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The website builder software, Shopify, is the perfect solution for your e-commerce site. Shopify offers easy options to create an online shop, managing selling, and shipping, as well as processing payments. Marketing tools are also available to increase the reach of your business through specific marketing campaigns and social media tools.




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Shopify Website Builder Facts

Pricing ModelPer store
Free Trial14 days
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Shopify Website Builder Review


Shopify is a website builder software that allows users to build, grow, and manage e-commerce businesses. Millions of brands use Shopify to sell and ship products and process payments. Besides, the platform has diverse tools for managing your online business.

In addition, Shopify has built-in tools that can help you make, execute, and analyze marketing campaigns. You can also create branded professional emails on the platform.

Here is a detailed Shopify website builder review discussing its best qualities that led us to award this platform a good rating. Compared to its competitors, Shopify is easy to use and reliable. Read this Shopify website builder review to find out more.

Shopify overview

Pros & Cons

+Easy-to-use- All the information you need to create your website is easily accessible on the Shopify website.

+Expertise help- If you are too busy to create your online business website from scratch, visit the Shopify Experts Marketplace, and hire a skilled freelancer or agency.

+Supports business management- The Shopify dashboard allows users to manage orders, payments, and shipping.

+ Marketing- Shopify has outstanding built-in tools to create and manage marketing campaigns.

-Less customizability- Shopify doesn’t allow its users to change certain functionalities.

-No email hosting- Unfortunately, Shopify does not offer email hosting in all its plans.


As mentioned in this Shopify website builder review, the platform has a good rating which can be associated with its user-friendliness. Its user experience is intuitive, a quality that entrepreneurs appreciate.

On the platform, you will find different categories to help you find your way around. However, if you need help, visit the help center found under the ‘Learn’ category. You will also find ‘Guides’ and podcasts for more guidance.

Also, this website builder software is mobile-friendly. In fact, Shopify has several downloadable iOS and Android apps. They include e-commerce business, Point of Sale, Inbox, Local Delivery, and Customers View.


As you can already infer from this Shopify website builder review, the platform is convenient. Besides, since the platform has a good rating, you can expect it to have exceptional features. The primary ones include:

  • Integrations– Shopify can be integrated with other services, such as payment providers and online stores. You can also integrate your Shopify account with connector apps like Zapier, IFTTT, Intergromat, Workato and others. In addition, it can connect to email, CRM, and other productivity tools.
  • Collaboration– You can give your partners access to your store provided you add them as collaborators. Note that the main website does not put a strong emphasis on this feature. Use the Shopify collaborator account to make this possible.
  • Themes– Free customizable themes are available on Shopify. You can easily customize them to what you are selling. Therefore, you can change the colors, fields, and fonts.
Shopify feature

Support Quality

In this Shopify website builder review, we learned you can reach out to the customer support team by clicking the ‘Contact support’ button. On this page, you will find a search box. Type your question in the box and get answers within a short period. Indeed, in the Help center section, you will find informative documentation and videos.

The ‘Guide’ section will also provide you with solutions about the platform from the discussion forums. The customer support at Shopify offers a 24/7 service with live chat email support on the ‘Support Channel’ page. The offered support options are reliable for all pricing plans. Existing clients appreciate the quick response of the support team.

Shopify Website Builder Pricing – What does it cost?

Shopify offers three pricing plans, which are basic, Shopify, and advanced. The basic plan is suitable for online stores with occasional in-person sales. The Shopify plan is ideal for businesses that are growing both online and in-store. In fact, the advanced pricing plan is best for established businesses. Here are the following payment plans:

Free trialAvailable for 14 days
Basic$29 billed monthly
Shopify$79 billed monthly
Advanced$299 billed monthly

Note that besides the Shopify platform, the company also offers Shopify Plus and Shopify Lite services at different prices.

Shopify pricing


Shopify is a renowned platform that is used by millions of brands to sell, ship, and process payments. Thus, if you have always wanted to start an online company or take your physical business online, it will be best to consider using Shopify. It is easy to use, and it supports business management.

Thus, Shopify review has discussed exceptional features on the platform that will help you create a professional website. This includes a, email marketing, customizable themes, integrations, and collaboration. You can also get professional help from the Shopify Experts Marketplace.

Indeed, it is easy-to-use Shopify. You can easily find all the information that you need on the platform. In addition, Shopify has built-in tools that can help you create, execute, and track digital marketing campaigns. If you have questions, visit the contact support page for help.

Try out Shopify Website Builder now!

Shopify is a dependable service that helps users create a professional e-commerce website. Now we have provided you with all the relevant information from this Shopify review, it’s time to try it out. We are sure you will appreciate all the functions of this software for your business.

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