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Robot Barista To Make You The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

How would you feel if you knew an AI-powered robot made your morning cup of specialty coffee?

Robot Barista

Artly is an AI startup that developed AI-powered machines that always make the perfect cup of coffee, according to the company. 

The machine uses computer vision to move the robotic arm and monitor drink quality. The company sources and roasts its own coffee beans to stay on top of quality control. 

Meng Wang, the CEO of Artly, said. 

“AI and robotics make it easier for us to scale than traditional specialty coffee stores. Interaction with our robots is unique for consumers, but we will make the overall experience similar to conventional coffee stores.”

The company understands that its solution reduces the need for human labor. But they aren’t displacing workers. 

Wang explains.

“We created more STEM jobs and elevated barista jobs so our baristas could focus on creating better recipes, teaching the robot, and providing customer service.”

She adds.

“A barista will have higher pay and serve many more, potentially millions of, customers if their skills are popular among our customers.”

Artly raised an $8.3 pre-seed round to expand the operations. They are one of the many companies that want to reduce labor costs in an industry that’s experiencing worker shortages.  

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Now You Can Find Out Which Customers Are Potentially Willing To Spend The Most On Your Product

A Swedish startup helps you understand which customers in your database you should focus on for rapid growth. 

understand your customer

Product-led growth is a growth model that relies on product usage. The way people use the product defines customer acquisition, retention, and expansion. 

One of the problems product-lead companies face is connecting the dots in their data. According to research, most product-lead companies only reach out to a small number of users that sign up for their product for feedback. 

The question obviously becomes – how to pick the right people?

This is where Ripe enters the picture. Ripe is a Swedish startup that helps product-lead companies understand which users are both successful and fit their ideal customer profiles and what next steps to take with them.

The company was founded by Elin Lütz and Jonatan Dykert, who both have first-hand SAAS experience. 

Lütz explains what made them tackle the problem. 

“There was a huge discrepancy between what sales worked with and how product worked.”

Product-led teams need to know which customers are worth their time. They need to know who’s engaging with the product and how.

Ripe just completed a $2 million pre-seed round. The company will be competing with existing brands like Endgame, Correlated, and Pocus. 

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Meta Let’s You Create Movies Out Of Thin Air

We covered DALL-E, a text-to-image model that creates images from text input. The same model is now part of some writing AI tools like Jasper. 

The researchers at Meta created a natural progression of the model. Their Make-A-Video AI-powered system lets you create videos from nothing more than text input

The team acknowledged that the background processes are the same for images and videos. What the team did was let the AI do a lot of unguided training. They let AI watch a bunch of unlabeled videos. 

There’s obviously a lot to improve, but the development marks an interesting innovation in the AI and video world. 

Google Is Shutting Down Stadia

Stadia is Google’s cloud gaming service that will get shut down on January 18th, 2023. The company announced it will be refunding all Stadia purchases (hardware and software) through the Google Store. 

This news doesn’t come as a surprise, as Stadia never made it big in the gaming world. Google has a habit of killing unsuccessful projects relatively quickly, and the company decided to do the same with Stadia. 

Google wants to use Stadia’s technology in other Google products, such as YouTube, Google Pay, and AR. 

Stadia vice president and GM Phil Harrison also said that the company wants to make Stadia technology available to their industry partners. 

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A New Partnership That Will See More EV Batteries Being Recycled 

Lohum Cleantech and Glencore formed a partnership that will allow them to recycle raw materials from spent batteries

Lohum Cleantech is a New Delhi startup that recycles EV batteries. They can extract cathodes, sulfates, carbonates, and oxides of various metals from spent batteries. 

Glencore is a Swiss natural resource company. According to the agreement, Lohum Cleantech will supply 10,000 tonnes of recycled battery materials to Glencore. 

The deal will benefit both companies and enable them to expand on their recycling expertise. 

The supply of raw materials for battery production is an important geo-political factor since they aren’t widely available in nature. That’s why recycling is so important. 

A Magic Bullet For Cancer Treatment

Conventional chemotherapy destroys cancerous cells but can also damage healthy ones. Pheon Therapeutics, a London-based startup, is creating anti-drug conjugates that target chemotherapy only to specific cancer cells. 

The solution is catered toward solid tumors. The company expects to receive its Investigational New Drug approval by early 2024. 

Bertrand Damour, Pheon’s CEO, said in a statement.

“We are laser-focused on implementing our strategy to get our first program into clinical development as rapidly as possible and the preclinical data generated so far are very promising.” 

Pheon announced a series A funding worth $68 million. Medilink and Solve Therapeutics are two other companies that are working on very similar solutions. 




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