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Complete Guide to Naming Your Roofing Business

Our roofing business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get roofing business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

What are people looking for when choosing roofing service providers? Experience, knowledge, certification and the possession of the right tools are all important. An ability to complete the project within the agreed-upon time period will also be crucial.

To attract new customers, you have to establish yourself as a reliable service provider. The goal can be accomplished through the selection of the right name and branding that puts emphasis on the positive features mentioned above.

Just going by your name and advertising yourself as a roofing contractor will make it very difficult in the beginning, especially until you manage to establish some reputation as a professional. This is why you may want to invest in building a strong brand. The right brand will help you communicate effectively with people looking for roofing services. Let them know what your strengths are and how you’re different from the competition. By doing so, you’ll build a memorable brand that people will recall whenever looking for services.

Demographic Interests

Roofing companies work with a vast range of clients.

They can interact with both residential and commercial property owners. On occasions, repairs will be needed. In other instances, clients will be looking for roof replacement. Competence and quick service will be prioritized each time, regardless of the scope of work and the value of the project.

The other specifics of the demographic profile will vary from client to client. Both younger and older individuals may need roofing services. The same applies to people who have different income levels.

Some will be looking for a cost-efficient service they can afford. Others will put more importance on expertise and the quality of execution. You need to position your services to attract one demographic or the other since it will be impossible to accomplish both through the same branding efforts.

Competitor Name Analysis

United Roofing & Waterproofing

While the name isn’t the most original one under the sun, it’s catchy and memorable. The title is also relevant, suggesting what kinds of services potential clients can anticipate.

Affordable Roofing Plus

As already mentioned, each market segment will be looking for a specific aspect of the interaction. Those in need of a cost-efficient service will be drawn to a company name like this one.

A.S.A.P. Roofing

Often, roofing problems will be emergencies that need to be fixed as soon as possible. This business name suggests that the company can handle such urgent repairs.

Bang It Services

This name is a bit more unusual and also somewhat humorous. Some explanation is needed to understand the specific type of service being offered but when you do, it all becomes clear.

Weather Tight Roofing

The purpose of the roof is to protect the property from the elements. It has to withstand the wrath of nature on occasions and this is precisely what the company name suggests.

Be Cool Roof Coatings

As always – specialization is a great choice for the establishment of a market niche. This is precisely what the company tries to do through the name selection. It describes the specific product available, which immediately drives interaction with interested prospects.


A good descriptive or catchy name can help you accomplish a lot right from the establishment of your brand. Your main goal is to build your reputation as the authority in the field and to distinguish yourself.

Take some time to think about relevant words and phrases. Through the use of our Business Name Generator, you can experiment with them and create variations until you come across the one that you like the most. Information about domain name availability will be provided, as well.

To get started, here are some roofing-related words and phrases:




















Impact resistance

Metal flashing


Roofing Business Name Inspiration

  1. A Roof over Your Head: while this one is an obvious and even a bit of a cliché, the phrase is widely recognisable and it will ensure immediate brand awareness.
  2. Performance Home Systems: the performance of a roofing solution is very important. This name highlights the specific and it also avoids the most obvious approach towards name selection.
  3. Advanced Commercial Roofing: if you intend to work primarily with commercial clients, you may want to make this aspect of operation clear right from the start.
  4. Attic to Basement: companies that offer comprehensive home renovation solutions have a lot more freedom when it comes to selecting the right name.
  5. All Season Protection: roofs have to withstand the heat of summer and the storms of winter. This is precisely what the name implies.
  6. 24/7 Roofing Solutions: emergency services are in high demand and if you can offer such, let your potential customers know.
  7. Laser Precision Roofing: a more or less generic name that puts emphasis on attention to detail and the quality of the work being done.
  8. Brand New Shingles: if you don’t want to go for the most obvious name selection approach, a choice like this one would be good.
  9. Next Generation Roofing: this name can be interpreted in two ways – as innovative and also as a solution that will last at least a few generations.
  10. Super Roofer: the image of the superhero is a great choice and the name provides great opportunities for logo selection and visual branding.

What Not to Name Your Roofing Business

Don’t limit the choice of words and phrases to your name in combination with “roofing.” John’s Roofing Company is far from creative and it doesn’t tell your potential clients what they could expect from the interaction with you.

If you offer specialised services, don’t go for a generic name. true, you will reach a smaller audience if you stick to the particular niche. These people, however, will be looking for the respective service. As a result, the chance of audience engagement becomes much higher.

Keep it simple, try to pick a generally popular phrase and avoid complex terminology. Acronyms aren’t a great pick either, unless they’re general knowledge. Your goal is to engage rather than to perplex your audience. If you do, nobody will remember your brand in a time of need.

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