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Complete Guide to Naming Your Professional Business

Our professional business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get professional business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

Professional companies are B2B service providers. As such, they need a solid image and a reputation that will impress other business owners for the purpose of forging a long-lived partnership.

Branding efforts start with emphasising the professional service you’re capable of offering. Professional businesses are typically well-versed in a specific type of specialist support – tax advice, bookkeeping, It, managerial assistance, etc. Each one of these specialisations will necessitate a particular advertising approach in order to establish the right kind of reputation for the brand.

It’s also very important to remember that you’re speaking to a B2B crowd, rather than to end consumers. Advertising to a business has its specifics. The focus shouldn’t be so much on creativity and originality in terms of the message. Rather, you should be capable of establishing your strengths and how these are going to have a positive impact on somebody else’s business (in terms of boosting productivity, reducing turnover rates, creating new revenue streams, etc.).

Demographic Interests

Professional businesses are 100 per cent B2B focused. You will be offering your services to another company that’s looking to outsource a particular process or that needs professional assistance in terms of enhancing the work of a department.

Keep in mind that as far as B2B clients go, the decision-making process is a lot more complex than in the case of B2C interactions. There will be several managers/departments that will be involved in choosing the service provider. The process isn’t particularly straightforward and it could necessitate some time.

B2B buyers are also much more rational than B2C consumers. Impulse purchases aren’t common at all – the pros and the cons of an offer have to be examined thoroughly before a product or a service provider is selected. This is why branding efforts that focus on emotional appeal cannot really deliver outstanding results.

Finally, B2B audiences tend to be much smaller than B2C potential buyers. Many professional companies will be competing for the attention of the same managers or departments. This is why your branding has to be somewhat aggressive and capable of highlighting characteristics that others don’t possess.

Competitor Name Analysis


An American professional law company that is named after one of its founders – Arthur Cooley.

CHG Healthcare Services

A professional company in the healthcare field, CHG was founded in 1979 and it was originally known as CompHealth. Over the years, the company acquired multiple other professional businesses to form the CHG family.


A global consulting firm in finance and technology, Protiviti has a name that represents the values that the business stands for – professionalism, integrity, proactivity and independence. Thus, the name itself doesn’t say a lot but when branding comes into effect, it becomes meaningful.


A global management, consulting and professional services provider, Accenture has a name that stands for “accent on the future.” The name is the result of an internal competition and it was suggested by one of the employee’s in the company’s Danish office.


The company offers professional services in the fields of technology, engineering and cybersecurity, among many others. It operates under the slogan “people first. Technology always.”


Propeller is a management consulting firm. The name has been chosen to suggest that Propeller helps companies move forward, regardless of a volatile business climate.


Doing a brainstorming session is integral to choosing the right name for your business. You have to impress a tough crowd, which is why you can’t just opt for the first thing that comes to mind. Think about your values, core beliefs and strengths. Draft a list of words and phrases you can use to name your business.

Once you have the list prepared, try our Business Name Generator. It will enable you to explore multiple variations quickly and efficiently. You’ll also get information about domain name availability.

If you need some help to get started, here’s a vocabulary related to the activities of professional companies:








Tax assistance







Corporate planning

Strategic planning

Sustainable growth





External expert

Professional Business Name Inspiration

  1. Advantage Consulting: the name tells potential customers what they’ll be getting out of the interaction with this professional firm – a market advantage.
  2. Ascendic: the term ascend means to rise to the top. It’s another goal that many companies are attempting to accomplish in a highly competitive world.
  3. Accounting Made Easy: professional services in the fields of accounting and bookkeeping are in high demand because of the specific nature and the high level of complexity of these tasks.
  4. Business Acumen: the name sounds quite serious and it’s more or less generic. It can apply to an array of professional service providers.
  5. CorpAid: a simpler and catchier way to say corporate assistance. This is another general name that’s suitable for various professional companies.
  6. Tech Labs: the name tells a potential customer exactly what type of assistance they can rely on.
  7. Count on Us Accounting Solutions: it sounds good, it rhymes and it’s a catchy name without sounding whimsical or unprofessional.
  8. Alt Optimum Solutions: another name idea that sounds corporate, relevant and reliable and that can apply to various professional businesses.
  9. Catapult: the concept here is similar to Propeller – it can help a business move forward and become successful.
  10. Support Academy: whether it comes to technical or financial support, the name can be filled with meaning through a well-developed branding campaign.

What Not to Name Your Professional Business

While being whimsical and creative is a good idea in certain professional fields, this approach will fail when it comes to B2B specialized businesses. It’s much better to keep it a bit more mainstream and corporate than to appear unprofessional right from the start.

Refrain from using your family name to give your company a title. It has been done to death and the approach isn’t going to give you anything in terms of branding.

Avoid using words like Experts or Pros in the title. This is another particularly clichéd approach. There are so many synonyms you can play with – get a thesaurus and explore its pages to give your business a somewhat more memorable name.

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