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Is Amazon Working On A New Sports Streaming App?

Amazon is reportedly working on a standalone app that will exclusively broadcast sports streams. So far, there is no official information about the app.

Amazon sports streaming

Andy Jassy, Amazon’s CEO, said in a recent YouTube video that live sports is a unique asset that Amazon will continue to invest in. New report from The Information speculates that Amazon is developing a standalone app for sports broadcasts. 

Amazon currently offers sports in its Amazon Prime Video subscription. The company currently has exclusive rights to NFL Thursday Night Football, some Premier League soccer games, and Yankees baseball games.

Amazon declined to comment on the news, which means the app is just speculation at this point. It’s unknown when it’ll launch and whether it’ll require an additional subscription on top of Amazon Prime Video. 

It’s expected that the new app will require an additional subscription, as sports streaming rights cost a lot of money. 

This news shows that Amazon is looking for new ways to expand its revenue streams. It’s no secret that Amazon has been reviewing its unprofitable divisions recently. The latest moves show that Amazon is looking to further expand its Prime Video offering.

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Priority Replies And 60-Minute Videos For Twitter’s Blue Badges

Twitter Blue Badge users can now upload 60-minute videos with 1080p resolution and 2gb size. The changes currently only apply to web users. Android and iOS users are still limited to 10-minute videos. 

It’s not yet known how Twitter plans to monetize the videos. YouTube, for example, shows multiple ads in longer videos and shares the revenue with the creators. 

Blue Badge users will also be given preference in replies. This means that replies from Blue verified accounts will be displayed before other replies. 

It’ll be interesting to see how Twitter handles copyrighted content and spamming from verified accounts.

The 3 Biggest Acquisitions Of 2022

The year is almost over, which means we can review the biggest company acquisitions of the past year. It’s still possible that someone will announce an even bigger deal in the last days of the year, but that’s unlikely to happen. 

Microsoft Acquires Activision Blizzard

Microsoft paid $68.7 billion to acquire Activision Blizzard in January. It seems Microsoft is betting that the future of gaming is in the cloud, not on consoles. 

Broadcom Acquires Vmware

The $61 billion deal took place in May. Investors weren’t thrilled with the acquisition, as Broadcom’s stock fell 20% in the month following the takeover. 

Oracle Acquires Cerner

The $28.3 billion deal is the largest acquisition Oracle has ever made. With the acquisition, Oracle aims to enter the healthcare space and drive better outcomes. 

Do you expect even bigger acquisitions in the coming year?

This Startup Uses AI To Improve The Effectiveness Of Online Meetings is a new startup that helps companies access video and audio data from online conferences. 

Most companies that hold a lot of virtual meetings record them, but that’s not enough. Companies need more data that is easier to interpret. provides API access to meeting data that enables organizations to complete repetitive tasks. Use cases include auto-populating CRM data after sales meetings, transcribing meetings and automatic translations, and more. 

The company is still in private beta. The API is currently being used by over 50 companies in various industries. 

The company just announced a $2.7 million seed round of funding.




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