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WP Engine is a web hosting provider that specializes in WordPress hosting. The provider offers fast website load times, and high levels of security. It’s also easy to create mobile-friendly sites through the drag-and-drop features, with free WordPress themes and tools for a professional finish.




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WP Engine Review


WP Engine is a web hosting service designed to work with WordPress sites. This software works seamlessly with WordPress CMS, making it easy and streamlined to host your WordPress site without the hassle. WP Engine also has success with five access data providers, Google Cloud, New Relic, HubSpot, Cloud Flare, and AWS.

Whether you’re a young startup or a seasoned business owner in this WP Engine review, you will see the product from all angles so you can make an informed decision on if WP Engine is right for you and your growing business.

Pros and Cons

There are many pros to WP Engine. However, there are also a few cons. WP Engine is a seamless and easy-to-use web hosting service with WordPress sites and has great integration features.


  • You are offered customized plans with specific add-ons.
  • WP Engine integrates seamlessly with WordPress CMS.
  • The support team is with you the whole way during your setup process.


  • WP Engine comes at a price. Unfortunately, it is not cheap to use.


This web hosting service rates highly amongst both small businesses and large-scale companies. Many find it easy to use because of its familiarity with WordPress. WP Engine is streamlined and optimized for WordPress users. Users also love the easy migration from old hosting sites and the one-click login for quick access to their sites.

You can also build your site using WordPress right from the software when using WP Engine. If you start from scratch, you won’t have a hard time choosing templates to make sure your site looks great.

If you are not familiar with WordPress, it may be harder to learn. However, the support team is there to help during the entire setup process, making unfamiliar users comfortable using WP Engine.


The features in this WP Engine review are at the top of users’ highly rated lists. Of course, WP Engine offers many features. However, security and the ability to build within the software are some of the best features offered by WP Engine.

  • WP Engine works with WordPress to build your site right from the software. It makes it easy to build and host without changing sites constantly. 
  • If you already have a site somewhere else, you can migrate your website to WordPress CMS for free and then easily host it with WP Engine without any hassle.
  • WP Engine has a daily backup system with easy access to all your old backups. Every day the system will back up your site. Then, if you catch a critical error and need to go back to a previous backup, WP Engine makes it easy to access.
  • You will have a secure hosting site with WP Engine. Not only are you given free SSL encryption and platform-level security, but WP Engine also has a team of experts monitoring security feeds, so you get alerts immediately when something is wrong. 

Support Quality

The support quality of WP Engine is highly rated; since WP Engine caters specifically to WordPress, the people working on the support team know their stuff.

You are immediately greeted by a live chatbot when you enter its site to make sure you can quickly get answers to any of its frequently asked questions. Furthermore, you also have a learning library filled with resources to help you set up your web host without having to search the internet for answers.

If you are looking for more specialized and immediate support, a premium option gives access to live chats, direct phone lines, and tickets.

WP Engine Pricing

As stated earlier, WP Engine comes at a price. Though it is highly rated to get the best of WP Engine, you will have to pay a good amount of money for it. With each higher paid level, you get access to more sites, larger amounts of storage, a greater number of site visits per month, and more gigabytes of bandwidth each month.

Also, the prices listed in this WP Engine review are monthly. However, WP Engine does offer annual discounts with free months if bought for an entire year upfront.

Managed WordPress Startup$30/ mo
Managed WordPress Professional$59/ mo
Managed WordPress Growth$115/mo
Managed WordPress Scale$290/ mo
Advanced SolutionRequest Price
Dedicated CustomRequest Price


WP Engine is a powerful tool for users to host their WordPress site easily. This software covers all your WordPress needs in one place without constantly searching for the right answer. 

It rates highly amongst its users despite its high price tag. WP Engine may be pricey, but its customer support is unmatched, and its usability is well-liked amongst business owners across all industries. 

If you have a serious business growing rapidly within your industry, WP Engine is a great tool and a universally liked product with great integration and security tools. WP Engine is worth buying for your web hosting needs. 

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If you are a growing business that uses WordPress to host your site or if you’re looking to switch to WordPress, WP Engine is your go-to for WordPress website hosting.

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