How to Start a Sales Blog

Here’s everything you’ll want to know when starting and growing your blog

If you are serious about elevating your position as a sales professional, and you wish to accelerate your business, starting your own sales blog is a fantastic idea.

The inevitable criticality of a company’s sales renders them the perfect blogging focus. Regardless of whether you are part of a local brick-and-mortar business or sell online for a big multinational company with global reach, a sales blog can benefit you

Blogging increases your business’ visibility

Typically, consumers tend to approach reputable, known companies. Furthermore, it is commonly assumed that popularity equates to professional honesty, integrity, and talent.

Blogging can help you to build trust with clients and potential leads. You may be able to spark their interest in what you have to offer, enabling future, potential collaborations.

Blogging generates loyal customers

Not everything your company sells fulfills client expectations and requirements. Blogging allows you to compile honest evaluations about the products or services you offer. With competent writing skills, you can convey the benefits and downsides of what you’re trying to sell positively, without impacting your company or custom.

Evidently, your honest blog content conveys your intentions to serve the customer’s interests as well as enabling them to identify you as a prospective resource.

Blogging facilitates further interaction with customers and prospects

Every salesperson’s success relies upon frequent, healthy contact with new and existing customers. Beyond cold calling and emailing alone, blogging broadens your potential business prospects.

A blog provides a forum wherein interested readers can make inquiries prior to making a purchase. When responding to their questions honestly and comprehensively, you are highly likely to convert these leads into clients.

Customers can ask and answer questions regarding the product or service you’re advertising. Responding to complaints quickly by taking appropriate actions rather than allowing a problem to escalate will make your life as a salesman simpler, whilst elevating your professional reputation.

Let’s get started

Now that you have learned the benefits of a sales blog, let’s take action.

Identify your niche

In general, blogs can include multi-topics or niche content. A multi-topic blog covers a broad range of subjects, while a specialty blog covers only one. Notably, niche blogs are associated with superior SEO rankings, readership, engagement, and profitability via affiliate and product sales. So, while establishing your sales blog, consider the refinements within broad subjects that are related to the sales area of your company.

Commonly, sales blogs may have links with:

  • beauty
  • fashion
  • sports
  • art
  • technology
  • electronics
  • health and wellness
  • nutrition
  • real estate

Get blogging

When choosing your blog space, you are able to choose a free hosting option or a paid alternative. We recommend using sites such as WordPress which offer both free and paid packages. WordPress allows you to post your content for free but the paid option enables additional personalization and monetization options such as advertising space, domain name, and audience analytic options.

Alternatively, LinkedIn’s Pulse platform comes with a ready-made audience. If you’re lacking in technical capabilities, you will find lots of tutorials and assistance via YouTube. Remember, you can always hire a website designer to ensure a sleek and professional finish.

Choose your domain name

Creating a name for your blog is the fun part that we at Business Name Generator are happy to assist with. Keep it short, simple, and relevant to the audience. A sales blog name could include keywords combined with your name, or you could use our blog name generator for inspiration. After deciding on a blog name, it’s time to learn some essentials before creating your content.

Technical fundamentals

  • Let’s start with the equipment, which is dependent on the type of posts that you wish to create: i.e., text-based or video-based. If you wish to create multimedia content, you will need a good camera, a microphone, and screen recording software to make outstanding videos. Typically, audiences are drawn to posts that incorporate images, so as a minimum, we would recommend the inclusion of at least one image per post.
  • Plugins for WordPress may also help you increase traffic and revenue. For example, Yoast SEO is the perfect plugin for ensuring your site is SEO friendly. W3 Total Cache helps speed up your site’s loading time.
  • Also, Google provides some great, useful, and, most importantly, free blogging tools. One of the greatest is Google Search Console, which provides thorough data on how to improve your site’s performance. Then you can use Google Analytics to watch your traffic and Google Alerts to monitor certain keywords and phrases.

Create early interest in your blog

As your blog’s success relies upon traffic and visibility, consumer engagement in the form of likes and shares are crucial. It is never too early to build interest in your blog. Once you have your ideas and content plans in place, start to use social media to foster engagement.

No salesman can afford to dismiss the significance and relevance of social media. Even if your firm has a good social media presence, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, among others, you should also be interested in growing your own personal fan base.

Connect with other bloggers online

Many successful bloggers share their expertise with individuals like us via their own YouTube channels. Look for these video instructions from any interesting blogger competitors. You can interact with them via their social media websites. You can also like and comment on their posts and videos.

Networking with other sales bloggers may create opportunities to collaborate with them in the future whilst enabling you to learn from their experiences and increasing your following.

Now, you are ready to create content

Create a writing schedule that ensures that you are writing regularly and consistently will help to organize your ideas culminating in the visualization of your blog as a whole. You can choose to write each day, week or month but just ensure that you stick to your frequency as this is key to retaining audiences.

