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Twitter Is Reportedly Starting A Subscription Model For Their Users

Elon Musk isn’t standing still. He’s been quick to make big changes at Twitter, laying off executive-level employees and considering a subscription model for users.

Subscription Model in Twitter

Musk is looking for alternative revenue streams and doesn’t want to rely solely on advertising. As we know, advertising isn’t the most reliable source of revenue, especially during recessions. 

One way he wants to save money is by cutting a large portion of the workforce, which we’ve already reported on in recent weeks.

Another idea he proposed is the implementation of a $20 per month charge for the blue checkmark for high-profile users. These are used on verified accounts to avoid fake news. 

Musk initially set the price at $20 per month but later talked about an $8 per month subscription. He also mentioned that the price would vary by country. 

Stephen King was among the most vocal critics of the proposed change, and he made his feelings public.

Elon responded

“We need to pay the bills somehow! Twitter cannot entirely rely on advertisers. How about $8?” 

Musk is reportedly also considering a $4.99 service called Twitter Blue that allows users to edit tweets 30 minutes after posting them. 

One thing is for sure, there’s a lot going on at Twitter 

What do you think? Would you be willing to pay a monthly subscription for premium Twitter features?

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Instagram Is Becoming An NTF Marketplace

Thanks to the announced meta updates, you’ll soon be able to create, showcase, and sell NTFs directly to fans on and off Instagram.

NTF Marketplace

Meta is introducing new creator updates for Instagram and Facebook. The most interesting update allows creators to create and sell NTFs through Instagram.

Meta, the Instagram parent company, picked Polygon as the first partner for the new feature. The creators will get access to a new toolkit that will provide them with everything they need to create and sell digital art. 

All Instagram users will be able to purchase NTFs directly in the app. Most importantly, Instagram won’t be taking a cut from the creators’ revenues for the NTFs they sell through the platform. 

This new function is already being tested with a small group of creators. We will probably soon see the new functionality expended across all creators’ profiles.

Meta also announced the support for new blockchains and wallets, including the Solana blockchain and Phantom wallet. These join the providers already supported on Instagram. 

These announcements are exciting for creators as it gives them access to new tools and large audiences. It will be interesting to see the effect these updates have on the NTF market.

Instagram has everything it takes to become the leading NTF marketplace in the world. 

You Can Now Share Your Strava Activities Directly On Snapchat

Snapchat and Strava are launching a new lens that enables you to share your fitness activities directly on Snapchat

The new lens connects to your Strava profile and takes your stats from recent workouts. The activities will be automatically loaded into your Snapchat every time you work out. 

The lens is available for all Strava and Snapchat users on both iOS and Android devices 

This new feature comes a day after Snapchat announced a partnership with Amazon that will allow Snapchat users to virtually try out eyewear styles. 

It seems that exciting times are ahead for Snapchat users.

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Stripe Cuts More Than 1,000 Workers

Stripe, the payment processing platform, announced it’s laying off more than 1,100 workers. This equates to around 14% of the total workforce. 

This follows the trends in the fintech world, with major companies laying off large portions of their workforce. Chime is cutting 12% of its workforce, and Brex is cutting 11% of its employees

Patrick Collison, Stripe CEO, explained

“We overhired for the world we’re in, and it pains us to be unable to deliver the experience that we hoped that those impacted would have at Stripe.” 

He also took responsibility for the mistakes they did in overestimating the growth of the market. 

You Can Now Easily Fix Your Leaking Home

It’s estimated that between 25% and 40% of heating and cooling energy is lost through leaks in typical homes.

This makes leaky homes and buildings one of the biggest climate problems in the US. Luckily, there’s now an easy solution. Aeroseal is a US startup that developed a system that lets you fix your home without ever cutting into your wall

The system is simple and resembles fixing a flat tire. 

Amit Gupta, Aeroseal CEO, explains. 

“What we have done is we have found a way to seal the air ducts in the building envelope without physically getting access to the leaks.” 

The startup has so far raised around ​​$30 million in venture capital. 

This AI Marketing Tool Helps You Grade Your Sales Leads

LeadScorz is an AI-powered marketing software that analyzes digital sales leads. The company developed an algorithm that grades incoming sales leads from websites and phone calls. 

The algorithm analyzes various criteria, such as demographics and geography to assign the right scores. LeadScorz integrates easily with modern CRM systems such as Salesforce and other CRM SaaS solutions.

The company was founded by Pat Murphy, an experienced entrepreneur. The solution helps marketers provide more personalized customer service.

Pat managed to raise a $5.6 million Series A round to help the company grow and hire new employees in a competitive market. 




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