Looka is a powerful logo maker application that allows you to create perfect logos from scratch thanks to AI. Indeed, upon designing and purchasing a logo, you can customize your own marketing materials. This will allow you to generate a more professional look for your business using different colors, fonts, and more.




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Looka Review


Looka aims at helping you design a beautiful brand. To achieve this, they offer a logo-making tool that’s easy to use and understand. It’s an AI-powered tool that can produce over 400,000 unique logos.

In this Looka review, you get to learn why the tool is the best option for your brand. That’s by learning about its unique features and its usability.

Looka’s machine learning engine helps drive your logo design process, which sets apart Looka from other design tools. Keep on reading to better understand how it earns our genius score.

Looka overview
Looka – AI-powered tool

Pros & Cons

Looka is a simple to use platform where brands can easily create and download their logos.


  • An array of fonts — Brands can customize fonts to their liking.
  • Multiple downloadable file options — Users can download files in formats like PDF, EPS, PNG, and SVG
  • An array of icons — Brands can choose from a wide collection of icons, be it for their logos, business cards, and so on.
  • Plenty of color customization options — Color customization helps businesses use their brand color.


  • Looka is not a free tool — The cheapest option is $20, but it doesn’t offer what most brands would want.
  • Other brands can use the same template — Brands don’t own the template upon the creation of a logo. Other brands can utilize the same template.


Looka is a simple to use tool that takes only a few seconds to provide a logo. According to users, it’s easy to get started when using Looka be it on desktop or mobile. One only needs to enter their company name to get started.

This helps speed up the process, since brands can later select their preferred thumbnails and colors to help design unique logos. After providing the specific business information, the tool generates different logo concepts for companies. This is the point where they can register and get straight to the logo results.

The quick and simple process earns the tool a score at the higher end. This AI-powered platform is also available on mobile websites, thus making it accessible to all users. The mobile site works the same way as the desktop version on both Android and iOS devices.


Looka is a web-based tool that designs a logo without installing additional software. The process is simple, and you begin from the homepage.

Currently, Looka doesn’t integrate with apps like Zapier, Workato, and others. However, the tool scores highly and provides users with the ability to download all their creations and lifetime support. Below are more features listed in our Looka review that you can expect from the software:

  • Brand Kit — Brand Kit provides you with access to over 300 branded templates that you can generate using your photos, logo, fonts, and brand colors. Therefore, it can help you create beautiful marketing materials for your business.
  • Logo Ideas — Also, Looka provides you with over 2,100 curated logo designs and unique design tips for each.
  • Logo Files — Users can enjoy over 15 logo files to use across their platforms. The file types will include PDF, EPS, PNG, and SVG.
  • Business Card Designs — Users enjoy 20 professional quality templates as a starting point.
Looka feature

Support Quality

Looka always has your back when creating, purchasing, and downloading your logos. The tool grants endless technical support and pledges to offer assistance in case any problems arise along the way. There are two ways to reach customer support: email and live chat.

According to reviews, Looka offers lightning-quick responses to your issues, thus scoring at the higher end. The support team can help you tweak your logo designs, access your files, and more.

Looka Pricing — What does it cost?

Looka offers four packages ranging from a basic logo package to a brand kit web subscription. The lowest tier is the basic logo package, which costs $20 for a single logo file. The second tier is the premium logo package at $65, and it offers multiple high-resolution file types, full ownership, lifetime technical support, and unlimited changes. The third tier, brand kit subscription, is the most popular package at $96 a year. It offers all the features from the premium logo package plus banners, business cards, presentations, flyers, and many more. The last tier is the brand kit web subscription at $192 a year. It offers everything under the brand kit subscription plus a website. Currently, Looka doesn’t offer an annual discount for these packages.

Basic Logo Package$20 one time fee
Premium Logo Package$65 one time fee
Brand Kit Subscription$96/year
Brand Kit Web Subscription$192/year
Looka pricing
Looka – Pricing


In this Looka review, you get to learn everything about the tool. This ranges from the wide array of features to their unique pricing options.

Looka is a unique business logo maker that uses AI to provide the best results. Brand kit is another feature that makes Looka the best logo maker.

Here, you get everything you need to start your business, including lifetime technical support, email signatures, business cards, social profiles, social posts, social stories, letterheads, and many more.

Try Out Looka Now!

Looka is the best logo maker that implements AI to offer the best branding experience. The tool provides you with unique logo and customization options, thus providing total control over your business logo. Why not try it out today?

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