Squarespace offers professional website builder software for both an online store and portfolio. There are a range of award-winning templates for a quick start and the option for full customization for portfolios. Squarespace also offers strong blogging and social media tools to reach a wider audience.




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Squarespace Facts

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review │ Squarespace Review

With over 1,100 workers across a range of locations, Squarespace holds a global market share within the website building industry of 10.9%. 

Mainly used for creating business websites, Squarespace is a popular choice among modern-day users looking for something different. With it, users can connect to Google Analytics in less than 10 minutes, and enjoy direct tool monitoring online. 

Unique template designs, built-in features and tools, and a drag-and-drop builder make Squarespace among the most wholesome SaaS (software as a service) platforms.

To help you learn the ins and outs, here is a guided Squarespace review to introduce you to what Squarespace is, how it works, why it works and whom for, and more. 

Squarespace – Best for creating modern template designs
Squarespace is absolutely perfect for those looking for modern template design and professional creative looking websites. They by far have the highest quality templates on the market, and if you’re a blogger, photographer or designer looking to show off your talents, Squarespace is for you.

pros and cons │Squarespace Review: Pros & Cons

Whilst Squarespace makes a superbly easy platform to navigate, some of its plans might be a bit confusing to users. As part of this Squarespace review, let’s have a closer look at the pros and cons of this platform. 

The Pros of Squarespace

tick Easy to Use

Working in Squarespace is very simple, with a step-by-step guide explaining the whole process. You can follow the guidelines until completion and navigate the platform seamlessly – beginner or not. 

tick Awarded-designer Templates

Squarespace offers hundreds of modern and stylish templates to build your website. In addition, with designer fonts and suggested color schemes, you can create a unique brand identity.

tick Editable Templates

Squarespace allows you to edit and finalize templates according to your content and business needs, all available and manageable on one screen.

tick All-in-one Platform

The Squarespace platform contains all commerce and marketing tools you might need, domain hosting, site building tools, analytics, and many more, all in one platform. You don’t need to move from one to another platform but manage from one place.  

tick 24/7 Support

Customer support time will assist you whenever you need it and if you can’t find the answer in the FAQ. You can reach out to the Squarespace support team via email.

tick Flexible Pricing

Long-time users only pay for the features they’ll use. There are 4 available website plans, tailored to different customers’ needs that cost in a range of $14 – 49 per month.  Annual discounts up to 30% are worth considering if your business plan is long-lasting. Also, the platform offers a 14-day free trial for its users.

The Cons of Squarespace

wix cons Website Navigation

Squarespace’s website contains an extensive volume of information, instructions, guides, and shared practices. However, at some point, navigating through the site might become overwhelming. For additional assistance, you can click the platform’s Help Center.

wix cons Comprehensive Pricing

While for the website plan you can easily get info on the Squarespace pricing, you need to download the Squarespace app of Unfold to understand how much it will cost you.

Squarespace AdvantagesSquarespace Disadvantages
plus Easy-to-use and Get Started for Any Levelminus Median Page Speeds
plus Unparalleled Customer Support Loved by Allminus No Autosave Function on Builder
plus Beautiful Templates Ideal for Photographers and Bloggersminus No Free/Limited Plan
plus Link Analytics and Applications in Under 10 Minutes 
plus Free 24/7 Support 
plus Flexible Pricing 
SquarespaceSound Like a Perfect Match?

You could be forgiven for thinking Squarespace was built for you and only you – after all – there are so many beautiful templates that’ll take your blog, portfolio or company website to the next level. Try out one of their templates today!   

what is │ What is Squarespace?

Squarespace is among the best business alleys for creating your business face in front of customers. It is an all-in-one software that helps build beautifully designed and personalized websites according to every business’s needs. 

Not only websites, but the platform also works great for creating your blogging, eCommerce shop, portfolios, and running marketing campaigns. 

ratings Overall Rating:full starfull starfull starfull starhalf star
function Functionality:Squarespace boasts an unmatched interface when it comes to ease of use, and with arguably some of the most beautiful templates out there that are jam-packed with features, this website builder is hard to fault.  
template Number of templates:At the time of writing, Squarespace offers 113+ templates to their users.
feature Features for Business Users:For photographers, bloggers, or businesses that rely heavily on imagery and videos, Squarespace is unparalleled in providing templates that perform and are aesthetically pleasing. Being one of the most used website builders in the space, their marketing support and integrations are also second-to-none, offering excellent email and social media support.
performance Website performance:When it comes to page speeds, Squarespace pages tend to rank in the middle of the road in comparison to other website builders. Given the important role page speed (among other on-site criteria) plays in ranking, we would like to see Squarespace performing better here before we bumped their overall rating to 4.75 stars.
offers Latest offers:Visit Squarespace’s current promotions page for all the deals. If you’re a student, there’s some good news for you (at the time of writing…).

