Squarespace offers professional website builder software for both an online store and portfolio. There are a range of award-winning templates for a quick start and the option for full customization for portfolios. Squarespace also offers strong blogging and social media tools to reach a wider audience.

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Squarespace Review


Squarespace is a website builder software that allows users to create professional e-commerce pages. Thus, it is a great platform to help you build an online store or booking service.

Moreover, the software has industry-leading pre-built templates, color palettes, and designer fonts. You can also market your business using on-brand email campaigns and social tools.

Compared to other products, Squarespace is easy to use and convenient. This is why it has earned a good genius score. Keep reading this Squarespace review for more information.

Squarespace overview

Pros & Cons

+Easy-to-use– Squarespace is easy to use. You don’t need to be an expert to create a professional website.

+Pre-built templates– This website builder software has numerous award-winning templates that are flexible and easy to customize.

+Endless design options– The design options on Squarespace will allow you to modify your website to fit your brand.

+Blogging– If your website includes blogs, consider Squarespace as it has tools to help you create, publish, and manage blog posts.

-Page speed– Unfortunately, Squarespace templates are rated low by the Google PageSpeed Insights tool.

-No autosave– Squarespace lacks autosave. Hence you have to save every change manually.


As mentioned in this Squarespace review, the software is an easy-to-use, a quality that has helped it achieve a good rating. In addition, the dashboard is informative enough to help you get your way around. For example, you can click the ‘Products’ section to choose a feature you want.

In addition, the website builder software offers an intuitive user experience. You can move from one category to another smoothly. Besides, webinars are available to improve your skills. Also, the company will help you find experienced third-party developers and designers.

Moreover, this website builder software is mobile-friendly. Hence, you can access it using any browser, and it also offers multiple iOS and Android native apps. The primary one is called Squarespace-website builder. These apps have many positive reviews as many users appreciate their convenience.


This software has a good features rating, as learned from other Squarespace reviews. Hence, you can expect to get exceptional features on the site. Here are the primary ones:

  • Integrations– You can connect your Squarespace account with the leading payment, social media, shipping, and marketing tools. You can also connect it with email, CRM, and other productivity tools. Additionally, you can integrate the website with connector apps, such as Zapier, Ifttt, Integromat, Workato, and so on, to make your work easier.
  • Collaboration– This website builder software places a strong emphasis on team collaboration. Invite a contributor through the permissions panel. You can also control what they can see.
  • Customization– As you have learned from this Squarespace review, the platform has customizable templates.
  • Email marketing– With Squarespace email campaigns, you can create professionally branded emails to help you grow and communicate with your audience.
Squarespace feature

Support Quality

Reach out to the customer support team at this website builder software by clicking the ‘Contact Us’ button, available in all plans. Then, fill out the relevant form. For instance, if you have a technical or security problem, submit your form through the ‘Security Escalations’ or ‘Technical Issues’ categories. Squarespace also has email and chat support.

At the ‘Help Center’ section are guides categorized by topic. Besides, numerous informative articles and videos are found in this section. You can also type your question on the search box to find instant answers. Furthermore, users can reach out to the company through their social media pages. Existing users commend the support team’s quick response, which has helped it attain a high score in this aspect.

Squarespace Pricing – What does it cost?

We learned that the company offers different pricing plans during this Squarespace review. They include personal, business, commerce (basic), and commerce (advanced). All these plans are reliable. However, they have some differences. For instance, the number of contributors in the personal plan is two, whereas it is unlimited in the rest.

Moreover, sell subscriptions and advanced shipping is found only on the commerce (advanced) plan. Besides, a 3% transaction fee is available in the Business plan. Finally, note that the pricing structure is Tiered. Below are the plans.

Personal$14/mo, billed annually
Business$23/mo, billed annually
Commerce (Basic)$27/mo, billed annually
Commerce (Advanced)$49/mo, billed annually
Squarespace pricing


Squarespace is an outstanding website software builder that has received a positive reception from users. Consider using this platform if you want to create an online store or booking service. It is easy to use Squarespace as all the information you need is available on the dashboard. Besides, you have a wide range of pre-built templates to choose from.

In addition, this website builder software has guides categorized by topics to guide you. If you are too busy, hire experts from the platform. The company will ensure skilled developers and designers work on your webpage.

Furthermore, in this Squarespace review, you’ve seen the software has exceptional features to help you create a professional online business. However, the features vary with the offered pricing plans. Nonetheless, all the pricing plans are dependable. Choose one based on your business needs, and if you have an issue, contact the support team.

Try out Squarespace now

Squarespace is a renowned service that helps users build professional websites. Try it now to enjoy the benefits discussed in this Squarespace review.

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