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Spotify Audiobooks Now Available To Other English-Speaking Markets

Spotfy is expanding the audiobooks feature outside the US. Users in several English-speaking countries can now purchase and listen to Spotify audiobooks.

Spotify audiobooks

Spotify audiobooks first launched to US users in September. The company currently offers over 300,000 audiobooks in the app. You can find them on the new “Audiobooks” tab in the app. 

Users in the new markets will have access to all the books in the app. We don’t know how many Spotify users have tried the new feature, as the company hasn’t released any numbers. 

Spotify has users and a huge library of titles, but the implementation of the purchase process could be better. Users can’t buy audiobooks through in-app purchases. Spotify wants to avoid paying Apple or Google commissions for every sale.

This means that each user must first visit the Spotify website to purchase the audiobook. To access the audiobook in their apps, they must pay Spotify directly. 

And what’s worse, Spotify doesn’t link to its website in its mobile app. 

Audible, the largest audiobook app, offers a different solution to prevent Apple and Google from getting a cut. Audible sells subscriptions and credits instead of selling audiobooks directly. 

Have you tried Spotify audiobooks yet? Can they dethrone Audible?

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YouTube Is Testing A Quiz Feature

A small number of creators on YouTube started testing a quiz feature they can add to community posts. The feature is currently in beta. 

Youtube quizzes

YouTube is competing with TikTok and Instagram for the number one place for creators. TikTok already has a similar feature called Q&A. Instagram also allows its users to use quiz stickers in stories. 

The news of the new feature was first published in a new video. YouTube believes this new feature will be especially beneficial for educational channels that want to help their followers learn. 

At the moment, only selected creators with more than 500 subscribers can test the quiz feature. It will probably become available to everyone else if it produces positive results during the beta test. 

The new feature could help creators improve engagement with the subscribers by providing a more immersive experience. 

YouTube is also testing a photo editing tool that will allow creators to edit photos they want to share on community posts. The tool has been available on Android for a while now. It’s now finally rolling out on iOS devices. 

These new features show that YouTube is trying to become more than just a passive video streaming site. Judging by the recent updates, YouTube users are in for some fun times.

Social App Hive Hits 1 Milion Users After Twitter Exodus

We reported how some Twitter users are searching for alternative social media platforms, with Mastodon being one of them. This week, it seems that another platform is taking the number one spot as the best Twitter alternative. 

Hive, a Gen Z social app, just reached 1 million users.

Hive is not a direct Twitter competitor when it comes to features. Hive combines features of different social networks. It’s mostly known as the social app that lets users add music to their profiles. That used to be very popular on Myspace, one of the original social media giants. 

Time will tell if these new social apps really are a threat to Twitter. 

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A Rental Startup That’s Targeting Digital Nomads

Ukio is a short-term apartment rental platform for the flexible workforce. It offers completely furnished apartments to people that don’t want to be tied to a fixed location. 

It combines the flexibility of a hotel and the comfort of a home. 

Co-founder Stanley Fourteau explains how they source the apartments. 

“Ukio uses proprietary tools to source high-quality off-market apartments, based on strict criteria in prime locations in each city.” 

He adds. 

“This data-driven supply-acquisition strategy, combined with local real estate knowledge on the ground, ensures that the moment Ukio launches in a new city, we are able to quickly and efficiently acquire a pipeline of high-quality apartments.”

Ukio just raised a $28 million Series A

This Tool Uses AI To Teach Employees New Skills

Obrizum is a company that uses adaptive learning techniques to teach new skills to employees. It leverages AI to identify knowledge gaps for every employee and create an individual corporate learning experience. 

Obrizum doesn’t rely on linear training. Instead, it uses the company’s existing resources that it adjusts for every learner, depending on their current skills.

Corporate training is a huge market. Some researchers estimate the overall value of the market to be over $400 billion. It’s also been noted that companies can save between 43% and 66% in layoff costs if they teach their employees new skills.

Obrizum has raised $17 million in venture capital so far. 

A Startup That Helps Long Covid Patients Manage Their Symptoms

Visible is one of the first startups targeting long covid patients. The company developed an app that helps users measure and track their symptoms. The app provides information that helps patients manage their condition. It also collects valuable information for researchers and scientists. 

The potential market for Visible is huge. Researchers estimate that 100 million people worldwide suffer long covid symptoms. 

The startup plans to launch a freemium model next year. The app will gather the information from a wearable armband that collects information.

It’s not yet official how much the premium feature might cost. The founders are saying it should be comparable to Fitbit and Netflix subscriptions. 




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