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Square E-Commerce is one of the greatest online store builders to get an e-commerce platform up and running. This platform has a wealth of professional eCommerce templates alongside a rich selection of merchandising tools. There are options for selling products and services, appointment scheduling software, checkout, payment options, and more.




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Square E-Commerce (Weebly) Review 


Square E-Commerce (Weebly) is an outstanding platform for creating online stores. 

The website builder is the best choice for people who left their brick-and-mortar stores behind, getting ready to turn online followers into real customers. 

Formerly known as Weebly, today it shifted into Square E-Commerce, allowing people simple and easy access to new website creating tools, superb features, and various plans. 

In this Square E-Commerce (Weebly) review, curious web-store owners can find all the necessary information to help them make the most out of their business. 

Pros and Cons 


  • Easy to use even for technically inexperienced users
  • Physical and digital sales available
  • Fully-integrated shopping cart 
  • Designs look the same on any device 
  • 30-day money-reimbursement guarantee


  • No integration with social networks to sell products
  • Payment options are not as flexible as competitors
  • The migration process from Weebly to a non-Weebly site can be more complicated than users think. In some cases, even impossible
  • No data backup available for online stores


Square E-Commerce (Weebly) online store builder is one of the easiest software to use for people with absolutely no experience in website building. 

This E-Commerce platform functions as a drag-and-drop asset for a simple moving of images and elements around the screen, depending on where you need them for a better presentation. 

In this Square E-Commerce (Weebly) review, users can learn how straightforward is to start a website with this unique online store builder. 

The package offers step-by-step guides for effortless website creation. Everything you create with this e-commerce platform will look the same on any device, which is one of the greatest advantages of Square E-Commerce. 

No coding is needed to create your online store, making this software popular among first-time website creators. 


  • Themes and Templates 

Square E-Commerce (Weebly) platform offers over 50 themes, winning ahead of competitors that offer less than this number. Another cool thing about the themes is that some of them get switched for more aesthetically striking options every few months, allowing you to change the look of your online store accordingly. 

  • Customization Tools 

This online store builder made a step forward in providing specific elements for each user, thanks to the built-in customization tools directly in the platform. 

The new approach helps users keep their online stores up to date with the brand’s visual standards. 

  • 3rd Party Integrations 

Websites created with this online store builder have the chance to collaborate with 3rd party integrations in the payment system, such as CashApp, and other POS options. 

Additionally, the E-Commerce platform works with PayPal and Stripe as advanced payment options, Shipstation and Easy Ship for delivery management, Google Analytics for advanced website metrics, and Sales Booster that attracts more traffic to the online store. 

  • Hosting

Square E-Commerce (Weebly) is a cloud-based platform. In other words, it means that the site loads and runs flawlessly even if another site on the server has loading difficulties. Online stores created with this online store builder load in two milliseconds for United States users. 

  • Backups 

One of the major downsides of this software is that it doesn’t offer data backup, which is quite a deal-breaker for users who can’t afford to lose transaction history and online presence. 

  • Migration 

In this Square E-Commerce (Weebly) review, we must mention the difficulty to migrate a Square E-Commerce-built site to another platform. The process is close to impossible, requiring manual and automated procedures. 

On the other side, if you’re trying to migrate an already built site to Square E-Commerce, the process can be done in only a few steps. 

Here’s a list of E-Commerce tools available to users

  • Business dashboard
  • Fully-integrated shopping cart
  • Secure check-out facility
  • Mobile store/check-out facility
  • Inventory tracker
  • Custom hub design
  • Automatic tax calculator
  • Retail-specific search engine optimization
  • E-Commerce-specific website builder

Support Quality 

This Square E-Commerce (Weebly) review also provides users with information about the support quality of this online store builder, which is more than user-friendly. 

The software page offers an impressive FAQs section, answering almost all the questions. 

Furthermore, users can search for numerous detailed articles on the site, having Facebook and Twitter accounts as the last option if more help is needed. 

Square E-Commerce (Weebly) Price – What Does it Cost? 

The platform boasts three pricing plans, including Pro, Business, and Business Plus. 

Pro BusinessBusiness Plus 
Groups & OrganizationsSmall Businesses & StoresPower Sellers
$12/month paid annually$25/month paid annually$38/month paid annually 
Free Domain $20 valueFree Domain $20 valueFree Domain $20 value
Google Ads $100 creditGoogle Ads $100 creditGoogle Ads $100 credit
Email Marketing $96 value
Free SSL Security Free SSL SecurityFree SSL Security
Unlimited StorageUnlimited StorageUnlimited Storage
Connect a Custom DomainConnect a Custom DomainConnect a Custom Domain
Site Search Site SearchSite Search


Square E-Commerce (Weebly) is one of the most complete online store builders on the market, offering infinite features and tools that are easy to operate and the best price offers. 

Try out Square E-Commerce (Weebly) Now!

In this Square E-Commerce (Weebly) review, you can find more than enough information about everything related to the ultimate online store building software for 2022. Try Square E-Commerce (Weebly) today to enjoy its advantages. 
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