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Netflix Now Has Nike Training Club Classes

Netlix is far more than just a TV shows and series streaming service. The company is adding new features to keep its top position in the market. 

Netflix workouts

Netflix is becoming a fitness content service, among other things. The company announced that it’ll start streaming Nike Training Club classes on the Netflix platform. 

Users will have access to 30 hours of exercise sessions that include workouts for people of all fitness levels. The content will be available across all plans in multiple languages. 

Classes include popular workout methods such as yoga, high-intensity interval training, and strength training. All classes will be led by Nike certified trainers. If you’re not already familiar with Nike Training Club, it’s similar to Apple Fitness+ or Peloton.

“It’s not always easy to motivate yourself to exercise, but the option to feel the burn and then directly transition into one of your favorite shows does have a certain appeal.” 

Netflix wrote in a blog post

“And now, that’s exactly what you can do.”

The date of the release of the new feature isn’t surprising, as many people make New Year’s resolutions. 

Do you think Netflix can become a serious player in the fitness industry?

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TikTok’s new feature lets users see why a video was recommended to them. According to the company, TikTok wants to put more content in the recommended videos. 

TikTok recommended videos

Users can access the information by tapping the share panel and selecting the “Why this video” icon.

“This feature is one of many ways we’re working to bring meaningful transparency to the people who use our platform, and builds on a number of steps we’ve taken towards that goal.”

Company explained in a blog post

“Looking ahead, we’ll continue to expand this feature to bring more granularity and transparency to content recommendations.”

Quora Launches A Chatbot Called Poe

Quora joins the list of companies that have released their own ChatGPT mimicking chatbot. Poe is short for “Platform for Open Exploration” The feature is currently invite-only for iOS users. 

Quora plans to allow companies to make their language models available in the near future. This should give companies some control over the answers the AI chatbot will give 

It’s known that some AI chatbots can create biased or otherwise harmful content. Quora will rely on the providers of the models in Poe to moderate the content. 

Quora treats Poe as a completely separate project that isn’t part of the company’s core offering.

Is One-Click Checkout The New Standard In E-Commerce?

Instant is an Australian startup that offers a one-click checkout for e-commerce brands. The company was founded by 18-year-old serial entrepreneur Liam Milward. 

Liam started his own e-commerce store during the pandemic and was looking for a solution to a problem he was having.

“I was seeing huge abandoned cart rates at the point people needed to enter in their payment information.” 

He explains and adds. 

“I wanted to simplify the way my customers were shopping and checking out.”

Instant just received $2.2 million in a pre-seed round. The company will use the money to expand operations and scale the business.

This Startup Can Loan You Money For Software

Software spending has become one of the largest expense items in modern companies. With cutbacks taking place everywhere, management is actively pressuring their employees to reduce spending on software. 

But this isn’t as easy as it might seem. 

Gynger is a New York-based platform that aims to solve this problem. Gynger offers companies capital to pay SAAS for their tack stacks. Gynger offers credit and debt financing to companies, allowing them to pay their SAAS bills upfront and repay Gynger later on. 

Mark Ghermezian, founder, explains.

“As a founder, you raise all this money and immediately need to spend a lot of capital to build your tech stack. We wanted a way to combine software with capital to service the startup ecosystem and help them get the best software while extending and managing their cash flow.”




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