Creating an editorial calendar is an excellent and professional way of organizing your content. At a glance, you will be able to view past and prospective content alongside content status and type. You can personalize your calendar to include headings that are useful to you and there are many free templates available online.

Content as a marketing tool

When considering your content, think about how your content can function as a marketing tool. Think about how content can lead to an increase in sales. Businesses primarily utilize content marketing to:

  • create leads
  • attract new customers.
  • raise brand recognition and increase brand recognition.
  • develop credibility.
  • interact with an audience.

All of these things are fantastic and will facilitate your success.

Choose your topics wisely

Conduct your own research, assess your competitors.

What are the current trends?

Who is currently successful and why?

What aspects of my business could be used as content?

Are there certain sales challenges that I have encountered, that I could write about?

Whilst not all of your content can be unique, you do need to create a unique selling proposition (USP), as you don’t want to become lost in the vast amount of unread, unshared material. Remember it is your experiences that are unique to you as well as your voice and your personality.

Tips for creating successful content

Incorporate a call to action (CTA) into each post

So, you’ve created the foundation for making purchases from your blog. You are intent on consistently posting mutually beneficial, niche content. Now, ensure that each of your posts directs your viewers to the items or services that you provide.

Incorporating a call to action within your blog postings and is usually done at the end of your article. A call to action serves to tie the content of your post with a connected product you’re selling.

Include internal links to other blog posts

Getting people to visit your site is half the battle when it comes to blogging. So, once they are there, you want them to stay as long as possible!

Prolong user visits and encourage them to explore your blog further by including links to other existing blog pieces. When writing on a specific topic, consider which other blog entries your readers would be interested in and more importantly, consider which related products or services they might be interested in buying.

Optimize traffic

SEO, or search engine optimization refers to the employment of various strategies to increase a website’s ranking in relevant search engine results, thereby elevating the amount of traffic to the site. The use of keywords is fundamental to proficient SEO practice

Keywords are the terms most frequently searched for terms when consumers are looking for your kind of business, and you should organically incorporate them into your online blogging content. Including the right keywords in your blog posts may help your business rise up the rankings, obtain more visitors, and turn more visitors into customers.

Furthermore, utilizing plug-ins such as Yoast SEO and experimenting with Webmaster Central, both of which are available within WordPress, will enable you to review your content enabling identification of errors and keyword rankings.

Use your website as a low-cost method of promotion.

It costs nothing to utilize your blog as a means of advertising your company’s brand. So, regardless of whether you’re launching a new product, upgrading a service, or simply refreshing your brand, let your consumers know by publishing a blog post about it.

Furthermore, external advertising may be quite expensive, and as you’ve already invested in your website, don’t be scared to take full advantage of it! A blog article posted throughout your social media networks is a free and efficient way to draw attention to your company. This will, in turn, increase your overall sales.

Top #3 sales blogs


Hubspot is a sales and marketing tool. That’s why they don’t pass up the chance to spotlight current events on their own blog. Customers of Hubspot can find what they’re looking for right where they live because it’s broken down into three sections: sales, marketing, and service.

Every day, concise, new articles that may be read in 3 to 5 minutes are published online. These cover sales-related questions as well as definitions and tactics. You can also obtain useful downloads for various topics!

#1 Sales Hacker

If you’re looking for the best B2B sales reps, managers, and executives blog, look no further. This blog posts regularly content featuring the latest strategies and provides advice for prospecting, qualifying, social selling, calling, and much more. Sales Hacker also includes different type of content such as videos, ebooks, and webinars.

Ambition’s Sales Performance Blog

Are you in charge of a sales team? Then this site will be really beneficial to you. Ambition creates gamification software and understands how to keep your staff motivated.

The specialists on the site cover issues like coaching, motivation, productivity, and performance monitoring. You will constantly discover fresh ideas, insights, and tools to help you get the most out of your sales staff.

To summarize

You are now ready to get started. Here at Business Name Generator, we have all of the information that you need to ensure that your blogging journey unfolds usefully, whilst empowering you with the information that you need. From business names to business plans, we can help you with your company’s needs.

Enhancing your business by means of a sales blog will be a decision that you will not regret. From a mere list of ideas and with a little time, dedication and consistency, you can promote your business, increase your sales and grow your audience. Furthermore, you can increase your business’ reputability resulting in its longevity and heightened status. You will find that the blogging community has space for your unique business ideas and that you will be welcomed into the virtual community. What’s more, you are ensuring that you are consistent with the ever-evolving technological entrepreneurial advancements whilst enabling further engagement with your consumers.

Ensure creativity, and consistency, and you will increase your community and custom.

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