides.
  • Consider which name you are most drawn to. Ask yourself what you like about the name?

Competitor Analysis of Real-world Data Analytics Business Names

Together, we will go through five of the world’s most successful data analytics businesses and investigate how they got their name and why it works well for them.

Fractal Analytics

The name of this worldwide open-source data analytics and artificial intelligence business is transparent about the company’s area of expertise.

The word ‘Fractal’ has a mathematical significance of a progressive geometric formation, somewhat reminiscent of data input.

SG Analytics (SGA)

This successful data analytics and technology company promotes strength and motivates its clients and members to value ‘ownership, spirit, hard work, and fun.’

The name was derived from the initials of SGA’s founder, Sushant Gupta. This personal touch may resonate with clients and help the company’s beliefs feel more attainable.

However, it does appear that ‘Analytics’ is a literal term used to name many businesses in this sector.

Oracle Corporation

This top data analytics company was named after a code name the founder Larry Ellison, and Bob Oats created when working on a CIA project.

The name’s origins communicate authenticity, which tells clients that they are not ‘just another data analytics company.’ The term ‘Oracle’ also connotes a higher being, adding superiority to the rhythmic name.


Domo is an independent brand name that is incredibly easy to pronounce, meaning clients are more likely to remember it. The term originates from the Japanese word for ‘Very.’

The four-letter word holds similarities with ‘Data,’ which may help people identify it in a list with ease.


Absolutdata is a renowned data analytics company that also specializes in artificial intelligence. The hybridized name suggests that they are experts in their field.

The company puts a unique twist on the spelling of ‘Absolut,’ to portray a sense of originality. The term is also defined as something complete that suggests they provide faultless service.

Create a Data Analytics Business Name in Four Steps

Creative names for data analytics businesses should project your originality while communicating the organization’s core values and services.

Using the list of 20 examples developed by the data analytics business name generator as an example, we will walk you through four simple steps that focus on methodically crafting a business name.

1. Brainstorm relevant keywords

Before entering our keywords into the data analytics business name generator, we brainstormed keywords related to our business type. I drafted words such as data, strategists, and analytics.

Your task is to note down keywords that come to mind when you reflect on your business prototype and mission statement. You may also wish to take inspiration from how the business first came about.

Aim to curate a list of 20 relevant options from a range of perspectives.

2. Shortlist your ideas

As we move onto the next stage, you may have a complete list of around 20 options. Next, we must narrow the list to about 4-5 of the most brandable, memorable, and unique options.

Here’s a helpful checklist you can use as you review each option:

  • How memorable is this name?
  • Could other people spell this?
  • Could this name be misinterpreted?
  • How does this name sound in conversation?
  • Does this name represent me as a brand?

In our example we chose these options to feature in our shortlist:

  • The Data Developers
  • Scale Software
  • Informategy
  • Data Protectors

3. Ask for feedback

To gain a fresh perspective on your reduced list, consider reaching out to third-party figures for their opinions.

Reach out to groups of people that you may wish to target when your business has launched. Not only will this form new connections to your data analytics company, but these are the figures your name must appeal to the most.

Avoid asking friends or family members for their input, as they may prefer to praise you rather than provide constructive feedback.

Exemplary feedback

Our exemplary shortlist received the following feedback:

  • The Data Developers: The name is clear and concise. Alliteration makes it easy to remember. ‘The,’ suggests they are the best in the business.
  • Scale Software: It seems unique. Scales are a monitoring tool that relates to the act of analysis. Rhythmic word combinations are catchy.
  • Informategy: Conjoined words undoubtedly stand out. Combination of Information and Strategy, which is relevant to the market.
  • Data Protectors: Short and simple makes it easy to say and remember. It sounds melodic when spoken aloud.

4. Check availability

By now, you may have your winning option, and if not, down to your final two. During this vital stage, you will need to check whether your favorite option is available to purchase as a Domain.

Similarly, you will need to check that you have not included any Trademarked words to ensure you are not infringing on any Trademarked laws.

5-Tips for creating unique Data Analytics Business name ideas

A unique data analytics business name should be compelling, original, and memorable. The following tips aim to help you achieve this.

1. Try to name your business rather than describe it

Many business owners use analytics company names to describe their business in literal terms. There is nothing wrong with this, but you may experience difficulty standing out amongst your competitors who have also used the exact literal words.

To avoid blending in, try to incorporate words that are meaningful to your business.

For example, literal project names for data analytics may go along the lines of ‘The Data Analysts.’ Although this works, it uses three common terms and may blend into the crowd.

2. Make it memorable

Creating memorable analytics company names is the key to elevating engagement and, in turn, your client base.

Remember, to develop a compelling name; you’ll want to use unusual but recognizable words in intriguing combinations. This is how you leave the customer wanting to know more.

How to make a memorable name:

Memorable names often hold the same factors:

  • They sound rhythmic or alliterative when spoken aloud: Catalyst Statistics or Arc Analysis
  • Try using words with positive connotations when taken out of context: Atlas Analytic – an atlas relates to the backbone.
  • Keep it short and simple: This rule also applies to abbreviated names

3. Check social media availability

As you conduct checks on domain and trademark availability, you may also benefit from entering your name on major social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

In the digital age, many clients interact with their favorite businesses through social media. Therefore, it is essential that your account handle directly matches your chosen name to ensure clients can reach you well.

4. Carefully consider spelling

It can be rather frustrating when the name you longed for is already taken. Under these circumstances, you may feel tempted to play around with the spelling and customize the structure of the word.

While this is a great way to set yourself apart from your competitors, it is also important that your values remain apparent.

Hybridized words fuse two words to make a new, unique term. Enter keywords from your existing name into the data analytics business name generator and select ‘One Word’ under the Name adjustment tab.

5. Choose a name that will grow with your business

It is important to remember that the name you choose needs to represent your long-term message, as well as your current ideology.

Try to coordinate an innovative brandable name that can develop with your company. To achieve this, steer clear of trendy words or branding techniques.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To develop creative names for data analytics businesses, you need to reflect upon your core values and mission statement. Extract keywords and place them in the data analytics business name generator for an extensive list of possible names.

Businesses analyze data such as conversion rates, revenue, and engagement to make decisions. Data analytics tell a company what is succeeding and what is flagging to enable teams to devise strategies.

A catchy data analytics business name should be easy to pronounce, spell, and say. They feature rhythmic or alliterative word combinations and hold positive connotations.


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