How to Start a Videography Blog

Here’s everything you’ll want to know when starting and growing your Videography blog.

How to Start a Videography Blog

1) Finding your Niche

Anyone can shoot video thanks to the affordability of smartphones, but a videographer goes above the crowd, shooting all the time and making it their own. If you’re a videographer, a blog is a great place to show your work. With that said, you should find your niche if you want your blog to be set apart from the rest.

Your niche is a specific topic. You shoot videos? That’s way too broad. What videos are you passionate about that could make for a good blog? Do you shoot nature videos? Weddings? Artsy films? Look at what you shoot, or find something you’re passionate about shooting, and see if you can find a specific focus.

You’ll want a niche that has less competition, but enough eyes on it so you’re not shooting something no one wants to watch. Go to Google Trends and see what everyone is searching. If your niche is consistent and not too big, you have yourself a winner. If there is too much competition, narrow it, and vice versa.

2) Think of a unique blog name and create your website

Now comes the fun part, creating your blog name. We suggest a name that’s short, sweet and is relevant to your audience. Some names for a Videography blog could be: Video Vault, Shooting Squirrels, or if you’re still stuck try using our blog name generator for some inspiration.

Once you have a blog name in mind, it’s time to get your website set up. Don’t worry, this is much easier than it sounds and can be easily done in less than an hour! Checkout our full guide on the best and easiest way to setup a WordPress blog here.

We suggest going with BlueHost to host your website as they have a easy one-click WordPress installation tool, you can get 60% Off hosting and a free domain name here.

3) Get the essentials

If you’re going to have a videography blog, you’ll need, of course, a good video camera. High quality video cameras don’t cost that much, and you don’t need to spend something a professional filmmaker uses in order to shoot some great video. However, you’ll want something better than your phone. Also, consider a camera if you want photos along with your videos.

While video cameras have a mic built in with them, you may consider getting a separate mic if you want clearer audio.

Having backup batteries or external chargers for your video camera is also a good idea, in case your camera dies right before you’re getting a good shot.

With a videography blog, you’ll want well-edited footage. You’ll need good video editing software such as Vegas or Premiere Pro. There is free editing software available as well, but it won’t give you much to do.

Also, consider Audacity to edit your audio. It’s a free audio editing program.

Finally, set up any social media accounts you want associated with your blog. YouTube is good for your videos, and Instagram is good for photos and shorter videos.

What content do videographer bloggers create?

Videography is an expansive subject. Some people will dedicate their blog to showing just their work. Whether their videos are about nature, tell a story, or just chronicle their travels, you can make videos about anything.

In addition, a videographer will make other content as well. They may create blog posts about their work as a videographer, show behind the scenes photos, and make podcasts about the art of videography.

There is no limit when it comes to videography. If you can shoot it, you can create content.

Create engaging and relevant content

If you want good videos, you have to keep them engaging. You’ll need to have interesting shots, camera angles, and edited footage that doesn’t drag for too long. If you’ll be talking, you’ll want to be engaging with the audience and have your own personality.

The best way to create good content is to be inspired. Watch videos from other indie videographers. Look at their shooting style, how they communicate, and take aspects you like from them and turn them into your own experience.

It should be relevant as well. Shoot content that your audience will love. It’s okay to deviate occasionally, but stay on the theme of your blog.

How to grow your traffic

Plenty of great videographers go unnoticed. Don’t be one of those. Learn how to grow your audience by putting some effort into doing so. Here’s how you can grow your audience.

  • Your social media is a good tool to promote your work. Create engaging content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media outlets and attract an audience.
  • Advertise. You can spend a bit of money to put ads on social media and Google. It doesn’t cost a lot to do so, and it can be effective.
  • Engage with videographers who have a similar interest an audience size. Offer a collaboration. Perhaps make a guest post or video for the blog. Different bloggers collaborating is how everyone grows their audience.
  • Engage with your own audience as well. Your audience will stay if you respond to your comments, and you can tell them to get the word out.

These are just a few ways to help grow your traffic. It can be a tough process for sure.

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How to make money with your Videography Blog

You may shoot video because it’s a passion of yours, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make a little money in the process. If videography is your passion, you can make it a full-time living. Here’s how.

  • YouTube monetization. If your videos get enough eyes on your YouTube channel, you can monetize them and make some money while doing so. Just make sure your videos stay within their guidelines.
  • Patreon. If you have an audience, they can donate a little each month and you can offer premium content as an incentive. Exclusive videos, behind the scenes content, and a chance to talk one-on-one with you are just a few ideas.
  • Get paid to blog post. We mentioned it can be a way to grow an audience, but you should expect financial compensation from it as well.
  • Put ads on your website. AdSense can make putting relevant ads on your website easy, and you can get some profit from that.
  • If you run a relevant business, such as a camera store, blogging can be a great way to promote the store and make money.
  • Some people may commission you to shoot video for them. This can get your name out and you can make money in the process.
  • If you get influential enough, some events and conventions may invite you to be a guest or to attend in general. You may get paid to do so, or at least have your travel expenses paid for.

Top #3 Videographer Bloggers

#1 Latimer Studios

Started by a man by the name of Daniel, this is a blog dedicated to wedding videography. Everyone who is having a wedding wants someone to capture their special moment with, and this vlog showcases the many weddings he’s shot. For potential wedding videographers looking for inspiration, or just for someone who is passionate about weddings or looking for ideas for their wedding, this blog is good.

#2 Indie Filmmaking Blog

Since 2007, this blog has been dedicated to showcasing the art of indie films. It shows examples of good indie films, offers advice, and has other general posts about filmmaking. For many videographers, shooting an indie film is a challenge worth taking. How does one shoot an engaging film on such a low budget? This blog can help you figure that out.

#3 Into Nature Films

Started by Jennifer Brown, this blog is about, well, nature. Nature videography is always a good niche. People love seeing others showcasing the beauty of nature and exploring places the viewer cannot. Nature can be jaw-dropping, and there are stories to be told in the great outdoors. This blog showcases the best of nature, and anyone who has even a slight interest in that should check it out.

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