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Instagram introduces new transparency tools to help businesses and creators see if their content can be recommended to app users. 

Instagram transparency tools

The new feature is an extension of the Account Status Hub, which launched last year. In the Account Status Hub, users can see if their account is in good standing. Here you can also find any content that’s been removed from your account.

With the new feature, businesses and creators can see if their content is good enough to be recommended to people who don’t follow them. These users can discover content in areas like Explore, Reels, and Feed Recommendations. 

With the new transparency tools, businesses and creators can also see if their content complies with Instagram’s guidelines. 

Instagram explained the transparency tools in a blog post.

“We know that, for many creators, having Instagram recommend your content is a great way to reach new fans and grow your audience. That’s why it’s important to us that creators understand our guidelines and are able to know if something they’ve posted or have in their profile may be impacting their reach to non-followers. It’s also why we’re introducing the ability to disagree with our decision so our review team can take another look as quickly as possible and we can continue to improve our detection technology.”

The goal of the updates is to help users understand issues with their accounts and improve them.

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European Startups Tracked To Raise 15% Less Than Last Year

European startups are expected to raise $85 billion in 2022. That’s $15 billion less than in 2021 when cumulative startup funding exceeded $100 billion.

Less startup funds in Europe

The figures are taken from the annual State of European Tech report published by the London-based VC company Atomico

The report says the entire European tech industry is currently worth $2.7 trillion, down about $400 from last year. The report estimates that tech companies in Europe had to lay off about 14,000 workers in 2022. 

It’s not all as bad as it might seem at first glance. The report shows that overall funding in the first half of the year was on track to exceed 2021 levels. Then, starting in July, funding dropped massively. Total funding is still higher than in 2020 and 2019, suggesting that 2021 may have been an outlier year. 

The data in this report comes from a survey done with VCs and founders and third-party research reports. VCs and founders believe the biggest factor in the decline is high interest rates and inflation risk. 

The second most important factor was an unfriendly regulatory environment. Europe has always had strict rules and regulations that force startups to adapt. 

Surprisingly, early-stage startups seem to be doing well despite the decline in funding. 

We’ll be watching the tech industry to see what 2023 brings.

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The First Apple Car Pushed Back To 2026

Last year, it was reported that Apple was planning to launch a self-driving car in 2025. The plan was to launch a fully autonomous car without a steering wheel or pedals 

According to recent reports, Apple is pushing back the launch date of its first car to 2026. It also appears that the vehicle won’t be autonomous. The engineers working on the project don’t believe they can build a fully autonomous car with current technology. 

The project is known internally as Titan. Apple faces many challenges as key engineers have left the company to work at traditional car companies. 

Given the problems of Tesla, Argo AI, and now Apple, one has to wonder if autonomous cars are even possible.

Google Chrome Update With New Shortcuts

Google has released an update for the Chrome browser. Users can now easily search for tabs, bookmarks, and history via the address bar. 

Google has introduced three new shortcuts that work in the search bar – @tabs, @bookmarks, and @history. The @tabs shortcut helps users search between open tabs in the browser. Chrome is mimicking what modern browsers like Arc and SigmaOS offer their users. 

Bookmark and history shortcuts let you quickly access your bookmarks and history from your search address. These shortcuts are especially useful for people that have a lot of bookmarks and work on different tabs simultaneously. 

Will you use any of these shortcuts?

Microsoft Teams Is Adding Social Apps Features 

Microsoft is adding “Communities” to its Teams app. The feature will initially be available on Android and iOS devices but should soon appear on the desktop as well. 

With this new feature, users can create and organize different groups. You can share calendars, schedule events and meetings, share documents and photos, make video calls, and more. 

Users can invite guests to their events and track attendance. People can interact with others and participate in activities they like. 

This shows that Microsoft sees Teams as a potential competitor to Facebook, Discord, and Slack. They’re still behind the social apps, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see Microsoft add new social features in the near future.

The Blue Twitter Checkmark Will Cost More On iOS Devices

According to reports, the blue checkmark on Twitter will cost $7 per month. But that doesn’t apply to iOS subscriptions. You’ll have to pay $11 per month if you sign up for an iOS subscription to offset App Store fees. 

Elon Musk recently railed against Apple for pausing ads on Twitter and charging App Store fees. 

It seems Musk and Tim Cook have cleared things up when Cook assured Musk that Apple won’t ban Twitter from the App Store. Apple also resumed spending money on Twitter ads. 

The good news is that iOS users can also pay the lower price of $7 per month. They only have to buy the checkmark through the web and not through the iOS app.




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