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How To Name Your Psychic Business

Choosing a name for a new business can be difficult. If your crystal ball is not giving the answers you desire, then reading this article will definitely give you the inspiration you need to choose the perfect name for your psychic business.

Using real-world examples and ideas generated from our spiritual name generator, we have composed a list of everything you need to know to help you channel the spirit of success when choosing your name.

Success will definitely be in your future if you choose a great name for your psychic business using our fortune teller name generator.

20 Psychic Business Name Ideas

The selection of a business name can make or break a business. To guarantee success, choosing the right name for your spiritual business is crucial.

Consider elements such as your target audience, whether you’ll be a physical shop or in person, and what type of psychic business you will be running. Will you use Tarot cards or crystal balls? Whatever your specialty, make sure it is shown in your spiritual business name!

Using our psychic name generator, we have put together a list of ideas to help inspire you when naming your own brand:

  1. Psychic Sutra
  2. Psychic Maps
  3. Psychicly
  4. Psychiclux
  5. Psychic Amaze
  6. Spiritium
  7. Quality Spiritual
  8. Elevate Spiritual
  9. Essence Spirit
  10. Psychic Mother
  11. Psychic Sessions
  12. Fortunenetic
  13. Certain Fortune
  14. Bright Fortune
  15. Launch Fortune
  16. Fortunetastic
  17. Infinite Fortune
  18. Sense Spiritual
  19. Whisper Spiritual
  20. Chakra Spirit

20 More Psychic Business Name Ideas

  1. Psychic Encounters
  2. Psychic Energy
  3. Psychic Life
  4. Psychic Reality
  5. Spiritual Reality
  6. Psychic Healing
  7. Love Psychic
  8. Spirit Connection
  9. Experienced Psychic
  10. Psychic Nature
  11. Psychic Awareness
  12. Angela’s Original Readings
  13. Psychic Guidance
  14. Psychic Therapy
  15. Future Seeker
  16. Crystal Mystic
  17. Soul Readings
  18. Soul Therapy
  19. See the Future
  20. Spirit Seeker

Best Real-World Psychic Business Names

As well as using our generator, the best way to be inspired to name your own psychic business is to look at real-world examples. We’ve gathered together a list of successful businesses that all incorporate the mystical and spiritual into their names, which helps their customers understand what their business is about.

Once you’ve read these real-world examples, try using our fortune teller name generator to find an exciting name for your brand and business.


An online service that allows you to talk and receive advice from your choice of spiritual advisors, Keen is perfect for those seeking knowledge from the comfort of their own homes.

Primarily used for a love reading, the name Keen works due to the meaning of the word, advising those who are keen to find love as well as those who are keen to be enlightened through their psychic reading.

Keen is also a successful name as it is one word, which makes it easier to remember. It has also been suggested that business names with a double vowel, such as Google, Facebook, or Goop, are also more likely to succeed.


AskNow is known for its Tarot Reading services, which are a popular method used by psychic businesses for predicting the future.

There is a sense of immediate urgency with the name of this business, which combines the two requests of the customers for immediate answers. The use of two short polysyllabic words also adds a sharper, snappier sound to the business, which makes it easier for customers to retain.

AskNow works as it simplifies what the business does so it can be understood quickly by their audience, who are more likely to buy into their brand.

Mystic Sense

This fortune teller business has a range of mediums working for them to deliver personalized readings to customers via their website. The name Mystic Sense combines two keywords often associated with spiritual businesses, which is why it is successful.

The word mystic inspires the spiritual nature that attracts customers, suggesting a rare and magical knowledge they can offer customers.

Sense has a double meaning, suggesting both the ‘sense’ customers will gain by attending a reading from their spiritual business, but also the sense of choosing their company. This helps to elevate the reputation of the brand and give them

Path Forward Psychics

An online website that offers spiritual readings, Path Forward Psychics also uses keywords within the fortune teller business to attract customers.

While this business name is longer than previous examples, it is a good example of a longer psychic business name that is successful. The P-F-P initialism allows the name to be spoken easily, which means it can be shared by your customer base easier too!

Path Forward represents the knowledge that will be gained from engaging with the brand, as well as the direction and guidance that can be given to the customer. Including ‘psychics’ directly in the name can also help customers to engage with the brand as it is explicitly clear what services they offer.


Offering live psychic readings via their website, Oranum is a popular psychic website. While the name is longer than the previous examples, the psychic business name works well as it is reminiscent of words such as ‘oracle’, which inspire trust and knowledge in the brand.

