How to Start a Kids Blog

Starting a successful blog isn’t child’s play. Here’s everything you’ll want to know when starting and growing your blog.

Find Your Niche

Kids these days are extremely tech-savvy and quick with the internet. Therefore, blogs are one of the best ways to get their attention nowadays. They are also a good way for adults to teach and learn new things for their kids. 

However, the kids’ blog world is vast and covers several options to choose from. Therefore, to create a successful kids’ blog, the first thing you must first decide upon is your niche.

A niche refers to a specific topic. The topic that you choose for your blog is essential because it will determine your audience, your traffic, and ultimately, your earnings. 

You must decide on the specific type of kids you want to target for your blog. There are young children in preschool or kindergarten, or slightly older in elementary school or high school. 

Gender is also an important decision to make in this regard. A blog for boys would be different from a blog for girls.

Finally, you must also decide if you want your blog to be educational or simply for fun. After you have decided on these important questions, you can follow up with the next steps. The three essential questions to keep in mind, therefore, are:

  1. What age range do you want to cater to?
  2. Which gender do you want to cater to? Or do you want it gender-neutral?
  3. Do you want something educational, fun, or a bit of both?

Once you find the topic you want to work with, you can run it through Google Trends

This will give you an idea of how popular or competitive the topic is and how much or in what way you must work on it.

Decide On A Name For Your Blog

Coming up with a name that is unique and relevant to your blog is one of the most important steps in this process. 

The name you choose must fit into your niche; it cannot point to things outside of what you will work with. 

Moreover, it is ideal that the name is short, simple, and catchy. This ensures that people will remember your blog easily and perhaps return to it. 

Your blog name will also define you as a blogger. So, make sure the name you choose reflects you as much as your work. 

Fun examples of kids’ blog names are 5th Grade Files and Children’s Corner

You can use our blog name generator for some inspiration. The generator is free to use and has unlimited searches. You can use it as much as you want. Simply input your seed keywords and wait for it to return catchy suggestions for your kids’ blog. 

Three questions to look out for in this process are:

  1. Does the name reflect you and the blog?
  2. Is it easy to remember and catchy?
  3. Do you want a fun name or a serious one?

Once you decide on your name, it is time to set up your blog page! Don’t worry, as this is a fun and quick process. 

We suggest using WordPress as it is one of the best blogging platforms out there. 

We suggest you use BlueHost to host your webs. They will give you a one-click installation tool and 60% off on hosting, and a free domain name.

What You’ll Need To Get Started

These two depend entirely on the type of blog you want. If you want to do a normal blog, then there is no trouble, and you are good to go just with your computer and an internet connection. 

However, if you want a video blog or a vlog, then you need a good camera and mic equipment. It is important to note that kids are more attracted to visuals. Therefore, for the best results, you might want to make a video blog. If not, make sure to use colorful pictures and layouts to retain maximum attention.

Another essential part of this process is social media marketing. Promoting your blog on different (as many as possible) social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, etc. will not only help with branding but also drive more traffic into your blog. 

However, while doing so, make sure these platforms are kid-friendly and accessible to adults as well. Thus, your blog will kick-start quicker.

The three focus questions in this step are:

  1. Do you want a blog or a vlog?
  2. What are the best ways to retain your target kids’ attention?
  3. What are the social media platforms most accessible to kids?

What Kind Of Content Should You Write?

Deciding on the kind of content you want to create is very important in deciding the success of your blog. 

One of the most popular topics for kids’ bloggers is school. School can be tough for some kids. So, a blog that helps with advice and tips is bound to be popular among them. 

You can also stay in tune with popular kids’ trends, including video games, pop culture, and more, to have a better grasp of what you want to work with.

It might be challenging if you do not have kids of your own. But as long as you are in the loop with what is popular with the age group you wish to target, you will be fine. 

Age-related content is essential when blogging for kids. You don’t want to give them things they already know or throw things in that will overwhelm them. 