│ How Does Squarespace Work?

Squarespace is a fairly simple platform to use. Users need no IT skills or web design knowledge to navigate the site and its tools. 

To use the platform, you need to open a website account, choose a template for a trial, and start building the homepage. Follow all instructions, adjust fonts and colors, and explore all other tools during the 14-day free trial. 

Did you know?

Squarespace was launched by a university student in 2003! 

│Squarespace Review: The Features

Squarespace is not only a stellar website developer, with highly sophisticated features, developed through experience but it also offers a complete solution to run a small business digitally. 


The leader in website design will help you make your own outstanding professional website.
Squarespace offers refined templates to choose from, all pre-built for specific purposes including About, Portfolio, Products, Blog, Contacts, and more.

Users can also enable the commenting system and make their website interactive. It’s a job users can do on their own or can grant permission to their contributors’ team.

Choose a template, and customize it with content. Experiment with designer color palettes and available fonts to find the most brand-fitting, and get a matching style for mobile or any other device – automatically.  


Squarespace is incredibly fitting for blogging websites and can segment blogs into 2 parts:

  • Blog pages, where multiple posts are displayed in a list or grid and can open as an individual page. 
  • Blog posts are sub-pages of the blog page, where each blog post has its own page.

Users can manage blogs on a computer or through the app and create posts by using a markdown block. They can also schedule entries for future publishing, or automatically reformat published post content for email campaigns. 


If your business includes product sales, Squarespace is the best to design your offering. You can organize products by subcategories, opt for a product quick view, and image zoom to enlarge the product.

Not only that, but with Squarespace’s tools, users can drive sales on a commercial scale. Digital gift cards, afterpay, booking services, and limited availability levels, are some of the available commercial tools and fit well within long-term commercial strategies.


With Squarespace, users also get an experienced marketing team. There are sufficient marketing tools to implement, like newsletter blocks, banners and promotions, and social platform integration. Squarespace consolidates over 15 different data types on customers, donors, visitors, and email subscribers – all into one database.


With the support of the Squarespace team, a business team can launch and repeat flexible design tools. You can quickly add team members and adjust permissions. Employee access and authentication are securely managed through Okta, Azure, or a preferred provider. 

Here is an overview of the Squarespace features to use:

Squarespace FeaturesFeature Details
points User-friendlySoftware is designed to lead you step by step through each of the creation processes
points All-in-oneYou have all you need in one place, website building, blogging, e-commerce, mail campaigns, etc.
points Personal IdentityAlthough you have numerous templates, fonts, and images ready to use, you can  personalize and build up a unique identity
points SEOContinuously improve your ranking among competitors
points SSL Free CertificateGives confidence to users to search without threat with no additional cost for you
points Pay per UseA flexible and simple pricing structure to fit your needs and pay what you use; up to 30% discount for annual payments
points Customer Support24/7 mail availability, live chats, and plenty of guides, all that is prepared and serviced by a great knowledgeable team

│ Who Can Benefit with Squarespace Software? 

Squarespace has made various products available – all customized for small businesses, and promotional and sale purposes. In general, the platform is meant for: 

points Creators – coaches, meditation instructors, personal trainers, and nutritionists can offer their programs, and events, build blogs, and broader the audience, to boost the business.

points Designers – by creating a showroom, online store, and driving a mailing campaign, any designer can rich a bigger audience for promotion and increase sales opportunities.

points Restaurant, gallery & hospitality – with Squarespace, owners of restaurants can present meals, interiors, and services that they offer. Gallery owners can use the website for showrooms, exhibition announcements, and news.

points Artists – Artists, musicians, and photographers can present their artistic portfolios to the public and initiate sales.

points Bloggers – Squarespace is the best option for blogging. Professional bloggers can use the platform to publish and manage content, as well as to improve traffic and ranking.