Using a name such as Oranum can help to give your business an allure of sophistication and higher knowledge, which makes it different from many within the existing business field.

How to Choose a Psychic Business Name Specific to Your Brand

When it comes to choosing a name for your psychic business, it is important to advertise to your customers exactly what your brand is about. In the spiritual business, there are many ways for mediums, psychics, and more to communicate about the future with their customers.

If your psychic business specializes in Tarot readings, consider incorporating this into your name, such as ‘Top Tarot’. Or if you prefer to use other means, such as a crystal ball, runes, scrying, or more, then advertise this to your customers as it may attract them due to your unique method of psychic business.

However, if you are just starting out your business, ensure not to choose a name that will be too limiting. For example, you may currently only offer Tarot readings within your spiritual readings, but you may later expand. Therefore, choosing a psychic business name that will grow with you is the best way to proceed.

5-Tips for Creating Unique Psychic Name Ideas

If you’re still stuck for inspiration for creating your unique spiritual business name, let us guide you with our 5 top tips for creating your brand name. After you’ve read our tips, try using our psychic business name generator to create your own name.

1. Target Your Audience

Who you wish to cater your spiritual business to is an important factor in the names you will choose. If you’re looking to appeal to a mass market with a wide demographic, then using names that appeal to everyone may be recommended, such as our real-world example ‘AskNow’ or ‘Keen’.

If you’re looking to target an older audience, then using a more sophisticated name such as Oranum may be recommended. Think about the demographic you wish to cater your business to, as well as the platform your business will primarily be used on. All of these can contribute to your choice of a name.

2. Envision Your Future

Choosing a name that can grow alongside your business can help you succeed and expand. While it can be tempting to select a pretty, floral, or ethereal name as you are starting out, you need to consider if this name will serve you the same way in 5 years’ time.

When you’re choosing your unique psychic business name, it is important to envision the future of your company. What services do you offer now? What services might you offer in the future? Choose your name based on these factors.

3. Choose a Creative Name

Selecting a name that is unorthodox or uncommon can be a great way to draw attention to your business. Consider using inspiration from fortune-telling methods, ancient Gods and Goddesses, fairy tales, folktales, and more. If you have ideas, you can enter them into our psychic business generator for ideas to help you find the perfect name.

However, avoid choosing a name that is overly long or complex, as this can make it difficult for information about your psychic business to be shared. Ask your friends and family for advice, complete a survey with your target audience, and ensure your name appeals to those you want to sell to.

4. Streamline Your Business

It is important to make sure your business name is the same across all of your marketing material and your platforms. Using the same name can help customers find your spiritual business much easier, and will also allow them to remember the name.

Once you have chosen your name, you can use our business name search index to ensure that your psychic business name is also available in a domain name within your state. Having a completely unique name that is correctly registered to you is essential to making your business flourish.

5. Use What Makes You Special

To help your business stand out from competitors, incorporating what makes your business special and unique within the name can instantly advertise to your audience what your brand is about.

If you use a particular tool for your spirituality business, then consider including it within the name of your company. Alternatively, if you use local psychics, or there is something unique about your practice, you can use aspects of this to create a completely unique psychic business name.

If you need inspiration, try using our spiritual business name generator to create the perfect name for your brand.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Your spirituality business name can come from a range of inspirational sources. Your name can come from the method of fortune-telling you use, your favorite crystals, and even your own name. Ensure your name is unique and you’re excited about it, as it is you who will have to use it most frequently. If you’re struggling to think of ideas, use our psychic business name generator to come up with potential names for your growing brand.

It has been recommended that good names for psychic businesses include words that are based around spirituality, psychic practices, and similar mystic practices. Your business name should ideally be one or two words that are easy for your customers to remember and share. The name of your psychic business should easily be able to fit on relevant marketing, including within your social media pages, URL, and more. Synergy across platforms with your business name is crucial to ensure exposure.

Your psychic business name can come from any inspiration you like. Popular words that are often incorporated into psychic business names include the moon, calm, sun, healing, fortune, sutra, spirit, whisper, sense, and more. If you have found words you might like to incorporate into your psychic business name, consider using our spiritual name generator for innovative ways to combine your chosen words into your perfect business name.

It has been recommended that your spiritual business name should ideally align with the products or services you are selling to your customers. For example, choosing a name such as ‘Tarot Tellers’ and then only offering crystal ball readings will confuse your audience, even if the name is catchy.


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