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How To Name Your Plumbing Business

Creating unique plumbing company names can be tricky if you’re not sure where to start. To ensure you don’t get clogged with ideas, we’ve written a guide to help you decide on your plumbing business name by researching real-world examples to give you top tips and name ideas for your business.

Once you’ve read our plumbing company name ideas, try using our plumbing business name generator to create your own innovative business name that will keep your business running as smoothly as water from a pipe!

20 Plumbing Business Name Ideas

Using our plumbing business name generator, we’ve created a list of 20 plumbing company name ideas to inspire you.

Once you’ve read our examples, use our plumbing business name generator to create your own plumbing company names that can be used for your business.

Here are our 20 plumbing business name ideas: 

  1. No More Leaks
  2. Doctor Drains
  3. Professor Pipes
  4. Bathroom Solutions
  5. Perfect Pipes
  6. The No-Leak Geeks
  7. The Plumbing Crew
  8. We Mend U-Bends
  9. Less Leaks
  10. Better Drains
  11. Sinks and Stuff
  12. Let It Flow
  13. We Work With Water
  14. No More Blockages
  15. Your Plumbing Pal
  16. Stop the Flood
  17. PlumbPerfect
  18. Sinks n’ Sewers
  19. Drainage Delivery
  20. Doctor Drip

Best Real-World Plumbing Business Names

When creating plumbing company name ideas, it can be recommended to research real-world names to see where the company name comes from, and how it helps the business to be successful. We’ve put together a list of our favorite plumbing business names using the top plumbing companies in the United States to explain how to make a great name.

Once you’ve read our examples, use our plumbing business name generator to create your own business name that your customers will remember and trust.

Here are our best real-world plumbing company names to give you a better understanding of the business market: 

ARS (American Residential Services)

ARS, also known as American Residential Services, is one of the largest plumbing companies in the United States. The use of an initialism for their name makes the company easier for customers to remember, as well as the name incorporating the location (America) of their business.

The name ARS also indicates the company offers additional services as well as plumbing, which can help draw in a wider audience as the name does not limit the potential expansion and growth of the business.


Specializing in plumbing and drain services, Roto-Rooter is available in both the United States and Canada. As well as being catchy due to the ‘R’ alliteration sound, the name Roto-Rooter is also memorable due to its brevity.

The name also indicates the type of services the company offers through the association with plumbing but does not use words that would be too unfamiliar to their key demographic.

Comfort Systems USA

As well as plumbing services, Comfort Systems USA also offers heating, air conditioning, and other similar services. Similar to ARS, using a less specific plumbing business name has helped this business to expand its services, while still maintaining a memorable name.

The notion of ‘Comfort Systems’ implies a straightforward process that will guarantee a better standard of living for their customers and make it easy for them to solve problems. The name also includes the location of their services ‘ the USA’, while implying the scope of their business.

Residential Services Group, Inc.

This business provides plumbing services for both commercial and residential buildings across the United States. While the name is longer than others, it once again suggests the idea of home through residential which adds an instant layer of comfort.

As a ‘services group’, the name also indicates that services other than plumbing are offered, which helps customers to find what they need from the company easier.

Ewing-Doherty Mechanical, Inc.

One of the largest and most successful plumbing companies, Ewing-Doherty Mechanical is a plumbing company that offers excellence and superior client service. The name is a great example of how using a family name can help to create a personal relationship with their customers, which is what they value in their company.

How to Choose a Plumbing Business Name that Inspires Trust

Your plumbing business name ideally needs to showcase your professional expertise as well as the services you offer so customers know exactly what you’re about. In addition, it is recommended that your plumbing business name inspires trust with your customers as you will be handling important matters for them.

When selecting your plumbing business name, you need a confident name that advertises your skills to your target demographic. Choose a name that indicates what your plumbing business is about, but that also gives your business the opportunity for growth.

5-Tips for Creating Unique Plumbing Business Name Ideas 

Your plumbing business name should encourage trust with your customers, as well as help to make your business thrive. After you’ve read our top 5 tips for creating our unique plumbing company name ideas, use our plumbing business name generator to create your own customized list of names tailored to suit you.

Here are our top 5-tips for creating your plumbing business name: 

  1. Make Your Customers Comfortable

Plumbing often requires going into places of home or work, which is why it’s important to have a business name that will make your customers feel comfortable around you.

When naming your plumbing business, it can be recommended to take inspiration from your own name, family name, or even location. Choosing names like this for your plumbing business can help inspire familiarity with your company, which can be a great boost especially if you’re a small company starting out. 

  1. Advertise Your Skills

Using words and phrases associated with plumbing within your business name can be an easy way to advertise to your customers what services you offer. Many of our real-world examples used ‘services’ within their names to indicate what their company is about.

Incorporate words associated with your profession into your plumbing business name, but do not use words that are overly technical, or that make your business name too long, as this can make it hard for customers to find or remember. 

  1. Find a Good Domain Name

When advertising your plumbing business, it can be crucial to ensure your name and branding is consistent across all channels of advertising, such as social media. Therefore, having a domain name that directly matches your plumbing business name can help customers to find you. 

  1. Use a Flexible Name

The name of your plumbing business needs to reflect what services you offer currently, but it is also important to choose a name that can grow with your company.

Many of our real-world examples of successful plumbing companies offered additional services, which is where your brand may expand in later years. Changing your business name can be a hassle, so consider the future of your company within your name.

  1. Be Original

Plumbing businesses can be a competitive market, which is why it is important to have an original name to help you stand out from competitors. Use our plumbing business name generator to create a list of plumbing company names that are unique to your business and will help you succeed.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When naming your plumbing business, it is a good idea to include words related to the profession, as well as particular skills or services that you offer. However, do not choose a name that is too narrow, as it can be harder to expand what your plumbing business offers as you expand.

For help choosing a name for your company, use our plumbing business name generator for inspiration and ideas. Our options are ideal for your plumbing business and will help you to succeed.

Using plumbing in your business name can be a great way to advertise your services to your customers. Other words like plumbing you can use in your company name include ‘services’, ‘mechanical’, ‘pipes’, ‘sanitation’, ‘fixtures’, ‘drains’ ‘waterworks’, and ‘water system’.

A plumbing business can be a profitable venture, reportedly earning up to $80,000 per year. Choosing a great name for your plumbing business can be essential to guarantee the success of your company, as it can make you memorable to customers and help to spread the word of your business.

Good names for plumbing companies can often include words associated with the profession of plumbing, including ‘drains’, ‘leaks’, ‘pipes’, ‘bathroom’, and ‘mend’.

Use our plumbing business name generator to help you create a list of awesome company names that you can choose from to help your business succeed.


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