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Zoho Sites is an excellent all-around website builder software. It offers a wealth of design options and all plans come with an SSL certificate. Templates, drag-and-drop, media storage, blogging options, and more are all available, allowing you to customize your site and grow your business easily.




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Zoho Sites

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Zoho Sites Review


Zoho Sites is a business management tool and a website builder that focuses on optimizing your website and getting to a more SEO-oriented webpage. However, many platforms help you do that. What makes Zoho Sites different from them?

You could say that its features are what make the platform shine the most. Whether you want mail management technologies, an applicant tracking system, or a meeting solution, this software has it.            

Although it includes several integrations, you don’t need to use any other website builder software or management tool as soon as you have Zoho Sites. Read this Zoho Sites review if you want to know more about Zoho Sites and what it can do for you! This can help you choose between it and other websites, such as WIX or Hostinger. 

Overall, we consider Zoho Sites to be an excellent alternative for both startups and big companies.

Zoho Sites overview

Pros and Cons


  • It’s user-friendly – Zoho Sites’ website helps you understand all its features even if you are a beginner. You can also have several templates to choose from.
  • Encourages teamwork – This app allows several people to work on the same project simultaneously and helps everyone on your team stay on track with project progress.
  • Email management is top-tier – Many people use Zoho Sites as an email management app.


  • Its support team is not that good -Reaching out to Zoho Sites’ support team is not that easy, and it can take days to respond.


Usability is something you always have to take into account when using new software. You can’t take advantage of a website builder platform if it’s not easy to use or doesn’t fulfill its main goal. 

As for Zoho Sites, its primary objective is to be a decent website builder for all kinds of businesses. Zoho Sites developers want business owners to be able to run their whole business on Zoho, and that’s what makes it different from other alternatives on the market. 

Can you build your website and run your business on Zoho? The short answer is yes. Whether you want to invest in email marketing, set up a meeting, or schedule projects, you can do it all from this website. Additionally, its drag-and-drop builder is ideal for beginners who can’t use too technical features. 

Using this app is not complex, so don’t worry about it being the first business management tool or website builder you use. Unfortunately, there’s not a mobile version of Zoho Sites, so you can only use it from desktop devices. 

Nonetheless, this app has positive reviews on online stores and review sites apart from this Zoho Sites review. 


While it’s not its greatest function, integrations with Zoho are not that bad, and you can take advantage of them since it includes the most mainstream website builders and management websites. You can, for example, integrate your Wix website or Microsoft form into Zoho with no problem. 

Although it also supports CRM integrations, you don’t need it since Zoho CRM tool is good enough for most businesses. 

This website builder software also encourages teamwork like no other platform does since it has 19 different features to help you work with your teammates as if you were one.

Since it’s a website builder, customization is not a problem at all when talking about Zoho. However, it also offers you different templates for you to adapt to your website. Aside from that, Zoho’s main features are Zoho Campaigns, Zoho CRM, Zoho Sites, and Zoho Mail. 

Zoho Campaigns uses a WordPress plug-in to create all the forms you need and collect subscribers. 

As for its CRM tool, you can create a communication channel in which your customers can access relevant information from your projects. Zoho Sites is the website builder we’ve been talking about on this page, and Zoho Mail works as a mail management feature. 

Zoho Sites feature

Support Quality

Remember we mentioned this app’s customer support team doesn’t answer that fast? While that’s still true, Zoho has put effort into giving its customers several support sources. This software offers three different support plans; classic support, enterprise support, and premium support. 

The classic plan is for startups, premium for mid-sized companies, and enterprise for larger businesses. Regardless of the one you choose, you can access a product training feature, product onboarding, and even configuration help. 

Zoho Sites Pricing – What Does It Cost?

Zoho Sites is an inexpensive platform compared to others, and there is not a big difference between the only two plans this app has to offer. The Starter plan, which costs $4/mo, includes five pages, 500MB of storage, five forms, and other things such as a blog, CRM forms, and code snippets. 

You can choose to go for the Pro plan, and that would cost you $15/mo. You have everything on the Starter plan with this one but can also enjoy 50 pages, 100GB of storage, and 50 forms. 

Starter PlanPro Plan
$4/site/month billed annually$15/site/month billed annually
Zoho Sites pricing


The only problem Zoho Sites has is the lack of a fast response from its customer support service. However, all its other features are excellent, and you can perfectly run a business from it.

 Try Out Zoho Sites Now!

Mastering this app’s features helps you understand mail marketing and website builders better, and it’s also decent business management software, so it’s a wonderful option for beginners who still need to learn more about business management tools.  

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