In short, here’s who Squarespace is meant for:

UserMain Features and Tools to use
points Coach, Trainer, Instructor, NutritionistWebsite, blog, mailing campaign
points Designer of clothes, jewelry, furnitureShowroom, Online store, Mobile-Optimized, Shipping, Gift cards, Mailing campaign
points Photographer, Musician, ArtistWebsite, Portfolio, Slideshow, Download
points Restaurant, GalleryWebsite, Scheduling, Take-a-way Delivery
points BloggerBlog, Analytics, SEO
SquarespaceSound Like a Perfect Match?

You could be forgiven for thinking Squarespace was built for you and only you – after all – there are so many beautiful templates that’ll take your blog, portfolio or company website to the next level. Try out one of their templates today!   

│ Cost & Time Efficiency

With Squarespace, users can build a website in only 6 steps and a blog in only 4 steps. 

But, if you are willing to create a personalized design, you will need more than a day, simply because of the viable options at hand. The time spent for upgrades and maintenance will depend on the user, the amount of content, and the frequency of use. Innovation and creativity can save up on design time, as can implementing various promo and sales tactics in all campaigns.

Cost is directly aligned with the tools you are going to use. It starts from a $14 monthly fee for creating a website to less than $100 for added Squarespace features use, more of which we detail below. 

│ Squarespace Usability

Squarespace is fairly easy to manage and there are multiple beginners guides and other detailed walkthroughs to get you started. Using Squarespace will spur your hidden creativity, and let you put any of the platform’s tools to great use. Usability is further enhanced by designated Squarespace pricing tutorials and helpful resources.

│ Squarespace Pricing

With Squarespace you have 4 website plans, a mobile app plan, and an Unfold Plan. 

Website Plans

There are four available Squarespace plans where you pay only for the features you use.
When paid annually, during the first year of the plan, users get free domain registration and an additional price discount.

After you spend $500 for Ads, with all plans except the Personal, you will get a Google Ads Credit of $500. 

Every plan comes with 24/7 customer support and the platform allows users to change or cancel the plan as they need. 

The Personal Plan

The personal plan is the cheapest one with only $14 per month or $126 annually. With it, users get most of the core tools, up to 2 contributors, and Complete customization with CSS and JavaScript – and the Squarespace Video Studio app.

The Business Plan

This is the most popular plan, with a $23 monthly fee or $193.2 annual to save $82.8. The plan includes all core tools with an unlimited number of contributors; all marketing tools, and 4 out of 17 commerce tools including Fully Integrated eCommerce, Sell Unlimited Products, Accept Donations, and Gift Cards.

There is a 3% fee charged on all plan sales except the commerce ones. 

The Commerce Basic Plan

If you don’t need Abandoned Cart Recovery, Sell Subscriptions, Advanced Shipping, Advanced Discounts, and Commerce APIs, then Commerce Basic is a sufficient plan for you. For $27 a month, or a 25% annual discount, users get all marketing and core tools, with an unlimited number of contributors and no transaction fee.

The Commerce Advanced Plan

This plan comes at a monthly fee of $49 or a yearly fee of $441 and offers all available tools – including marketing and sales.

Mobile Start Plans

If the site is on trial, iOS Users can upgrade to a Mobile Start plan using in-app purchases. 

There are 4 available plans at the following monthly fees:

  • Personal Mobile Start – $15,99
  • Business Mobile Start – $25,99
  • Commerce Basic Mobile Start – $29,99
  • Commerce Advanced Mobile Start – $45,99

The Personal Mobile Start offers the basics: unlimited bandwidth and storage, mobile-optimized websites, site metrics, SSL security, 24/7 customer support, and max 2 contributors. 

In addition to personal, Business Mobile Start includes advanced website metrics, unlimited number of contributors, $100 Google ads credit, promotional pop-ups, fully integrated E-commerce, sell unlimited products, accept donations, mobile info bar, complete customization through CSS and JavaScript, premium blocks and integrations, and an announcement bar. 
The transaction fee here is 3%.

If you choose Commerce Basic, you will get access to powerful commerce metrics, inventory, orders, tax, coupons, label printing via shipstation, checkout of your domain, customer accounts, and products on Instagram.

