One of the most popular website builder software options out there, WordPress.com is a go-to option when it comes to blogging. Offering ready-made themes, templates, and tutorials, it’s easy to build a stunning website from scratch. Better still, sites are customizable, and scalable, perfect for growing a new business.




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WordPress.com review


WordPress.com is a hosted website builder software built on the WordPress.org framework by Automattic. So, it comes with features that make WordPress.org impressive. But it has a more streamlined and easy-to-use interface. With WordPress.com, you can easily create your website without downloading WordPress software and paying for hosting or managing a server. In this WordPress.com review, we will learn WordPress.com’s pros and cons, usability, features, pricing, and support quality. Read through it and compare the platform with similar ones like Wix, Weebly, and WordPress.org.

WordPress.com overview

Pros & Cons


  • Friendly prices: You can use the free package or choose a premium package. Interestingly, all the paid packages come with sensible prices.
  • Many features: You get access to many features when using this website builder software.
  • Perfect option for a blogging website: It has specific features and templates that make your blogging successful.
  • You are not responsible for any updates: WordPress.com takes care of updates and backups.


  • Less customization: The platform prevents you from editing many page sections.
  • Ads on free sites: You get unpaid ads using the free Plan.


We will now look into the usability of the software in our WordPress.com review. In terms of main functionality, WordPress.com’s primary purpose is blogging. But, it also helps you to develop a website using add-ons only, unlike drag-and-drop visuals used by other website builder software like Wix. Thus, you design and edit your content separately.

Regarding ease of use, developing blogging sites with the platform is complex and quite difficult to use. Taking this into account, Automattic came up with an easier way to help you develop your site. Here, after you sign up with them, they customize your site through questions and checklists.

Then, you get a checklist guide that will help you set your site, which ensures your onboarding is easy. Thus, using the platform is now easy. Also, there are mobile versions for iPhones, iPads, and Android mobile devices. And these apps allow for many operations through mobile devices; an aspect that has led them to be highly rated.



The software comes with a few pre-installed integrations and accepts others depending on your package. For instance, Akismet and Jetpack come pre-installed, and you can’t disable them. Other third-party extensions you can install include; Xero, XML Sitemaps, Google Docs, Email, Google Analytics, and Shortcodes.


The website builder software now supports collaborative editing through the Google Docs extension. Here, users can share a Google Document with other users and write it together. Then, they can port the document directly to WordPress.com since the publishing can’t happen directly from Google Docs. Luckily, they can even edit the document offline thanks to Google Docs.


From your sign-up, this website builder software customizes your site to meet your individual needs. So, you can select your favorite site color, create drop-down menus, and select different fonts. Then it allows for more editing by enabling you to choose your theme, widgets, menus, and more.

WordPress.com feature

Support Quality

To help you get started, the platform offers a list of topics like Connect, Customize, Start, and Create. These links direct you to the pages with articles and guides like online courses, video tutorials, and checklists. The second is the “How can we help” search bar at the top of every support page. Besides this, there is live chat, contact, and email support in case you need extra help.

WordPress.com pricing – What does it cost?

WordPress offers the cheapest pricing plans after Wix. Here, there are four paid plans alongside the free package. But, if you opt for the free Plan, you will get a few integrations, customizations, and storage of 3 GB. This limitation reduces as you take a more expensive plan. Below is a breakdown of how each Plan costs.

Free TrialYes
Personal PlanStarting from $4 per month
Premium PlanStarting from $8 per month
Business Plan Starting from $25 per month
eCommerce PlanStarting from $45per month
WordPress.com pricing


WordPress.com is a website builder software developed on WordPress.org building blocks. So, with the mother software’s impressive features, the platform allows you to create a website without even downloading the WordPress app. Using the site does not even require you to manage any server or pay for hosting.

Some advantages of using the platform include its many features, sensible prices, and optimization of blogging. However, some review articles mention that they offer minor customization and have ads on their free sites. Otherwise, the site is easy to use even for beginners because of its guide and help for newcomers.

Also, the website builder software offers mobile version apps, making it more convenient. Finally, you can access various integrations, collaborations, and customization features when you choose the platforms, including Akismet, Jetpack, Google Docs, and Google Analytics.

Try out WordPress.com now

This WordPress.com review would rate WordPress as one of the best website builders on the market. But, to know if it satisfies your preferences, you should try it out.

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