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An AI Writer That Competes With Professional Copywriters Is Valued At $1.5 Billion

Jasper, the AI writing platform that creates copy from text inputs, raised $125 million at a $1.5 billion valuation. 

AI writer

Jasper uses AI to generate content. Marketers, writers, and small businesses use it to write blog posts, social media posts, web copy, emails, product descriptions, and more. 

You describe what you want, and Jasper will write it for you. This is anything but unique. Many AI writing startups have emerged in recent years., Rytr, and WriteSonic are the most popular alternatives to Jasper. 

Jasper is trained on 10% of the internet and calibrated for customer specificity. According to Dave Rogenmoser, the CEO of Jasper, this makes it better compared to other AI writing programs on the market.

“The folks that will win at generative AI will be the ones that have the best feedback loops,” 

Rogenmoser said.

“We’re committed to building the best feedback to AI loop.”

The company raised $125 million that will go towards building Jasper’s core products, improving customer experience, and connecting the proprietary technology with other apps. 

Jasper runs on OpenAI’s GPT-3. It’s also the only AI content tool (so far) that implements an AI-powered art generation tool, similar to the recently introduced DALL-E 2 

Do you think AI will replace content creators?

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Google Must Pay $162 Million to India

Google has to pay $162 million for using anti-competitive practices by forcing device manufacturers to install Google apps. 

Google pays fine

The Competition Commission of India started investigating Google three and a half years ago after a complaint that Google is forcing device manufacturers to pre-install the entire Google Mobile Suit on their smartphones. 

The Competition Commission concluded that Google was entering into forced agreements to ensure prominent placements for its core apps. This gave Google continuous access to consumer data and enabled them to sell premium advertising opportunities. 

The commission stated that device manufacturers shouldn’t be forced to install any apps on their products. Google apparently forced them by not allowing their devices to access Google’s Play Services APIs if they don’t include Google apps in the devices. 

It’s not yet clear how Google will act after the decision. As of now, the company hasn’t released any comments regarding the situation. 

The case is similar to the one Google faced in Europe. The EU regulators imposed a $5 billion fine on the company because Google was using the Android system to gain an unfair advantage in the market. 

Google has been facing backlash from governments across the globe. Policymakers are starting to worry about the impact and the reach of the tech giants. They are trying to determine if the reach of Google and the likes are in the best interest of local companies. 

It will be interesting to watch what the future brings for Google, Amazon, and other tech giants. One thing is for sure, they will have to adapt.  

A Seattle Startup Helps Farmers Remove Carbon

Lithos is a Seattle-based startup that is applying carbon capture technology in agricultural settings. 

Lithos developed a carbon removal strategy that permanently removes carbon by turning it into dissolved bicarbonate. Their process also releases nutrients to the soil, which benefits crop production. 

“We don’t just capture carbon,” 

Mary Yap, the cofounder, and CEO, said. 

“Lithos’ approach is directly valuable to farmers, increasing crop yields and replacing the expensive status quo – agricultural lime – with basalt dust, derived from rock that is safe from heavy metals.”

The company announced that it raised a $6.29 million seed funding round. Carbon removal is a growing industry. According to some research, the market value for carbon credits is expected to increase to at least $30 billion by the end of the decade.

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This Startup Uses Machine Learning To Discover New Medicines

Nucleome Therapeutics is an Oxford-spinout biotech startup that uses machine learning to discover new medicines. 

The company is decoding the human genome where 90% of disease-related genetic changes occur. This enables the discovery of new drugs. 

Dr. Danuta Jeziorska, the CEO, and co-founder of Nucleome Therapeutics explains. 

“We have already made significant progress by mapping genes to genetics in a number of human immune cell types and discovering the first wave of potential first-in-class autoimmune disease targets.”

Nucleome Therapeutics raised a £37.5 million Series A round. The funds will be used for the company’s autoimmune disease program and further research and development. 

Elon Musk Wants To Cut 75% Of Twitter Employees

Twitter and Musk are expected to close the purchase by the end of next week. It seems nothing is stopping the deal anymore. 

But what will happen to Twitter employees after the purchase? 

According to The Washington Post, Musk plans to completely transform the company. One of the actions he will take is to cut the employees by 75%. This is an extreme number, and the news had a dramatic impact on the current Twitter workforce. 

It’s no secret that Twitter is overstaffed, but a 75% cut is hard to imagine. Tech insiders believe that cuts as big would put Twitter’s users at serious risk of hacks and exposure to offensive material.

Do you think Musk will really cut ¾ of the employees? 

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The First Interstate EV Charging Network For Trucks In The Us

The San Francisco startup TeraWatt Infrastructure announced on Thursday that they are developing the first network of electric vehicle charging stations for heavy-duty and medium-sized trucks stretching from Long Beach to El Paso. 

These new facilities will be located about 150 miles apart, less than one mile away from highway exits across California, Arizona, and New Mexico.

Trucks consume more than 25% of total highway fuel and represent nearly 30% of highway carbon emissions in the US. 

Neha Palmer, TeraWatt CEO said.

“While there is a limited number of electric long-haul trucks on the road today, these vehicles are coming sooner than we think and we need the charging infrastructure to be ready.” 




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