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Complete Guide to Naming Your Life Business

Our life business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get life business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

Life is a rather general term that could apply to various types of companies. The first category is businesses dealing with the ascertaining of a certain lifestyle through product or service selection. These could offer luxury goods, items that busy professionals or families need.

Life insurance providers and financial service businesses may also fall in the category. Their approach to branding will obviously be much different from what companies in the first group will need to do. The branding has to be much more serious. It should focus on security, financial stability and the longevity of the investment that a person makes for life.

A life company could operate in the retail, services or financial sectors. The specific niche will be determining for the type of marketing that could be expected to deliver the best outcome.

Focusing on unique corporate culture or product characteristics, however, will always be a part of the winning formula. Such a business can be successful if it tells potential buyers why they should choose the respective provider. Values, ethical beliefs and product strengths can be highlighted in the company name one way or the other (it doesn’t have to be direct – a reference can be easy to get through the right branding efforts).

Demographic Interests

Life companies have a vast range of consumers. Looking for unifying demographic characteristics will be difficult since such businesses can serve just about everyone.

The niche itself will be determining for the demographic profile of the buyer.

Life insurance companies, for example, are seeing a serious demographic switch. Millennials are entering the workforce and starting families. Their needs are quite different from what previous generations desired. Research shows that the percentage of people in this group having a life insurance is very low because companies don’t know how to address millennials.

This fact opens a window of opportunity for the companies that know how to approach the new generation of consumers. The selection of the right communication channels (more digital, more interactive), personalisation and tailored products can all result in successful interactions.

As far as lifestyle companies go, the specific type of lifestyle that the company promotes will be determining for the buyer demographic.

Competitor Name Analysis


The name of this company translates to “fashion forward.” This is a lifestyle brand that has an ecommerce store featuring just about everything a person would need to lead a stylish life.


Another lifestyle company that has a rather meaningful name. Sevenly supports social causes through the creation of seven-day campaigns. These allow customers to buy certain items while a portion of the proceeds is donated.

Prudential Financial

The company is one of the biggest life insurance providers in the US. Prudential means showing care and forethought – features that one would want to associate to life insurance.

The Elephant Pants

This is another lifestyle company with a cause. As the name suggests, the cause is saving elephants. The company makes apparel and establishes strategic partnerships to donate funds for the preservation of elephants.


Officially called Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, this one specialises entirely in life insurances. The decision was made after several rebrandings and market repositionings after the company was launched in1864.


The sleek luggage company sells a lifestyle with its luxury cases, minimalist designs and unbreakable shells. The name is pretty much self-explanatory.


The concept of a life business is pretty broad so it would be difficult to tell you exactly which approach to adopt when trying to name your company. You can be serious or a bit more casual and modern. Think about your brand and what you want it to exude. Based on this information, you can choose the phrases that will work best.

Our Business Name Generator is an excellent tool you can rely on to try different variations. You will also get domain name availability for added convenience.

To test it out, check the following list of life business words and phrases:



Social cause

Social responsibility












One of a kind



Limited edition


Life Business Name Inspiration

  1. The Outdoors Enthusiast: it’s pretty clear who the target of this lifestyle company is – people who love nature, hiking, camping and other outdoors-y activities.
  2. More Than Lavish: a luxury brand that will target individuals looking for sophisticated and exquisite items.
  3. Diva Vida: the term diva is pretty easy to understand. Vida is life in Italian (la dolce vita!) and the two work pretty well. Some interesting solutions can be crafted in terms of logo due to the specific appearance of the phrase.
  4. Insured for Life: a good name for a business that specialises 100 per cent in life insurance products.
  5. The Health Quest: such a name would be a good choice for a lifestyle company that puts emphasis on healthy living and body transformation.
  6. Paleo Monsters: paleo nutrition is much more than the choice of certain foods, it has become a lifestyle. A name like this one will immediately attract the right demographic for the brand.
  7. Family Finances: good choice for life insurance companies, as well as companies that offer financial planning and wealth management.
  8. Sassy: a great term that’s pretty descriptive of a certain lifestyle.
  9. Epica: could be great for a company that sells epic adventures or equipment for adrenaline-filled experiences.
  10. The Zen Garden: a good choice for a health and holistic living company

What Not to Name Your Life Business

Lifestyle companies can have a vague name but don’t get too abstract. The name should become clear when all of the brand elements come together. If you make the potential buyer wonder too much, they will eventually give up on you.

Don’t go for the most obvious choice representing the lifestyle. Terms like luxury and VIP are typical for high-end goods. There are so many other ways in which you can deliver the same message. Why settle for a mediocre name when you could craft something much more inventive and relevant?

Adding your company location to the name isn’t the best of choices, unless the location has an impact on the type or quality of product.

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