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Foto First

The misspelling of ‘foto’ adds to the brand identity, while the phrase “photo first” establishes them as specialists and market leaders.

Builders Warehouse

‘Warehouse’ indicates that this store offers the widest range of products possible, while ‘builders’ clearly defines the target market. The name is simple and easy to remember.

Good Games

A board game shop. The name defines their stock while the use of two words with the same starting letter, helps with brand remembrance.


The rhyme of top and shop ensures the name is well remembered.

Best & Less

Another rhyming name. This name also manages to turn the notion that if you want the best, you have to pay more for it on its head.


A stationary shop – those who used pigeonholes at school or work will immediately understand the relationship and be able to draw a conclusion of what they sell.

Famous Footwear

A double F helps the name roll off the tongue and creates memorability. The use of the word ‘famous’ is great for consumer perception/p>

The Good Guys

An electronic super store. This name is quite genius. It makes them sound like the superheroes of the electronic store world. It also creates extremely positive feelings of trust – because who doesn’t trust a superhero.

Sunglass Hut

As descriptive as they come. The name has two great attributes. “Sunglasses’ tells consumers what they sell, while the term ‘hut’ which was presumably used instead of ‘house’ or ‘home’ is synonymous with the beach.

General Pants

A memorable name, it is clearly descriptive of what they sell. General also tries to indicate their wide range of offerings.

Marketing Strategy & Useful
Advertising Terminology

Due to the large clientele base as mentioned above and the different types of possible retail outlets selling, no marketing buzzword will be universal. Not even the term ‘sale’ is a good marketing term everywhere: patrons shopping at high-end fashion boutiques would often prefer to pay full price to keep their ‘self-image’ intact.

Sale, two for one, half price, limited edition, limited stock, exclusive, tailor-made, made in [insert country here], artisan goods, locally sourced, cruelty-free, vegan, carbon neutral

Clientele & Interests

Retail/shop is as broad of a category as they come. Everyone on Earth shops be it high-end fashion in London or food in Ethiopia – shopping is an integral part of society. For this reason, it is entirely impossible to create an overarching field for shoppers. Instead, niches and segments of shopping need to be cordoned off in order to create clientele profiles.

Medicine, food, fashion, toys, gadgets, technology, work supplies, home-ware, garden stuff, building equipment, photography, glasses, paintings, books

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items per transaction





inventory turnover

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