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Complete Guide to Naming Your Woodworking Business

Our woodworking business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get woodworking business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

Woodworking companies can be engaged in a wide range of projects. From furniture creation for end customers to the completion of more challenging B2B assignments in the field of construction, there’s a lot of freedom in terms of client selection and the type of work the respective company will specialise in.

The skills of the people who handle the tasks and the creativity will be in the very heart of the branding efforts. Woodworking professionals tend to have their signature and it’s evident in every single piece that they create.

Many woodworking professionals prefer to carry out projects under their own name and without investing a lot in marketing and reputation establishment. This isn’t a good idea in a market that’s highly competitive. Registering a company, having your own emblem that’s featured on every single item and choosing the right name will all build an image of professionalism.

Branding doesn’t have to be expensive, especially if you have a good idea who your ideal client is and how to communicate with the respective person or entity.

Demographic Interests

Woodworking companies do not have a single customer demographic that they cater to. Most often, such companies and contractors execute a vast range of projects for both residential and commercial clients.

Those who make custom furniture, for example, are relying on both B2B and B2C sales. The price point is higher when compared to mass-manufactured furniture, which is why the customer demographic is specific. These are individuals who have a good income level and a stable profession. Many of them are married and building a home. They have highly particular requirements when it comes to custom-made furniture and most often, these requirements are non-negotiable.

Woodworking companies could also work on construction and real estate projects in conjunction with other businesses. Such companies usually have a much bigger scope of the project than in the case of B2C executions. A capability to handle a high volume and punctuality are highly demanded by the clients.

Competitor Name Analysis

Urban Hardwoods

The custom furniture company makes items out of salvaged trees found in Capitol Hill, Seattle. The items are one of a kind and the source of the timber is the reason for the “urban” in the name.

Matt Fixes Furniture

A more frivolous and casual name, this one makes the company sound approachable while also telling potential clients exactly what to expect.

Hardwood Floors and Stairs

While the approach isn’t the most creative one, telling clients what types of products the company manufactures establishes clear expectations right from the start.

Better Than New Furniture

A company that does woodwork and furniture repairs will obviously put emphasis on how old items can look better than new when handled by the right professionals.

The Woodworkers Club

Companies that sell woodworking tools and supplies also fall under the category. Their aim is to attract professional customers and establishing a sense of community is one of the best ways to accomplish the goal.


A furniture and woodworking company, Naturalist uses ecological and sustainably/ethically-sources materials for the manufacturing of its products.

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As you have seen from the examples above, many woodworking companies fail utilising creativity when attempting to come up with the right name. Thus, you have a serious chance to shine if you’re clever and a bit more original as far as name selection goes.

Use the Business Name Generator to test out different phrases and come up with variations. Your company’s name could be hidden among the entries. In addition, you will get useful information about domain name availability.

To help you get started, we’ve put together a brief vocabulary of woodworking terms and phrases:

























Woodworking Business Name Inspiration

  1. The Ole Cedar Shop: having a name that sounds a bit more old-school speaks of tradition and experience in the field of woodworking.
  2. Mr. Fix-a-Lot: a more humorous and casual name for a company that works with residential companies and offers furniture restoration and repair work.
  3. Exquisite Finishes: the name sounds somewhat more corporate, which gives the business a chance to partner up with both B2B and B2C clients.
  4. Hardwood Building Group: this is yet another name that’s more suitable for the B2B sector because it’s a bit stiffer and more corporate than what a small woodworking shop would be named.
  5. Eden Woodwork: the garden of Eden is the place where the most beautiful plants and trees grow, hence the association is a positive one.
  6. Next Level Carpentry: taking something to the next level means making it better and more beautiful. The name is a good choice for both big and small carpentry businesses.
  7. Designer Timber: a name that’s indicative of an upscale service or product range. It immediately tells potential clients what to expect.
  8. Clean Cut Edges: a somewhat more interpretative name that will be indicative of woodworking when accompanied by the right logo and slogan.
  9. Intelligent Carpentry Solutions: no need for explanation, the name is a bit more corporate and good for a B2B brand.
  10. Four Season Woodworking: a name that speaks of nature, forests and beautiful items crafted from natural materials.

What Not to Name Your Woodworking Business

Don’t choose a generic name like Mike’s Woodworking. If you do some online research, you will come across hundreds of other woodworking companies that are named in the exact same way. Think about the potential client you want to address. When you know who this person is and you put emphasis on your strengths, your brand name will become much more effective.

Your location is also irrelevant, unless you want to attract local clients or become an exemplary business in the respective community. A local focus will deprive you of a chance to begin working on a national, maybe even international level.

Avoid abbreviations and don’t force too many adjectives in the name. Keep it as simple as possible and maintain a single focus. This way, you can highlight your biggest strength. Other characteristics can be highlighted when you carry out a marketing campaign.

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