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Our free, AI-powered Business Name Generator gives you unique and memorable business name ideas in under 5 seconds to take the first step in your brand story.

1. Choose Business Name Keywords

Insert keywords that describe your business or industry in the generator tool above.

2. Get Business Name Ideas

Generate thousands of name ideas and fine-tune the results with word structure, name length, and style filters.

3. Select Business Names

Choose your business name, check domain availability, pick a logo, and register and trademark the company in a few clicks.

How Our Business Name Generator Benefits You

Sophisticated filters
Easily find a name tailored to your industry.

Unlimited free name suggestions
Discover the right name without hidden fees.

Domain name registration and availability check
See if your name is available and secure your online presence.

Save names
Compile a list of potential names and refine it at your own pace.

Buy a supporting logo
Elevate your name with a supporting logo. Choose from a range of logo designs to complement your new name.

Trademark your name
Protect your brand and secure exclusive rights.

Register your brand
With our full-service approach, you can leave today with a registered brand.

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Expert Tips

How to Name Your Business

It can be difficult to know where to start when choosing a business name. Follow our plan for business name success.


Industry Mission

Get your Sherlock Holmes hat on and dive into your industry. What’s hot? What’s not? Snoop around for names that are already taken and spot gaps.


Create Personas

Imagine your ideal customer – let’s call them James. What does James like? Sketch out James’s profile – this will help you shape your business.


Be Memorable

Think of names like a catchy song – make it stick after hearing it once. Would “James’s Jazz” buzz in your head all day? That is what you’re after.


Feedback Fun

Put some names out there and let your potential customers decide. Watch out for their reactions – they’re the best indiators.


Futureproof It

Your business name may be used for years to come. Will “James’s Jazz” still be good in 10 years? Fast-forward to the future and assess if it is too current to be relevant.


Digital Domain

To establish your digital presence, you must register a domain name and think about registering supporting social media channels.

Get Inspired

Business Name Ideas to Get Inspired

Knowing how to name your brand can be difficult. To help you get started, we’ve created a list of 20 catchy name ideas using our business name generator.

  • Lumitonique
  • EcoQuanta
  • Panache
  • Fit n Fab
  • SolPurify
  • News Now
  • Kidz Paradise
  • Yoga Zen
  • AutoCare
  • Organic Oasis
  • AquaPixel
  • EduMart
  • PureFeast
  • Luxe Looks
  • Agro Store
  • Stylista
  • VisiKore
  • Stylista
  • AlphaBright
  • TechHarvesty

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Why Is a Business Name Important?

Your business name is the first (and often the only) point of communication with your potential customers.

Your name needs to be slick, catchy, and straight to the point. It should make it clear what your business is all about (i.e., what products or services it offers).

Another aspect of the name is brandability. If the name is not memorable enough, people will forget to return to you for future purchases, and they won’t recommend your products to friends.

The bottom line is, your name has to be chosen thoughtfully. Using a random company name generator might hurt you in the long run if you pick a name that’s not relevant to your industry. With our tool, you’ll get specific, AI-generated name ideas tailored to your niche and business model.

Mistakes to Avoid When Naming a Business

Picking the wrong name can kill your business before you even start it. Some of the main mistakes business owners make with the name is:

  • Picking a difficult name that’s hard to spell or pronounce,
  • Being too generic and not getting people interested,
  • Limiting future scalability with a name that’s product- or location-specific,
  • Choosing a name that’s misleading,
  • Choosing a name that’s too long,
  • Being similar to competitors,
  • Not asking for feedback before settling on a name,
  • Not checking for double meanings.

Take the First Step in Creating Your Business Name

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A business name generator is a tool that recommends business name ideas based on the keywords and industry filters you pick.

Our business name generator tool uses an AI integration to leverage the powerful language model to generate creative, contextually relevant names for every kind of business application.

Yes, our business name generator is always free to use and offers unlimited AI-generated brandable business names. Use it to generate ideas for your business as many times as you like.

Pick a name that represents your LLC. You can include what makes your LLC different or better than other companies in your industry. Try to pick a name that stands out from other names to ensure people notice and remember your LLC.

When developing a catchy business name, consider techniques like puns, alliteration, acronyms and rhyming. These creative approaches can help your business name stand out and leave a fun and lasting impression on potential customers.

The first step to finding a meaningful business name is to connect with your business's values and identity. The "why" of setting up the company. Consider descriptive words or names that tell a story about your business's purpose.

While naming your business after yourself might sound like a good idea, it's best to avoid this practice — unless you're in a service industry. Why? Naming a business after yourself can make branding efforts difficult. Also, it can be less memorable if your name is too simple or difficult to pronounce.
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