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AI-Powered Pricing And Promotions Are Coming To Instacart

Instacart acquired the AI pricing company Eversight to provide a better shopping experience for retailers and consumers. 

artificial intelligence shopping

Instacart is a hugely popular company that offers grocery delivery and pick-up service in the United States and Canada.

Eversight is an AI-powered pricing platform that helps brands and retailers set the right prices and promotions. It does that by providing continuous testing with individual customers. 

Eversight provides real-time insights on promotions that are best accepted by the targeted customers. 

Instacart wants to provide retailers and consumer packaged goods brands with the best tools for customized pricing and detailed insight into customer behavior. The company hopes to improve sales and customer experience

For Instacart, customers are as important as their retailers. 

Fidji Simo, Instacart CEO said:

“Giving everyone access to the food they love is core to Instacart’s mission, and when it comes to grocery shopping, we know that every dollar matters,” 

She added: 

“With higher inflation and the average cost of groceries up, we’re taking even more steps to make food and daily essentials more affordable. By combining Eversight’s leading pricing and promotions capabilities with Instacart’s world-class teams and technology, we’re positioned to deliver even more value to our brand and retail partners, while also creating more opportunities for customers to maximize their savings both in-store and online.”

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This UK Startup Is Developing A Revolutionary New Battery For Electric Vehicles

A Bristol-based startup has the solution to redefine the electric vehicles industry by drastically improving EV batteries. 

electric vehicle battery

Electric vehicles have always been held back by the high costs of batteries. It also doesn’t help it takes long to charge them.

But that doesn’t seem to be stopping the demand for electric vehicles. 6.6 million EVs were sold last year around the world. It’s safe to say that a dramatic improvement in EV batteries will probably increase the already high demand. 

Anaphite, a company from Bristol, developed a tech that cuts the charging times of lithium-ion batteries for EVs in half while also reducing manufacturing costs by 12%

The startup developed the tech by incorporating graphene into the cathode. Anaphite was able to incorporate low-cost graphene into the cathodes of batteries, which was previously hard to accomplish.

“30% of an EV’s costs come from its battery,” 

explains Alex Hewitt, the Anaphite cofounder. 

“And 50% of the battery’s costs come from its cathode. So roughly 15% of an EV’s cost is the cathode, but in 2021, only 6% of capital raised by private companies went into cathode development.”

Anaphite just raised a $4.74 million seed round from different investors. 

It will be interesting to monitor the progress they make with their technology. 

This Startup Is Turning Carbon Emissions Into Clean Jet Fuel

Twelve is a chemical technology company from Berkeley, California, that’s producing sustainable aviation fuel out of carbon dioxide

Most sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) has been made out of carbon from organic vegetable oils. This technology makes SAF very expensive to produce. 

Nicholas Flanders, Twelve’s CEO, explains: 

“Our process takes CO2, water and electricity as inputs. We use the electricity to break apart CO2 and water, and then we have catalysts that recombine the elements to make new products. And one of the things that we can make is the building blocks for jet fuel.”

This process is a lot cheaper than existing SAF technology. 

The startup announced a collaboration with Microsoft and Alaska Airlines to advance the production and use of Twelve’s SAF. 

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Indian Startup Investments Are Predicted To Continue Growing In The Coming Years

The year 2021 was the best year for the Indian startup ecosystem in terms of investment, with businesses raising $42 billion over 1,584 fundraising deals. 

According to “The State of Indian Startup Ecosystem Report, 2022,” the total capital raised by Indian startups is estimated to surpass $180 billion by the end of 2023.

The government’s push to regulate startup industries and efforts to stabilize the Indian economy during a worldwide economic slowdown caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine are projected to keep startup funding healthy in 2022 and 2023.

The recession doesn’t seem to be a thing Indian startups are worried about. 

This New Technology Might Take Us To Mars

NoPo Nanotechnologies, a Bengaluru startup, discovered a way to produce carbon nanotubes, which are deemed the ideal material to build lighter and safer space rockets. 

The spacetech industry still faces the same challenges as in the 1960s. The equipment and personnel on rockets exponentially increase the launch cost of a rocket compared to satellites. 

Carbon nanotubes could solve this problem. Their properties could lighten the rockets and reduce the payload of the rocket. The problem with carbon nanotubes so far has been the challenges associated with production. 

NoPo Nanotechnologies currently produces 25g of material a month. The goal for the company is to raise a growth round that would help them scale their production. 

This Startups Sells Food That Would Otherwise End In Trash

Motatos sells goods online, assisting large FMCG makers in offloading extra inventory, which minimizes waste in the value chain and provides these firms with recurring revenue. 

The surplus food is offered at low costs on the eCommerce platform to clients who wish to acquire perfectly good food that would otherwise be discarded. 

They offer savings of up to 60% on popular brands like Heinz, Cadbury, Kellogg’s, and Walkers. 

The startup raised €38 million through a directed new share issue to existing shareholders. The latest round brings the total funding to over €130 million. 

Motatos wants to use the latest boost to grow in key markets – Germany and the UK.

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