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Complete Guide to Naming Your Vinyl Business

Our vinyl business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get vinyl business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

Vinyl records, vinyl wraps, fencing and other products – there’s a lot that vinyl companies can specialise in. Typically, however, the term refers to wraps and advertising materials made out of the durable product.

To advertise yourself and establish a solid brand, you have to think about the audience you’ll be interacting with on a daily basis. Many businesses are looking for vehicle wraps, as well as other outdoor advertising materials. Branding yourself properly will be about putting emphasis on the features that matter the most – quality of the print, quality of the vinyl itself, cost-efficiency and quick execution of the project. If you offer professional installation, this is something else to highlight.

Customisation is another feature you can highlight through the name selection. Can you create a wrap for any type of vehicle or a sign that corresponds to customer requirements? This is a massive advantage you will need to highlight through the selection of the right name for your business.

Demographic Interests

Such companies, unless they sell vinyl records to collectors, will be interacting predominantly with B2B clients.

Advertising through the use of vinyl signs and automobile wraps has long been a popular marketing tool. A car that drives around town and carries the brand symbols can quickly boost recognition.

Such businesses are looking for reliable partners who can execute all kinds of projects, regardless of the complexity. The quality of the vinyl being offered is also going to be important. When clients invest in such advertising materials, they will want to make sure that the outcome is long-lived.

Typically, clients have fleets consisting of more than one car. If they’re satisfied with the outcome of the first interaction with a vinyl company, they will come back and generate repeat business. Thus, making a stellar first impression is going to be of paramount importance to attract steady business and ensure the growth of your company.

Competitor Name Analysis

Vinyl Altar

This is a collectibles store that features a great range of records. Because the number of items being offered here is so big, the name is an appropriate one.

Visual Brands

Companies that wrap vehicles and create signs will be focusing on the visual aspects of the brand. Thus, the choice of a name is an excellent one.

Made to Last Vinyl

As already mentioned, clients will be looking for a long-lasting outdoor advertising solution. This is precisely what the company is offering via its title and overall branding.

1st Impression Truck Lettering

The more specific you are in name selection, the better. This company shows everyone how it’s supposed to be done in the particular industry.

Philadelphia Record Exchange

As soon as you see the name, you know that the company deals with vinyl records and that it offers collectors a chance to exchange. The location is also pretty obvious right from the start.

Inkredible Media

The name is a bit more abstract and it does necessitate an explanation. When you know what the industry is, however, the choice makes sense and it also results in a pretty cute title.


As you’ve seen from the examples above, you can approach company name selection in a number of ways. Let your creativity go wild and experiment with different phrases. Don’t edit yourself. Once you get a list of relevant words and phrases, you can narrow things down.

Our Business Name Generator will help you accomplish the goal and explore the different ways in which you could name your business. Information about domain name availability will also be provided.

Some of the words and phrases you can explore in the field include the following:









Vehicle protection


Vintage record

Collectible item

Outdoor advertising


Clear wrap



Car windows

Headlight protectors


Product design

Vinyl Business Name Inspiration

  1. Wrap It Up: the name is suitable in the field of automobile wrapping, whether you’re looking for advertising or protective materials.
  2. Wild Outdoor Colours: the colour and brightness of vinyl wraps will both be essential for attracting attention via your adverts.
  3. Art Decal: vinyl decals come in all shapes and sizes but one thing is certain – their creation comes very close to an art form.
  4. The Sign: pretty simple and memorable, this name is going to work really well with the right logo or a slogan that provides more information about the nature of the business.
  5. Master Wrap: a generic name in the field, this one is short and catchy. It also tells potential customers what the company deals with.
  6. Vinyl That Sticks: the term “stick” is used in two ways here – suggesting easy adhesion and also telling potential clients that it will be around for a longer period of time.
  7. Vintage Music Emporium: a great choice for a name, if the shop offers a wide array of retro records for collectors to choose among.
  8. We Print, We Stick: while the name is great in terms of ensuring memorability, it also provides an accurate description of exactly what the company does.
  9. Urban Advert: vinyl wraps are a great choice for advertising in urban settings and most business owners are aware of the fact.
  10. Rockstar Print: another name that’s a bit more general but that’s a good choice for the establishment of a solid brand.

What Not to Name Your Vinyl Business

Don’t be literal with the selection of your name. Yes, you make vinyl wraps for automobiles. Saying just that, however, will deprive you of an opportunity to tell potential clients why you’re good in what you do and why they should be choosing your services.

The specifics of the vinyl itself may be important but they’re not a great choice for a business title. Vinyl is tough, UV resistant, easy to adhere to an array of services. While these practical considerations are important, they’re also boring. You may want to focus on the creative aspects of creating the wraps or signs. Additional details can be provided via product specs.

Keep it short and simple. There’s no need to make the name excessively long and explanatory. The slogan and other brand identity elements will help you accomplish that instead.

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