How to Start a Makeup Line

Everything you need to know about starting your own makeup line

Social media has helped the cosmetic industry grow. We live in a world of Instagram photos and Tik Tok reels. There is always a camera waiting to catch our best or worst moments. This has led to a society obsessed with looking good at all times. Of course, we need a little help to achieve this. Make-up gives us that polished look we all strive for. As a result of this, the cosmetics industry will continue to grow. It is estimated that it will be worth $716 billion by 2025. There is potential to start a successful makeup business if you do it right. Have a look at the steps to creating a makeup business below.

Build your idea

You can save a lot of time and money if you create a business mission for your new start. This should identify why you want to do it, who you want to sell it to, and what ingredients you want to have in your products. If you’re going to have an organic product identify the specific components you want in your makeup. You need to believe in your product when you are selling it. Decide what demographic you want to sell to. Do you want to target the 18 to 25-year-olds or the fifty-plus market? Each market will have specific wants and needs. Deciding on the market you want to target will make your job easier when it is time to formulate and market your product.

Decide on the ingredients of your products

Make a wish list of all the ingredients you would like to have in your makeup. The manufacturer will tell you if it is possible or not. Furthermore, if some components are not available, they might suggest an appropriate substitute. Find out what you can and can’t do and arrive at the best combination of ingredients for your makeup.

Find a supplier

There are a few ways to secure a supplier


A makeup franchise company might already be selling products that match your ingredient specification and market demographic. If this is the case, you should investigate the possibilities of being one of their franchisees. This would be the quickest way to start your business.

Advantages of having a franchise:

-Ready to sell a product

-Support from the franchiser

-Brand recognition

Disadvantages of having a franchise:

-Can be pretty expensive to buy

-You cannot personalize the product by changing the packaging.

-There may be a high minimum monthly purchase requirement.


There are two types of makeup manufacturers. One customizes the product to your specifications. This is called private label manufacturing. The obvious advantage of private labeling is finding the exact product you want. The disadvantage is that it can be prohibitively expensive. White label manufacturing is when you choose a manufacturer’s product in their organic product line and brand it. White labeling will cost less than private labeling, and you might not have to compromise too much on your organic ingredients.

Minimum order quantities (MOQ)

MOQs can be a stumbling block for many startups. The manufacturer will set a minimum order quantity for every product. If you have a lipstick range with thirty color shades, the manufacturer will require an MOQ for each shade. This will end up being very expensive. Find out the manufacturer’s MOQs and work out if you can afford to move forward. If the cost is prohibitive, you may decide to start with a reduced color selection.

Test your products on your friends

Your manufacturer will undoubtedly give you some free unbranded samples. Try them out on your friends and get their honest opinions. This way, you can iron out any problems before you place your first order, which will be binding. In addition to this, you will discover any issues with the product this way and may even get some ideas on how to improve it.

Become an agent

You can apply to become an agent for one of your favorite organic cosmetic companies. However, not all cosmetic companies operate through agents. If you secure an agency, this will be the cheapest way to get into the makeup business. They will probably require a minimum order, but it will not be as much as a franchise or a manufacturer.

Your marketing mix

To have a successful makeup product, you must consider several factors. These will intertwine to give you the best possible marketing mix and a strong product identity when you enter the market.

Choose your name

Choosing a name that your customers can relate to is crucially important. The cosmetic industry is highly competitive. Your name will be the first thing they see. You want it to resonate with them to make them interested in your product. Get help from a professional when choosing your name. They will know what keywords will work in your industry and your target market. Business Name Generator will provide you with a choice of names that maximize your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Our brand managers use algorithms to give you names that customers will find easily on the internet.

Your domain name should be the same as your brand name. This will provide greater product recognition. It would be best if you also trademarked your name for extra protection.


In the cosmetics industry, choosing suitable packaging for your product is vital. Good packaging will attract your desired target market. Therefore, you should get professional help from a good branding company. You outline your target market and let them do the rest. They will come up with a few options for you to choose from. using the services of a branding manager will be an expensive but essential part of your product development process

Don’t compete on price

You don’t have to compete on price to succeed in the cosmetics industry. Sometimes, a product that is too cheap will put a customer off. They might think that the ingredients are inferior and may not be willing to take a chance.