The Commerce Advanced Mobile Start offers a mobile-optimized website and checkout, powerful commerce metrics, inventory, orders, tax, coupons, label printing via ShipStation, and subscriptions.

Once you purchase any of the 4 mobile plans, you cannot switch to a different mobile start – but can purchase a standard Squarespace website plan.

The Unfold Option

The Unfold application is available for iOS or Android devices in 2 optional plans, Plus and Pro:

  • Plus – 3 days a free trial period, $2,99 monthly fee or $19,99 yearly;
  • Pro – 7 days free trial period, $12,99 monthly fee or $99,99 yearly.  

Here is a quick breakdown of how much each plan is and how much you can save when paying annually. For a look at all the features of each plan, check out our pricing guide page. (INTERNAL LINK TO PRICING BLOG)


$14/per month (Save 25% annually)


$23/per month (Save 30% annually)

Basic Commerce

$27/per month (Save 25% annually)

Advanced Commerce

$49/per month (Save 25% annually)

SquarespaceStart Using Squarespace Today!

Harness the look of Squarespace’s beautiful templates and make your website stand out from the rest for just $14 a month. It’s hard to find better value out there.

│ Squarespace Tools

As part of our Squarespace review, let’s examine the practical tools the platform offers. 

Search Engine Optimization

With Squarespace users get all known best SEO practices to improve the ranking of their site.
A high-ranked website increases your visibility and chance for success. No need for plugins or custom code use, Squarespace has the technical side covered for its customers.

Find a guideline on How you can use Squarespace’s SEO-friendly tools and the Growing Your Audience webinar to learn about SEO and analytic tools. 



Once the user understands how the website stands and who the visitors are, can work on ranking improvement and effectively attract customers. With this tool, users can follow traffic, identify visitors’ geographical location, and sales such as: 

  • Track sales performance over time;
  • Unit sales;
  • Orders;
  • Average order volume 
  • Other metrics 

helpful to understand current performance and identify places for improvement.

Acquisition analytics provides insight into traffic sources, and the keywords used to drive visitors to your site from Google or other search sites.

Performance can be monitored on iOS or Android phones with the Squarespace app.



Squarespace offers available finance, marketing, sales, inventory, product, shipping, and fulfillment extensions. These are third-party tools that will help you to manage financial activities, selling channels, stock, and any other related to sales activities.

Connected Services

Connected Services

You can reach a broader target audience on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Foursquare, or Twitter with Squarespace’s social sharing tools and integrations. It includes linking social icons on your site to your social accounts, pushing content from your website to your account on social media in real-time, pulling content from social media to your website, and many more.

Site-Building Tools

Site-Building Tools

These tools support many content types and complex layouts. Tools will help to automatically scale and fit the used image, to ensure that it looks right no matter where the user will place it in the content. If you want to put text around the image, just wrap the text around, drug the image block over the text block, and drop the image block when the guideline turns into a box. 

You also have video and audio blocks to richen the content or make a slideshow with images from the galleries. You can integrate with Google Maps with map blocks, embed items from Amazon with Amazon blocks, organize the content with summary or archive with summary blocks and archive blocks, and social link blocks to add social icons anywhere on the site.

Squarespace Scheduling

Squarespace Scheduling

User’s work and the work of the team can be organized in single or multiple calendars.
The calendar can be synchronized with Google, Outlook, iCloud, and Office 365.

Squarespace scheduling includes a payment setting option, an automatic email schedule, and SMS/text reminders. Integrate your Scheduling profile with your Instagram or Facebook account and give your client an option to buy from there.

Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns

While website content is prepared, it helps for drafting email content. As a beginner, you have more than 30 starter templates to choose from, so you can promote your new product, send an invitation or update your subscribers with only a click.

Users can edit the mail content, include sender details and make the mail personal. The mailing list can be created by inviting visitors to sign up for promotional emails when checking out, or website subscribers.



With the Unfold application on your iOS or Android device, your business will stand out on social media. You can find hundreds of story and post templates that can be personalized with selected fonts, images, or animations, so you have attractive content for Instagram and Snapchat.



This all-in-one reservation system is perfect for those having restaurants, galleries, wineries, or other kinds of hospitality to manage reservations, events, or deliveries. With no additional costs, Tock will get your business in front of millions of potential guests and assist you to organize your guests in the best way.

