Incfile is a national financial service LLC. It helps you when forming a business. They provide a range of formation, compliance, and filing services. With a focus on efficiency, they can help you get your business up and running across all 50 states.




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The Huston-based has brought over 500,000 businesses to life since 2004, providing blue-chip LLC formation services. Clients enjoy a free registered agent service with free basic LLC formation and incorporation. Also, the Incfile website’s interface is user-friendly and eases corporation or LLC filing. We love Incfile for its simplicity and effectiveness in delivering the best for every business, hence its scores.

Read on through our review of what it offers, its performance, and what it costs. This way, you can compare it with other LLC services.

Pros & Cons


  • Affordable pricing. Filing starts at $0, besides free operating agreements templates downloadable online.
  • Reliable speed. Order checkouts take less than 10 minutes, and filing formation documents with state authorities takes one business day.
  • User-friendly interface. Incfile’s easy-to-use interface eases filing, with the process requiring only basic information.


  • Average customer service. While the support’s responsiveness has been questionable, you can always drop your message, and the team will reach out within a day.
  • Lack of a straightforward cancellation and refund policy. Users may face a hard time with cancellations or refunds, while others may be unable to access them.


Easy to use and fairly priced, Incfile will help you set up your LLC or corporation. Also, its additional services and features (such as free LLC compliance reminders and free registered agent service) complement the company’s business formation. Besides a friendly interface, every process towards starting your LLC is simplified. Incfile eases registrations and filings by saving user progress. Therefore, you do not have to do everything in one sitting.

Although Incfile does not have a mobile app version and is only accessible online (through the web), it provides a smooth experience. The company has also made and shared improvements to its customer support, impacting its usability.

Its additional resources guide where to begin and what you need to know. This way, even new businesses can pick up without significant challenges. Our review marks its usability at high scores.


Our review scores the features high on value to the user. While it does not offer integration with other products or services, its mobile app allows user customization and enhances navigation. More features are as follows:

  • Online order status tracking. Upon processing the LLC establishment through your state, you can track any purchased orders on the Incfile website’s dashboard.
  • “Next business day” processing. Incfile files LLC formation documents with state authorities within a day.
  • Unlimited phone & email support. Incfile’s customer service is always happy to serve. You should expect to hear back from the team within a day of reaching out with any issue. You can also reach out as many times as you need to.
  • Business license search. This service is available for a fixed fee and supports researching and putting together permits, registrations, and licenses, among other relevant forms.
  • The registered agent service. In compliance with the requirement for corporations and LLCs to have a registered agent during establishment, Incfile provides the service for free in the first year, before a $119 annual fee.

Support Quality

Incfile has published changes to its customer support, guaranteeing reliable and interactive support. Besides increasing the customer service size, Incfile has also included a Live Chat feature for a seamless experience. The company offers unlimited email and phone support, but you can only access the feature on Gold and Platinum plans. For a hassle-free formation of your corporation, consider reaching out to the customer support.

Our review has the support quality scores at above average. While the service has improved, it could do much better by offering unlimited support through all pricing plans. Pricing – What does it cost?’s pricing starts with a free Silver package, which offers unlimited name searches, a one-year free registered agent service, and corporation articles preparation/filing. The Platinum package differs from the Silver and Gold packages in three ways; it offers business contract templates, expedited filing, a domain name, and business email. Below is the pricing table:

Free TrialNo
SilverStarting from: $0 (+ state fee) /corporation or LLC/one-time
GoldStarting from: $149 (+ state fee) /corporation or LLC/one-time
PlatinumStarting from: $299 (+state fee) /corporation or LLC/one-time


Incfile offers an affordable way to form your LLC or corporation. Its features provide the tools and LLC services necessary for a basic formation. Its processing speed and high checkout turnaround make it reliable. Moreover, the website’s user-friendly interface eases its user’s operations.

The company’s changes to its customer support have made it easier to find assistance for technical and any processing issues. Incfile offers unlimited email and phone support to its Gold and Platinum users, besides introducing a Live Chat feature to promote a more seamless experience.

The top features at your disposal with Incfile are online order status tracking, business license search, registered agent service, and next business day processing. You do not need experience forming a corporation to use Incfile. Its simplification allows users of all experience levels to get their businesses going.

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The Huston-based is a blue-chip LLC formation company that has served over 500,000 businesses since 2004. It is simple and effective, offering the best LLC services for a fair price.

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