Your customer will buy your product if they buy into your organic ideals. You make them feel confident when interacting with you. Engage with your customers and make them feel that they are part of a process to get the makeup that suits them. They will not worry too much about the price if you make them feel that your product is the perfect one [for them.

Sales channels

The two most effective ways to sell your product are on a dedicated sales platform like Amazon or your website.


Amazon is an excellent choice to reach a broad audience quickly.

There are a couple of advantages of selling through this platform.

-Direct access to your market

-If you use their fulfillment services, they take care of the orders, packaging, and posting

The disadvantages include

-Expensive fulfillment costs will affect your profit margin.

-Highly competitive. It is hard to differentiate your product from others

-Lack of engagement. The customer doesn’t get to know you, which is integral to your marketing plan.


Your website allows you to concentrate on your product without worrying about the competition. It can tell your story, why you started the business and chose organic ingredients for your makeup. This is what your customers want to hear and increase your chance of making a sale. Your website will not be able to compete on traffic. You will have to work on this through content-filled blogs and paid advertising.

Your blog

You will have to have a blog on your website that is regularly updated and interesting to your customers. This will help increase the traffic to your website and engage your customers. Plan your blog to lead your customers through the ideals behind your makeup and let them get to know you simultaneously. If you need advice on setting up a successful blog, this will help you.

Instagram and YouTube

Use Instagram to post before and after photos of your product. Start a YouTube channel on which you go through the step-by-step makeup application process. This is an excellent way of engaging your customer. They get to know you and your product at the same time. Always have a link to your website after every video.

Paid advertising

Your Facebook page will be an essential part of your marketing arsenal. The more followers you have, the more chances you can make a sale. Use Facebook engagement ads to increase your following. This does not have to cost a lot of money. Ensure the ads are sent to your target market, so you have a better chance of turning your followers into customers. Build a good following first. Later on, you can consider paying for some Google Pay per Click ads.

Wear your product

You are the best advertisement for your product. Ensure that your makeup is looking its best all the time. Please give a few of your glam friends free samples so they can show off your product daily. This is a great way to engage with your customers.


Go one step further by cooperating with an influencer. The common misconception is that influencers will charge huge amounts of money for their services. This is not necessarily the case. Sure, they will want to make some money out of your collaboration, but they might agree to do it on a commission basis. This means that they will get paid a percentage of every sale made through their YouTube channel or Instagram page.

Additionally, when they post photos on Instagram wearing your makeup, they will provide a link to your website. On their YouTube channel, they will mention your product a couple of times. The influencer usually offers a discount if you mention their promo code when ordering through your website. It’s a win-win situation for you, the influencer, and the customer.


You will have to set up a business. There are a couple of choices here. You can decide to be traded under a sole proprietorship or an LLC(Limited Liability Company). Get advice from an accountant as to which one suits you. Trademark your product to protect it from imitation.

If you buy your makeup from the United States, you do not have to worry about the relevant licenses to sell your makeup. The manufacturing company will already have them. Avoid buying from an overseas company to save money as you don’t know if their licenses will be accepted in the United States; There is also the issue of import tax, freight, and tariffs when purchasing from overseas.

Finances and bookkeeping

The amount of capital you need at the start of your business will depend on how much your franchise costs or the MOQ of the manufacturing company. Other costs you will have to account for are branding, packaging, and marketing. You should include a salary for you at the start, as well. If you apply for funding through a bank or a venture capital company, you need a solid business plan.

Keep your books ordered from the start. This can be made easier by platforms like Quickbooks. Employ a bookkeeper to produce your monthly profit and loss account and calculate your tax obligation.


The cosmetics industry is highly competitive, but it is growing all the time. There is potential to start a successful makeup line if you correctly identify your market and your branding and packaging are effective. Engaging your customers is the key to success. Do this through Facebook, Instagram, your website, and YouTube.

Choose the supplier that suits you, whether a franchise or a manufacturer. Be aware that your first order will not be cheap and allow for that in your budget. If you need financing, ensure that you have a well-thought-out business plan before meeting with any financial institution or venture capital company.

Wearing your makeup every day is a great way to advertise your product. Give your friends a few free samples so they can do the same. Bring yourself up to the next level by collaborating with an influencer. This doesn’t have to cost you as much as you think. Finally, stick to the organic ingredients that you believe in. Customers will pay a little extra if they believe in you and you make them feel confident wearing your product.

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