Business Name Generator News Digest July 29, 2022

A New App That Helps Delivery Riders Earn More Money

Delivery riders typically have little insight into their pay. This new app aims to change that. 

delivery app

An app called Rodeo is changing the way delivery rides work. It aggregates data from across the workforce. Delivery riders can see which companies are paying the most money to their delivery force. 

The app uncovers the best days to work, which areas are best to work in, and even breaks down the best times to work in specific areas. 

The app was inspired by recent cuts in the market. The data shows delivery riders earn approximately 7% less than last year. It’s interesting that the average pay per order remained the same. It’s just that the average order is now longer. 

“Riders deserve transparency and the right to behave properly independently,” 

says Alfie Higgins, cofounder of Rodeo. 

“That means being able to make informed decisions about when and where they work.”

While riders are happy they are getting access to better data, not everyone is certain that Rodeo is the answer to the daily struggles riders face. 

The app operates on the free market model, but some riders believe the way forward is to take collective action and force regulation. The time will tell if Rodeo is the right solution for delivery riders. 

$500 Million To Decarbonize Global Real Estate

The private climate fund is raising a half-billion-dollar fund to invest in companies that can help decarbonize the real estate industry.

decarbonize real estate

Fifth Wall is the largest private fund formed specifically to decarbonize real estate. They are pledging to invest $500 million into startups looking to decarbonize the real estate industry

According to the United Nations, almost 40% of global CO2 emissions come from real estate. More than ⅔ of CO2 real estate emissions come from building operations. Since most real estate already exists and produces CO2, the goal of net zero emissions is very difficult to achieve. 

“What we’re looking to do is identify the major spend categories where real estate owners are going to have to deploy capital. And then our business is buying noncontrolling minority positions in those companies,”

said Brendan Wallace, co-founder and managing partner of Fifth Wall.

The fund wants to invest in startups that will help achieve its goal. They are interested in software, hardware, renewable energy solutions, energy storage, and smart building innovations. They are also investing in carbon sequestration technologies. 

Wallace also added that the $500 million is just the beginning. He believes it will take $18 trillion to decarbonize commercial buildings alone, without accounting for homes and infrastructure. 

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Germany Will Invest 30 Million Euros To Boost Its Startups

The German government pledged to invest additional €30bn in startup funding by 2030. This is the first detailed policy roadmap for startups in Germany. 

Germany is Europe’s largest economy. They aim to improve the startup ecosystem and make Germany a founding republic. 

The finance minister, Christian Linder, said:

“The startup strategy now presented serves this purpose. There is no lack of private capital for innovations. However, there is often a lack of the right framework conditions for investments in startups to be successful. As the federal minister of finance, I want to improve the financing options.”

This decision provides a positive outlook for European startups. 

Google’s Redesigned Gmail Look Is Coming To Your Inbox

Google introduced its new redesigned interface last month. The redesigned interface is based on Google’s Material You design principles. 

The new interface is finally ready and rolling out in an update to all users in the coming weeks

The integrated view will become the default interface for everyone. Google wants to improve the user experience and make it easier for end users to navigate through Gmail. 

The good news for those that want to keep the old view is that you can do that. You can access the old Gmail view through the Quick settings menu.

AI-Powered Tool Challenges Creative Entrepreneurs

OpenAI announced they are expanding the beta access to DALL-E 2, the AI image-generating solution. 

For those of you that don’t know, DALL-E 2 is an AI solution that can generate creative work based on the input it receives. For example, if you want an image of Jesus surfing on waves while being chased by steampunk sharks, that’s exactly what you’ll get. 

Does the evolution of AI mean the end of work for creative entrepreneurs like illustrators, photographers, and video makers? 

“What we’ve heard from artists and users to date is that it takes human direction to generate a good representation of the idea,”

the OpenAI spokesperson said. 

The future will tell how big of an impact AI will have on the creative industry. 

First Ever Revenue Drop For Facebook Parent Company Meta

Meta, Facebook’s parent company, reported its Q2 earnings for 2022. The total revenue was close to $29, which is one percent down compared to Q2 in 2021. 

But they saw a huge drop in net income, which is a whopping 26 percent lower. Their net income was close to $7 billion, which in itself is far from a bad quarter. 

It’s the size of the drop that is making investors and Wall Street analytics turn their heads. According to the Wall Street Journal, this is the first drop in the history of Meta (Facebook)

We’ll keep a close eye on the company to see if they can turn the tide back up in Q3. 

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