It also helps you to organize takeout and deliveries for only 3% fees on Tock and no hidden fees.

Here is an overview of the main Squarespace tools you can use: 

Squarespace ToolsTool Details
points SEOTo improve the ranking of their site
points AnalyticsFollow traffic, identify visitors’ geographical location, and sales
points ExtensionsThird-party tools to manage financial activities, selling channels, stock, and any other related to sales activities.
points Connected ServicesConnect website with Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Foursquare, or Twitter profiles 
points Site-Building ToolsTools for website construction
points Squarespace SchedulingWork organization, payment setting, automatic mailing or messaging 
points Email CampaignsPromotion, invitation, and subscribers update
points UnfoldApplication for Instagram and Snapchat content creation
points TocksReservation system ideal for restaurants and hospitality
SquarespaceStart building today!

Don’t wait to see how effective Squarespace’s tools are in taking your business to the next level. With great SEO, easy-to-use editors and great email campaign operability, you’re sure to inspire growth and sales! 

│ Real-Life Examples

The efficiency and practicality of Squarespace can be seen in the case of Candy Black, a boutique creative agency, specializing in brand and digital. Using the platform’s advanced features, Candy Black has built a fabulous website with a simple and modern design.
Her portfolio is listed with all relevant projects she completed.

Blue Dog is a modern restaurant in New York dedicated to serving healthy dining. With purchased ingredients from local sources, this restaurant pays attention to nutrients that are regularly served to customers.

Yondr introduced phone-free zones, opposite to today’s addiction to phones and devices. Users place their devices in an electronic case during the event, so they have full attention on the artists, entertainers, educators, and more.

│ Squarespace Support

The Squarespace Help Center contains numerous guides with simple instructions, videos, and webinars to browse by product or by topic. 

Whether you purchase a website plan or make an upgrade to any Mobile start, you have 24/7 email support from the customer care team, responsive in an hour. On most weekdays, live chat support is also available. 

tick Customer Care Team24/7 by mail
tick Live chatWeekdays in chat
tick Contact Customer Support24/7 at Squarespace website
tick Help CenterGuides, videos, webinars

With 24/7 support widely hailed as the best in the space, Squarespace has got your back. No matter how small or big the obstacles are that you come across, you’ll always have an expert just a phone call or chat message away. 

With Squarespace in your corner, there’s nothing holding you back.

A Suitable Squarespace Alternative

Although our Squarespace review suggests the platform as one of the best out there, a suitable alternative to it would be Wix. Wix is known for more features compared to Squarespace, for some easier-to-use what is important for beginners, great social and marketing tools, and no technical knowledge needed.

Wix vs Squarespace Comparison

Although both Wix and Squarespace have plenty of templates, Wix has even more than Squarespace. But, Squarespace is the best for template modern designs and can be used for customization. 
The automatization of the editing process makes Squarespace preferable over Wix, thanks to the structured page and on-time edits. Squarespace is a favorite among restaurant owners due to its clever and intuitive solution to editing menus in real-time. An additional advantage of Squarespace is the gift cards, back-in-stock, and low-stock notifications.

conclusion│Squarespace Review: The Verdict

If you want an original and unique website, go with Squarespace. Squarespace meets your business and eCommerce needs even if you lack the experience, or need an extra hand with any aspect of website development. 

Overall, Squarespace makes an affordable, versatile, and generous platform tool- and feature-wise, and can help scale your business across multiple channels. And given the platform’s support team on hand and their tailored guides every user can get accustomed to the platform and use it to their business advantage. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Some of the steps to take in making a website are to claim a domain, select a website template, define the brand, add content, set up email, publish it, and promote it via email campaigns or social media.

Squarespace’s full subscription includes: Website building tools, Content hosting, Search engine optimization, Squarespace Analytics, Responsive design for mobile viewing, and 24/7 Customer Support. In addition to these, you can also add a custom domain name, email by Google Workspace, email Campaigns, advanced commerce features, and stock images.

Yes, you can. If you already have a domain you can transfer it or import your website from WordPress, Blogger, or Tumblr. Also with the online store, you can import your products from stores with Shopify, Big Cartel, or Etsy to Squarespace.

You can easily build your website with Squarespace, still, web designers specialized in building Squarespace sites are available for you, if you want to hire. Squarespace support team is available for you, only if you build a site by yourself.
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