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Auto-Share TikTok Stories To Facebook And Instagram 

TikTok has announced that it is introducing a sharing function that will allow users to share their TikTok Stories on competing social networks such as Facebook and Instagram.

TikTok stories on Facebook

It might take a while before you see this option on your TikTok app, as the company only recently began rolling out the feature. 

Meta has been trying to fight TikTok videos that appear in Reels. Meta advised its creators that it will start prioritizing original content on Reels by downranking content with watermarks, which is something TikTok includes in the videos. 

The coming feature could give TikTok creators a new way to share their work with followers on other social networks

Meta has been trying hard to compete with the popularity of TikTok with the new Reels, but users seem to prefer TikTok videos over Reels. It will be interesting to watch how Meta decides to fight the new feature. 

All social media platforms want to keep their users engaged with original content, which they can easily control. This gives them better monetization options since they can guarantee more predictable outcomes to their advertisers. 

Do you think Meta will find a way to combat the surge of TikTok creators on Facebook and Instagram? 

We will keep you updated!

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This Startup Want To Reuse Radioactive Waste From Nuclear Reactors

A new startup wants to recycle nuclear waste to solve one of the biggest problems in the energy sector. 

Nuclear waste

A privately funded startup called Curio is on an ambitious goal of reusing what is currently nuclear waste. 

Ed McGinnis, Curio’s CEO, worked for the Department of Energy for 30 years. He’s seen firsthand how big of a problem storing nuclear waste is. 

McGinnis claims that we only use 4% of the potential energy value of nuclear fuel in our current nuclear power plants. What’s left is essentially waste that is still very radioactive and potentially harmful to humans. 

Curio developed a process called NuCycle that turns nuclear waste into usable products. The goal is to turn nuclear waste into fuel for more capable nuclear reactors and into isotopes that can be used for other functions. 

With this process, they want to reduce the radioactive waste to less than 4% of what it started with. In other words, what comes out of the process would only need to be stored for 300 years.

“There is essentially a treasure trove of products and commodities that are waiting to be extracted from this so called waste,” 

McGinnis said.

US leading independent experts are mostly supporting what Curio is doing. The support makes the ambitious project more likely to be successful in the long run. 

Google Workspace For Solo Business Owners In Europe

Google is expanding its Workspace Individual subscription plan to Europe a little more than a year after the service was first introduced in other areas.

Google Workspace Individual is aimed at solo business owners, who will gain access to premium video calling options such as recording, noise cancellation, and lengthier group calls. Google announced a list of all new features that will help solo business owners.

Workspace was previously known as G Suite. It includes Gmail, Meet, Drive, Docs, Tasks, and Forms, among other essential tools. 

Google Workspace will be available for £7.99 per month in the United Kingdom and €7.99 per month in France, Spain, Germany, and Italy.

Ukrainian Startups Looking For Financial Support During War

Do you know what Grammarly, GitLab, Preply, and Firefly have in common? They were all created in Ukraine. 

Despite the war happening in Ukraine right now, the Ukranian startups showed incredible resilience in the harsh reality. But this might change very soon as startups have to fight to survive on the open market. 

91% of Ukrainian founders need financial support if they want to endure the tough times. Almost half of the founders said they need an increase in revenue and new investments to keep their startups running.

On the more positive side, more than half of startups continue their operations exclusively from Ukraine.  

The data comes from a new report by TechUkranie

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Dodge Electric Cars Will Sound Like Their Gas-Powered Predecessors

Most modern tech doesn’t produce any noise. That proved to be a safety hazard for car manufacturers as pedestrians don’t hear cars coming their way

Because of that, electric car manufacturers started inserting artificial sounds into their cars. For example, BMW electric cars produce a sonic experience that evokes sustainability. 

Dodge, the American car maker, went in another direction. Dodge understands people love the roaring sounds of their Charger and Challenger models. 

So, the company decided to create a patented sound machine that resembles the sound of their famous Hemi motors

If you ever wanted an electric car that really roars, you now have the chance. 

Tether Is Checking The Stability Of Their Stablecoin

The TerraUSD collapse that happened earlier this year left a lot of questions in the crypto markets. Especially in the world of stablecoins. 

If you don’t know, stablecoins are special cryptocurrencies that are supposed to maintain a 1-to-1 value to a stable currency, most common the US dollar. 

To prevent something happening to their stablecoin, Tether decided to hire an auditing accounting firm BDO Italia to check the reserves that support Tether’s USDT stablecoin, which is currently the largest stablecoin in the world. 

The company issued a statement

“Tether is committed to not only lead in innovative technology, but also in transparency and accountability to its customers who use stablecoins to make tens of billions of dollars in trades every day.”

Will this move convince potential investors and traders? 

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