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A Guide to Choosing an LLC Name

A name can speak volumes about a business. 

It may seem insignificant at first, but naming an LLC is a challenging and responsible task. Every start-up dreams of becoming a brand name in its industry; hence choosing a memorable and unique name is vital. 

Although you can always rely on your creative mind and vivid imagination to come up with cool LLC name ideas for your business, our super helpful business name generator can simplify the process. 

To help better understand how our generator works to create a tailor-made name for your company, we put together this simple guide.

What is an LLC Name?

LLC names

Limited Liability Company or LLC is a type of business combining corporation and partnership features. Other acceptable forms of LLC in a business name are L.L.C., L.C., Ltd. Limited Co., Limited Company, or Limited Liability Company.

An LLC name is simply your company’s legal name, i.e., the name you use to conduct all legal matters.

How to Name Your LLC?

When choosing a name for your LLC, there are several steps and tips you can use to make sure you get the right one:

points Think of a memorable, catchy, and short name. It should speak to the customers but avoid well-known old patterns used by many other businesses. 

points Contact local authorities before taking the road to find the right business name ideas for LLC and gather all the relevant information you’ll need. Your name will be approved or rejected by a state agency, depending on whether you fulfill the requirements. 

points Check the legal framework in your state. Most states instruct that LLC, or any of its other forms, be included in the name. 

points Register the name with the authorities to ensure it remains unique, and so that other companies can’t use it.

Why Your LLC Name Matters

A name is the most recognizable aspect of the business, which is why it needs to be catchy and stick. Names are about building a reputation, creating traditions, honoring customers, and much more. It influences first impressions, distinguishes you from the competition, and protects the business at federal and state levels. 

Another important note is that an LLC name should not falsely represent your business for something it’s not. Don’t try to mislead the customers with a name that falsely implies the business is an insurance company, bank, or anything else that is not true. Be truthful, upfront, and honest!

Ultimate Guide to Using Our Free LLC Name Generator

If you are struggling to find the right name for your LLC, there are plenty of LLC name generator free services online. 

They all work in a similar way, but the ease and creativity differ. Our LLC name generator will give you a match to the perfect name that is fit for your LLC in minutes. Which is why many entrepreneurs trust out LLC business name generator to create business name for their organization.

To check how it actually works, scroll down, where we provide a step-by-step guide.

Legal Name and Brand Name

You might not be aware that many brands actually have two names. One is the legal name, and the other is the brand name. These don’t necessarily need to match – the difference is in the name visibility.

A legal name is used to register your business with the state government. This name will include a legal ending like LLC after the title. Simply put, it’s the name of the business that goes on all legal communication and documentation. 

A brand or trade name is mostly used for sales and advertising; it is often referred to as a DBA (doing business as) title. You don’t necessarily need to have a DBA title, but it’s an option if you wish to have a different name from the legal one.

Let us give you an example. We all know McDonald’s. That’s the brand name of the food chain giant; however, McDonald’s Corporation is the company’s legal name. 

How Does The LLC Name Generator Work

Creating an LLC name using our LLC Name Generator is easy. All you need to do is follow these few steps:

Step 1: Insert

Insert a strong keyword, one that matches your business.

Step 2: Filter

Under the “name” tab on the left, use the filters to get better results. Select the number of characters you want, whether the name should be a one or two-word name, and whether the keyword should be inserted before or after the name. You also have a ”rhyming” option you may select.

Step 3: Apply

Click apply, and you will be given a list of business names to choose from. Once you select the one that checks all your boxes, click it and see the domain availability.

Step 4: Select

Select the domain you like and click to register it as your own.

How to Create Good LLC Name Ideas

Creating good LLC name ideas with a name generator is easy, but there are still some preparations you need to make to ensure you nail it. Here is what we mean.

  • Do a little research on your target audience. Choosing the tone and style of your name should reflect the image you wish to portray to your customers. 
  • Check out the competition in your niche and find out the story behind the name. Consider why their name might (not) work, what makes it appealing to customers, etc. 
  • Keep it simple and short! A short and easily pronounced business name is one that everyone remembers. Put yourself in the role of a customer and visualize if the name you chose is a catchy one. Will it stick with you immediately, or is it too difficult to remember?
  • Visualize the name on a logo, on a website, or as a store sign. It will help you reach a decision faster. 

