LegalZoom offers national financial services LLC in a one-stop-shop package. Therefore, whether for business or personal matters, LegalZoom can help. It offers full legal support, great customer service, and is reliable. Better yet, it has a diverse range of legal services with strong industry experience.




79% overall rating

Starting price

$79 + state filing fees


Legalzoom Facts

Pricing modelRequirement and speed-based
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Legalzoom Review


Legalzoom is an online legal company that allows users to create legal documents without hiring a lawyer. This includes business formation documents and intellectual property registration.

Besides business, you can get family and real estate legal help from the platform. The company has hired a network of vetted attorneys to guide you without office visits.

Despite being a platform that deals with complex processes, it is easy to use Legalzoom. Due to this quality, we have awarded it a good rating. Keep reading this Legalzoom review for more information.

Pros & Cons

+Easy-to-use- It is easy to use Legalzoom as the dashboard is very informative.

+Comprehensive legal plan- The legal business plan offered by Legalzoom is comprehensive, including business formation, evaluation, tax advice, LLC services, and so on.

+Flat rate fees- Legalzoom doesn’t charge hourly or hidden fees. Besides, the company has a 60-day money-back guarantee.

+All 50 states- In this Legalzoom review, we discovered the platform’s documents are legally recognized in all 50 states.

-Not for one-time use- Since the software lacks regular charges, it’s not suitable for one-time use.

-Slow customer service- Legalzoom needs to improve its customer support response rate.

-No integration and collaboration- Unfortunately, Legalzoom doesn’t support advanced integrations and collaboration.


As mentioned in this Legalzoom review, the platform is easy to navigate. Due to this quality, Legalzoom has garnered a good rating. The user experience on the website is intuitive. You won’t have a hard time getting services from this platform.

Different categories are found on the homepage, including business and personal. Under these categories are more sections to guide you. For instance, if you want LLC services, click its corresponding section. Also, you can schedule a call with an attorney in the company.

Furthermore, you can access the Legalzoom website from your mobile device. Thus, you can obtain LLC services from anywhere. Also, the software has a native app, but it’s only compatible with iOS devices. In the Appstore review., most users appreciate how the app is easy to navigate.


Legalzoom has a good features rating, which you have already learned from this Legalzoom review. Consequently, you can expect it has exceptional features. The primary ones are:

  • Legal documents– From this Legalzoom review, we discovered that the platform has numerous legal personal and business documents.
  • Business formation– You can form and register any business structure using Legalzoom. This includes a Limited liability company (LLC), Corporation (C corp and S corp), Sole Proprietorship, Nonprofit, and Doing business as (DBA).
  • Business operations– Legalzoom has advanced tools to help you manage your business operations. This includes getting legal notices, filing reports, finding licenses, and business amendments. In addition, other LLC services on the platform are creating rules on the business’s ownership and dissolution.
  • Intellectual property– With this feature, you can trademark your logo, patent your invention, or copyright your intellectual work.
  • Power of attorney– Protect your finances with the company’s power of attorney (POA) feature.

Support Quality

Reach out to the support team by clicking the ‘Contact Us’ button. Call (888) 379-0854 from Monday to Friday from 5 a.m.-7 p.m. PT. Call the team from 7 a.m.-4 p.m. PT on the weekend. Reach out to the sales team through (855) 787-1922. The company also has email and live chat support.

You can also submit a question by filling out a form, and the agents will get back to you. In addition, the platform has in-depth articles and an FAQ section. Unfortunately, the platform has received complaints of delayed call responses, especially when getting extensive help like LLC services. Consequently, the company needs to improve its response rate to maintain its good current rating.

Legalzoom Pricing – What does it cost?

Legalzoom has different pricing plans, depending on the service you want from the platforms. The pricing structure is feature-based, and it’s paid at a flat rate. Below are the price plans available.

LLC servicesStart at 79+state filling fees
CorporationStarts at $149 + state filing fees
Doing businessStarts at $99 + state filing fees
Trademark registrationStarts at $249 + federal filing fees
Annual reportsStarts at $55 + filing fees
DissolutionStarts at $129 + filing fees
Last willStarts at $89
Living willStarts at $39
Financial power of attorneyStarts at $35
The Estate plan bundleStarts at $179
Residential leaseStarts at $29
Living trustStarts at $279


As you have learned from this Legalzoom review, the platform offers legal services without necessarily hiring an attorney. Moreover, your papers will be prepared and reviewed by skilled attorneys. Thus, your state will legally recognize the documents you get from the service.

Furthermore, you can obtain a wide array of business and personal legal help, such as LLC services and estate planning. Legalzoom attorneys can help you form and manage your business if you are a business owner.

Additionally, it is easy to use the platform, and the dashboard also helps you navigate the site easily. Besides, the FAQ section and articles are on the website to provide instant answers. If you need help, visit the ‘Contact Us’ page.

Try out Legalzoom now!

Legalzoom is a reliable online legal technology company that offers clients help with legal documents. Now that you have read this detailed Legalzoom review, it’s time to try it.

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