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A New Shopping App For Gen Z 

The new shopping platform combines social network, online shopping, fintech payments, and gaming. All in one app.

gen z shopping

The new shopping app is called Tilt. It’s designed as a virtual world for Gen Z users that want to feel like they are shopping in the real world. 

All brands on the platform have profile pages where they highlight their products and share interesting stories. The brands are also encouraged to livestream content. 

Users also have profile pages. The more they shop on the platform, the more customizable their profiles become. They can collect badges from the brands they bought from.  

The platform allows you to follow your friends and see what they bought. 

There are around 100 brands on the platform at the moment. Most of them are smaller brands with very specific products. You won’t see Primark and Zara on Tilt. 

Abhi Thanendran, the cofounder, explains what kind of brands sell on Tilt.

“They’re all much more niche. They have anything between 500 and 1.5m Instagram followers but they have a specific aesthetic that their fans subscribe to. And they have to have unique brand values.”

Tilt was created by two ex-Revolut employees. Tilt just raised a $3m pre-seed round.

It will be interesting to watch if the platform can go mainstream. 

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An Indian Startup Is Fighting Math Phobia Amongst Students All Over The World

A research-backed curriculum makes students forget about their fear of math and helps them learn math better and faster. 

Bhanzu is an Indian edtech platform that helps people learn math. The company claims they have specially designed curriculums that help students become four times quicker and better at math. 

The company spent over four years collecting data and doing research to create the perfect math curriculum. 

Bhanzu wants to eradicate global math phobia and help students love mathematics. 

The company just raised $15 million in series A funding. They will use the funds to expand the business globally.

Neelakantha Bhanu, Bhanzu CEO said.

“With this new development, we envision becoming the world’s largest and most impactful math education entity in the next few years.”

Bhanzu currently employs around 400 people. The company aims to recruit high-value talent to help them take the business to the next level. 

The development comes during a slow period for the Indian edtech sector, which saw a 41% decline in funding in the last six months. 

Aditya Systla, a partner at Eight Roads Ventures that is leading the funding, said.

“We are big believers in the potential of Indian education companies to solve global learning challenges over the next decade. Low math proficiency is a deep problem driven by lack of skilled teachers, poor engagement and math anxiety in students.”

Do you think modern curriculums can make students love math? 

Glovo Has To Pay €79 For Labor Violations

Glovo, the popular delivery app, has been fined €79 million for breaching labor laws. The Spanish Department of Labour concluded that over 10,000 Glovo workers were falsely classified as self-employed when in reality, they were employed by the company. 

The fine represents more than 13% of Glovo’s total revenue from 2021. 

This isn’t the first time that Glovo was sanctioned in Spain. They received fines for similar labor violations in the past. The latest fine is the biggest one by far. 

It will be interesting to watch if other delivery apps are next in line for sanctions since most of them use similar business practices. 

No More Nude Photos In Instagram DMs

Instagram is preparing a new feature that filters nude photos sent over direct messages. The filter would detect nude photos and cover them up. The company is saying they won’t have access to the photos and are ensuring total privacy for their users. 

Liz Fernandez, Meta spokesperson said.

“We’re developing a set of optional user controls to help people protect themselves from unwanted DMs, like photos containing nudity.” 

She added.

“This technology doesn’t allow Meta to see anyone’s private messages, nor are they shared with us or anyone else. We’re working closely with experts to ensure these new features preserve people’s privacy while giving them control over the messages they receive.”

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Larry Page’s Flying Cars Company Is Winding Down

Kittyhawk is a startup co-founded by Google’s Larry Page. They announced they are winding down their operations

Kittyhawk was founded in 2010. The company worked on creating electric flying vehicles. They showed demonstrational videos of flying cars in 2017 and 2018. 

Sebastian Thrun, Kittyhawks’s CEO, said in 2018 that the company could have a flying car ready for production within five years. 

The company even announced a partnership with Boening in 2019. 

The company said that they are still working on the details of what’s next. But, as it seems, we won’t be getting mass-produced flying cars anytime soon. 

This Startup Creates Virtual Offices For Businesses

Spot is a startup developing a Sims-like metaverse platform for businesses. 

Businesses can use Spot to create virtual hubs, which can be used for events or business functions. The goal of the platform is to replace Slack and breakout rooms with an immersive digital experience. 

The startup claims they already have more than 8,000 virtual workplaces on the platform. 

Spot raised a $5.5 million seed round that will be used to polish the platform into a market-ready product. 

Hybrid and remote work platforms are on the rise, with many businesses going partly or fully remote. We’ll see what Spot can do in this competitive landscape. 

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