Examples of Cool LLC Name Ideas

The name of your LLC doesn’t have to be boring; you can create some interesting, tuneful words depending on the industry. Here are some from various niches:

Name IdeasIndustry
Venture LLCInvestment
The Orange GoatFood
Thump CoffeeCoffee shop
LLC IcarusConsulting
Unchained CarrotMarketing
When Pigs FlyFood
Write of Passage LLCMarketing
Sunrise Drinks LLCFood and beverage
Bonsai DreamersGardening retail
Carved from ForestsArts and crafts
Fusion SoundsTech
LLC FjordInvestment
DataMachine IncTech
The Big BangFireworks and crafts
The Flying EnglishmanTravel and hospitality
LLC EucalyptInvestment

LLC Name Generators By Industry

What makes our Business Name Generator stand out is the industry-oriented names it provides. Namely, it allows users to generate a name with one of the numerous industry generators, making a specific one for the sector you work in, allowing you to target the right audience.

You can choose between name generators in aerospace and defense, agriculture, cool and catchy, food and grocery, textile, transportation and logistics, and so many more. 

Check If The LLC Name Is Available

You finally got the name you like, but are you sure no one else is using it? Before applying to register your LLC, be sure to check if the name you’ve chosen is original. If already in use, it means that your application will be rejected. 

So how can you avoid this? Here are several ways to do it:

points Some states allow filing a name search request with the Office of the Secretary of State to check the availability; it’s wise to do it before applying officially. It may be offered as a free service, or you may be charged a nominal fee. 

points Search the name database found on the website of the Secretary of State. This will give you only the names used in that state.

points To check for international availability, simply Google it. If you are planning to go global, you wouldn’t want customers to confuse you with another company with the same name. A crucial issue to consider is if they operate in the same industry. 

Best Practices for Creating LLC Company Names

Creative LLC business name

Using an LLC name generator to create a unique and catchy business name might require some tricks. To design high-quality names, follow these tips:

points Keywords – Using the right keywords is the first step to getting a suitable name. Our name generator offers suggestions based on the keywords you provide. The more diverse and relevant your keywords are, the better and more interesting the names will be. 

points Filtering – Using the right filters will increase the chances of getting the best-suited name. Are you looking for a single or multiple-word name? Will the LLC go before or after the name? Make sure you select filters that will mirror all your preferences. 

points Relevancy – A name must be relevant to the business or brand. Check the names offered by the generator to be sure they are relevant to your business. Avoid those that might be misleading or don’t match your activities. 

Don’t be shy about using our name generator. Even if you don’t get it the first time, try it repeatedly until you’ve hit the mark! Adjust the keywords and tinker with the filters – this will increase the chances of perfecting the result.


The name of your LLC will be around for years to come. It will reflect your personality and creativity and distinguish your business among the millions. Don’t rush the process; take the time to think about the name that reflects everything your company stands for. 

Our name generator makes the task much easier and can offer some fascinating ideas. Don’t wait up – a few clicks are separating you from designing the perfect name that may raise your business to the top. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The best LLC name is the one that will reflect the nature of your business and the message you want to send out to your customers. It has to be short, catchy, and easy to remember, spell, and pronounce.

Choose an LLC name that will be memorable, attractive, and short. The name should speak to the customers but avoid “traditional” well-known patterns many other businesses use. The name should be fresh and easy on the ear.

Naming an LLC after yourself is not always a smart idea. You may face many difficulties like branding, customers not being able to pronounce the name, and not being as catchy as choosing something completely unrelated. Unless you are in the personal service industry, avoid using your name for your company.

In most states, an LLC name must contain LLC or any other form of the abbreviation. However, this is for the legal name – the brand name can be exempt from this. One example is Blockbuster, legally known as Blockbuster LLC.

Yes, they can, but only under some circumstances, like geography and industry. The LLC name has to be unique within the state where the business is located. So if it's in another geographic location, then it’s allowed. The same LLC name is also allowed for businesses in different industries, which won’t present a problem. The only obstacle appears if the name has a trademark.

Every state has its own rules when it comes to LLC names. In general, you are not obliged to put the LLC on your website. Every company has a legal and a brand name. Most firms use the brand name on their social media platforms, including their websites, and reserve the legal one for formal documents.

Creating a catchy name for your company is a process that requires some thought. It’s good to start by finding a word that best describes your services and products. Mix things, like literature, mythology, etc., to create an engaging, unique, and catchy name. One sure way to make an appealing name is to use a name generator. Our LLC Business Name Generator can give you a long list of choices tailored to the specifics you need. Remember – keep the name short, easy to pronounce, and catchy.




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