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How To Name Your Vinyl Business

If you’re thinking of starting a vinyl business, you will need the perfect name that reflects your love of crafts and the personalized service you offer. This business is a great way to use your skill and passion for the arts for a profitable side hustle. 

Want to find the perfect vinyl business names? Read on! This article will cover the best ways you can find inspiration for your vinyl business names and even outline what’s great about the other vinyl businesses out there.

20 Vinyl Business Name Ideas

Using the sticker business name generator, I came up with these 20 vinyl business names. I simply typed in some keywords associated with the vinyl-making process and selected the names I liked best from the generator. 

  1. Vinylla
  2. Prints Garage
  3. Sleek Prints
  4. Vinyl Form
  5. Captain Cutting
  6. Cutting Go
  7. Trophy Stickers
  8. Stickersn
  9. Craftsaro
  10. Plus Crafts
  11. Vintage Crafts
  12. Mach Arts
  13. Vortex Arts
  14. Move Arts
  15. Apex Creative
  16. Omega Creative
  17. Ultra Creative
  18. Decalsverse
  19. Rider Decals
  20. DecalsoryX

If I liked one of these names and wanted to use them for my business, I could quickly put the name into the domain availability checker on the generator. If nobody is already using the name, it’s all mine! It’s really that easy.

Now, if you’re struggling to think of keywords to put in the name generator, read on. The rest of this article will go through the sources of inspiration you can use for your vinyl business names, and take a look at the best current names so that you know which direction to head in with your name.

20 More Vinyl Business Name Ideas

  1. Wrap It Up
  2. Sticky Vinyl
  3. Rockstar Print
  4. Moving Ads
  5. Art Decals
  6. Wild Outdoors
  7. Vinylfy
  8. Printastic
  9. Vinyl Vine
  10. Vintage Print
  11. Urban Prints
  13. Vinylistic
  14. Master Wrap
  15. Antique Wrap
  16. Vinyl Buddy
  17. SPIN Print
  18. Deluxe Record & Print
  19. StickIt

Best Real-world Vinyl Business Names

If you know what the best real-world vinyl business names are, you will be well equipped to apply the same principles that work well for them when coming up with your name. This section will cover how these businesses came up with their names and why they work so well. Pay attention to the ones you like best, and try to draw inspiration from these when naming your business.

Big Art And Banners 

This vinyl company gets its name from its unique selling point – the size of its prints. The name works well as it tells customers exactly what makes the store unique and that they should choose this store when looking for large prints and banners. The name is alliterative with the double ‘b’, making it roll off the tongue better.

Vinyl Revolution 

This store gets its name from the root of the printing press – the Dickensian industrial-revolution type era. This name works well as it is memorable and not too generic – other names tend to exclusively use words related to vinyl and crafting, which means that when they are all placed together, none stand out. So, when choosing your vinyl business names, try not to opt for names that are too generic; add a fun word in that will make your name stand out more!

Mega Print 

Like Big Art and Banners, Mega Print gets its name from the size of its prints, its selling point. If your business specializes in that area, this should be at the forefront of your naming. This name works well with only two syllables, so it doesn’t lose impact. Try keeping your name short and making it punchy.

Shirt Works

Like Vinyl Revolution, this name also comes from the industrial revolution origins of printing, as ‘works’ is a word traditionally used in England to refer to industrial factories. The name also refers to what the vinyl company specializes in – printing shirts. This name works well as it is short and punchy with only two syllables while communicating the brand’s selling point and including a non-generic word to make it stand out and create an image.


This business gets its name from the plethora of vinyl t-shirt prints it offers. What stands out is its use of numbers. Since most other vinyl brands only use words in their names, numbers give 99Designs an edge. When coming up with vinyl business names, think outside the box and create a name unlike any of your competitors to make your name stand out when customers search for a vinyl print company.

How To Define Your Vinyl Business Brand

When starting a business from scratch, the first thing you will need to do is have an idea of your brand and what sets you apart from other similar companies. This way, you will have a clear vision for your naming, logo, and how to market your business. To help you with your branding, and thus coming up with vinyl business names, I have prepared a list of some sources of inspiration you can use to brand your vinyl business:

  • Your prints – is there any particular design that you specialize in? Perhaps you print a lot of birthday banners, balloons, etc. If you specialize in a specific format, you can build your brand around this.
  • What your prints are for – are your prints for cars, t-shirts, or pillows? If your prints are designed to be ut n a specific item or material, this can educate the direction you take with your branding.
  • Your story – if you are a mother just trying to add an income to your household, or a young upstart looking to start your own business, you may wish to use this as your brand direction and let your customers get to know your story.

Hopefully, now you have some idea of the direction you would like to take with branding your business, which will help when it comes to developing a name.

5-Tips for creating unique Vinyl Business name ideas 

This section will give you everything you need to know to maximize your benefit from using the business name generator. It will cover some of the ways you can come up with keywords for your cute vinyl business name and how you can edit the names you get from the generator to make them punchier and more catchy.

Tip One: Don’t Just Use Words About Vinyl Prints

A common mistake vinyl businesses make when choosing a name is simply using words associated with vinyl prints and the vinyl-making process. The issue with this is twofold; firstly, there are too many names that only use vinyl terminology, and secondly, it doesn’t add anything to your brand. Your name is a chance to add personality and character to your brand, and by using only vinyl terminology, you are throwing this opportunity away.

Tip Two: Advertise Your Selling Point

Your selling point can be what your prints are for (cars, t-shirts, etc.), what your designs are like (their artistic distinctness or size), and your story as a printmaker. If you advertise your selling point in your cute vinyl business names, you will be adding character and personality to your brand. You will also be promoting why people should use your service.

Tip Three: Use Thematic Branding

If you can’t decide what defines your brand or which selling point is at the head of your business, you can always turn to thematic branding to create a distinct image. Try using mythical creatures, animals, and creative concepts to define your brand. This is an easy way to avoid the hard work of defining and advertising your selling point while resting a name that stands out.

Tip Four: Use Your Name

If you’re struggling to come up with keywords to put into the sticker business name generator, just use your name! This can be part of using your personal story as your branding and making your business feel more personal. Try using your first name to make it personal and add a friendly tone to your business.

Tip Five: Use Literary Devices

If you want to make your business name catchy and memorable, improving how it sounds, you must use literary devices. Alliteration, rhythm, combined words, stylized capitalization, and length are the best literary devices you can use to improve the way your business name sounds. For example, if your business name was ‘Mermaid Prints’, you may wish to consider changing this to ‘Poseidon Prints’ to create alliteration that better makes your name roll off the tongue.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can develop a catchy business name using poetic devices like alliteration, rhythm, and combined words. You can also try shortening the name, as shorter names have more impact.

You can start a vinyl business by deciding what kind of prints you would like to make and investing in a vinyl cutter machine. Then, you will need to decide on a brand and business name for your business before investing in a website.

You can come up with a vinyl business name by considering what makes your prints special and using keywords about your selling point in the business name generator to form some vinyl business naming ideas.


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