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Complete Guide to Naming Your Language Business

Our language business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get language business name inspiration.

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Brand Goals & Target Market

You can develop a number of business ideas in the field of language learning. Language academies, lesson and textbook creators and even those providing online tutoring opportunities can build a successful company in the niche.

Branding language learning opportunities is all about ease and convenience.

It doesn’t really matter if you’re working with children or parents. A personalised approach towards language learning, as well as simplicity in the process will beat all other positive aspects of the experience.

Your knowledge of the language, as well as your teaching skills will help you pinpoint the strengths in your approach. When you understand the specifics of the methodology and how it compares to other learning opportunities, you will find it much easier to do effective branding that will appeal to the right crowd.

The method of administering the lessons is also important. More and more people are learning for online learning and classes that offer flexibility. If you can offer such a time-efficient language learning option, make sure that the potential audience is aware of the fact.

Demographic Interests

Language businesses deal with two primary customer groups – customers and adults who want to increase the number of skills and qualifications they have.

Academies and lesson providers working with children will need to address the strict requirements parents have. Many parents are invested in ensuring the academic excellence of their children, which is why they’ll settle for nothing but the best.

Adults who attend language classes or choose online learning opportunities are usually busy professionals. They have a job and a good income level. Thus, flexibility and being capable of completing the course on their own time is going to be very important.

Many adults will be looking for online courses/tutoring or evening classes. Some may also need specialised learning opportunities like mastering the business language. These are professionals who are going on a certain career path and who have a pretty good idea about what it would take to move forward.

Competitor Name Analysis

Fluent City

The aim of such classes is to ensure fluency. This language class provider has chosen a name that will produce an immediate positive association.

The Language and Laughter Studio

This academy works with kids and the name tells parents that making the learning process fun is a main priority here.

Mandarin House

Whenever the classes focus on one particular language, the information should definitely be provided in the business title. This name tells potential students that Mandarin House is the place to go to for Chinese lessons.

Kleine Deutschschule

The name accomplishes two things. The translation means Little German School, showing what the language is and also providing information about the fact that the lessons are tailored to the needs of children.

Accent Savvy

Once again, the highlight is placed on the specific skills that can be learned here. Accent Savvy is an English articulation and communication training academy.


A global approach towards name selection has been adopted here and it works really well for businesses that offer an array of classes.


To choose a name, you need to understand your business well. Take a look at the growth strategy for the coming years, think about the features that make your company unique. When you focus on such strengths, you can pick the words and phrases that describe the enterprise in the best possible way.

Our Business Name Generator will give you a chance to explore variations and pinpoint the name that does your company justice. Information about domain name availability will be provided, as well.

Some of the words and phrases you may want to explore when naming your business include the following:





English as a second language

Foreign language






Online course





Spoken language


Business language




Language Business Name Inspiration

  1. World Speaker: languages provide people with opportunities to travel the world and be understood everywhere. This is why the name would make sense and it would appeal to adult learners.
  2. The Grammar Fairy: grammar is one of the most difficult aspects of mastering a new language. You should highlight your ability to teach everything there is to know about a certain language.
  3. French Linguistic Institute and Online Academy: sometimes, you may want to adopt a more serious approach towards name selection that will sound somewhat academic.
  4. Play Time Language Fun: a school that works with children should definitely let parents know that the process is educational, as well as enjoyable.
  5. The Next Great Orator: orators or public speakers are people who are recognised for their linguistic confidence. Thus, the name makes sense due to the positive association it produces.
  6. Language, Math and Science Centre: a name that’s great for an educational centre that prepares children in various important academic disciplines.
  7. Interactive Linguistics: this name is great for an online academy or a tutoring opportunity employing new technologies.
  8. The School of Articulation and Clear Diction: the name is pretty-self-explanatory – it provides an in-depth look at the skills that will be acquired.
  9. Grow Your Vocabulary: the richness of language can be fully understood once a person expands their current vocabulary.
  10. Tongue Exercise Academy: learning to speak like a native is one of the most difficult parts of language learning. this name is a bit more frivolous but it’s also relevant.

What Not to Name Your Language Business

Don’t choose a name that isn’t suitable for the respective audience you’re targeting. If your lessons are suited to pre-schoolers and young kids, you shouldn’t adopt a deeply academic and formal approach towards name selection. Stiffness is not going to sit well with the parents.

In addition, a general approach towards name selection is a bad idea if you only offer specific courses. Don’t call your business The Global Academy if you only have English and French lessons. Overselling and attempting to manipulate prospects will only have a negative effect on your reputation.

Keep it simple and casual. When choosing foreign words, opt for ones that are common knowledge and that will make your prospects feel comfortable rather than uncertain about what you’re trying to say.

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