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Gen Z Is Leaving Facebook For More Exciting Social Media Platforms

Teenagers aren’t using Facebook as their primary social media platform. Where is the gen Z generation spending their online hours? 

gen z facebook

A recent Pew Research Center study found that only 32% of teens aged 13-17 use Facebook. This number was 71% in the 2014-2015 study. 

The Pew research found teens show more excitement for other platforms, even if they aren’t using them as much as Facebook. With new generations joining social media, they are abandoning Facebook and opting for alternatives.

Even Facebook recognizes the trend. The 2021 internal Facebook document stated: 

“Most young adults perceive Facebook as a place for people in their 40s and 50s,” 

It adds that: 

“Young adults perceive content as boring, misleading, and negative.”

So, where are teens spending all their free time? According to Pew research, 67% of teens use TikTok, followed closely by Instagram (62%) and Snapchat (59%). 

It’s also worth mentioning that 95% of teens use YouTube, but they don’t necessarily perceive it as a social media platform. They simply use it to watch videos. 

The researchers also looked at the frequency with which teens use social media. TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat are used almost constantly, according to teens. 

But fear not, there’s good news. 36% of teens noted they spend too much time on social media, which at least shows they are aware of the problem.

Even more interestingly, 45% of teens said they would have no problem giving up social media. 

This EdTech Startup Helps Companies Attract Better Talent 

A learning platform, Junto raises $5 million to help organizations attract the best talent and retain valuable employees and team members. 

ed tech platform

It’s become obvious to businesses and organizations that they must invest in employees’ skill development over the course of their careers if they want to future-proof themselves with strong workforces filled with industry-leading talent. 

Employees also grew accustomed that professional development will be an integral aspect of their job. Companies must make it easier for employees to advance and flourish so they can feel like a part of the expanding business. 

It has changed how employees and employers interact, and a new generation of edtech and digital learning has emerged.

Junto, a Berlin-based startup, wants to address these problems with a holistic approach to learning. The startup combines tech with interactive, live experiences and a learner community. 

The startup raised $5 million in seed money, which brings its total funding to $6.2 million. 

Co-founder Marius Hepp explains: 

“Our vision goes far beyond a learning platform: With Junto, we democratize the access for talents & organizations across the globe to directly learn from world-class tech operators. This provides them with the opportunity to unleash their full professional potential.”

The latest round shows that organizations are still searching for a solution that would help them attract the best talent and retain valuable employees. 

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Modern Technology Helps Surgeons Learn Through Virtual Reality

FundamentalVR is a simulation platform that helps medical and health care professionals learn through VR (virtual reality) and MR (mixed reality). 

Medicine and healthcare have historically been the industries most willing to embrace VR innovations. It was way back in 2009 that a Canadian neurosurgeon used a VR simulator to carry out a training run of a real brain tumor surgery. 

FundamentalVR was founded in London in 2012. With this latest $20 million round, it raised over $30 million in total.

The main product called HapticVR makes virtual procedures more real with physical sensory feedback. The VR and MR solutions are definitely making a big impact on the medical and healthcare industries. 

AI-Powered Software Helps You Speak Better

Yoodli is a Seattle startup that offers an AI-powered solution that analyzes your speech and offers tips for improving your communication skills.

The startup just raised a $6 million seed round, which brings its total funding to day just over $7 million. The seed round was co-led by Madrona Venture Group, and Cercano Management 

Yoodli offers the product to business professionals who want to give better presentations, speech coaches that need tech to improve their services, and anyone else who wants to communicate better. 

The startup was co-founded by previous Google and Apple employees. This startup clearly shows how artificial intelligence can improve our lives and careers. 

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A New Fund Wants To Invest $10 Million Into India’s Web3 Startups

CoinSwitch, a crypto investing app, launched a fund that will invest in early-stage startups creating blockchain solutions for the Web3 landscape. 

The goal of the Web3 Discovery Fund is to grow up to 100 startups in India. India’s Web3 ecosystem has been seeing a lot of activity, with many startups in the space raising funding.

“The fund has an initial corpus of $10 Mn. We are also curating and facilitating subsequent fundraising from marquee investor partners,” 

said CoinSwitch co-founder and CEO Ashish Singhal.

This is great news for India’s blockchain startups that are looking for mentorship and investments. 

HR Tech Startup Adds Scheduling Functionality With A New Acquisition

Humi is a human resources tech company that powers the HR departments of Tim Hortons, Boston Pizza, and Moxies, among other companies.

The startup recently acquired Ameego, an online restaurant scheduling software. This enables Humi to add scheduling functionality to the platform that already includes payroll, insurance, and benefits. 

“As we continued to scale Humi’s product suite we came to a decision point: build or buy scheduling functionality,” 

said Simon Bourgeois, CEO, and co-founder of Humi. 

“We had gotten to know Ameego over several years and knew there was no better team or product to execute this essential piece of Humi’s product roadmap.”

Following the startup’s $31 million CAD Series B fundraising in May, Humi declared its ambition to expand its platform.

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