In addition, whether you are writing or video recording, make sure your language is kid-friendly, simple to understand, and easy to follow. Music, pictures, and videos play a very important role in kids’ activities as they dictate what the kids will take an interest in.

Some examples of kids’ blog ideas are:

  • Educational posts
  • Fun activities
  • Sports
  • Health-related
  • Fashion
  • Popular culture

Finally, the three questions you should know while focusing on your content are:

  1. Is it relevant to the age group you have targeted?
  2. Is the language simple and easy to follow and understand?
  3. Is it helpful and entertaining to your target audience?

How To Build A Following

What “traffic” means is the number of people that visit your blog. Therefore, “growing traffic” refers to increasing the number of people that visit your blog on a daily basis. 

Though it might sound a little scary, there are some easy steps you can follow to make sure your blog gets enough attention and growth.

  1. Frequent content: Any blog which lacks content will be a dead blog. Therefore, make sure to upload content on a daily basis to keep your audience engaged and interested. Take up weekly or monthly targets and let your audience know when you will be updating your content so they are aware of new things coming.
  2. Catchy titles: Though it might not seem so important, your titles will determine who will ultimately read through your blog and follow it regularly. As such, add catchy, humorous titles that get the reader interested in what the blog contains.
  3. Social media promotions: You can use your existing social media accounts or create new ones for your blog. It is best if you link your new accounts with your old ones so that there is more attention. Make regular posts about your blog, adding links to it so that people are aware of what’s going on and can take an active interest. Social media is a must for kids’ blogs as they are very tech-savvy and quick with the internet.
  4. Photos, videos, keywords, and links: It is proven that photos and videos not only catch more attention but also hold it longer. This is much truer when dealing with kids. Moreover, using keyword strategies for all of your blogs is essential for your blog’s Search Engine Optimization. Finally, adding links to other companies or other bloggers on your blog posts when you mention them will not only get you noticed by other bloggers but also build good faith.

How To Make Money With Your Kid’s Blog

You can actually earn from your kids’ blog, and it isn’t even that difficult. There are many ways for you to earn. We will list some of the easiest and most popular ones below.

  1. Advertising space: You can use the free space on your blog to advertise for other companies who will, of course, pay you to do so. These ads will appear on your website in the form of links, pop-ups, or even banners. The idea is to get your audience involved in other companies’ marketing schemes.
  2. Sponsored posts: In this method, you can find sponsors who will pay you to create content that will promote and advertise their products or services. If you select sponsors, products, or services relevant to your blog topic, the sponsored blog posts will not look weird or out of the ordinary.
  3. Offering members-only content: You can earn a good amount of money by making content specific to members who subscribe to your blog on a basis (monthly or otherwise, you choose). This members-only content, however, must be of higher quality and more engaging as kids or their parents who pay for it must feel that they are getting their money’s worth.

Top #3 Moms’ Blogs

In conclusion, there are various avenues you can explore when deciding what kind of kids’ blog you want to create. 

You must keep in mind that as much as you are targeting kids, you are also targeting parents, as kids are generally under parental supervision when on the Internet. 

Therefore, an important tip is to include your parent audience as well. Regardless of what sort of blog you are creating for the kids, include an additional section which would help the parents get involved with the kids’ activities. It should also help them understand their kids better.

We have provided below three of the best kids’ blogs. You will notice that each is of a different category. However, all three cater to not just the kids but also the parents. This is essential in kids blogging as parents are essential to kids’ lives and activities.

Kids’ Activities

This blog is run by Holly Harner and focuses on various activities for kids from baby to elementary school and more. Kids’ Activities Blog has crafts and science experiments that kids can work out at home and try themselves. 

The blog also has a segment for holidays and how kids can celebrate them. 

And that is not all, as Harner also provides a “Mom” section in her blog, specifically for those of her audience who are mothers and would like some help and tips with their kids. 

The blog overall caters to many categories as it covers kids of almost all ages, and even mothers. However, the main focus of the blog is activities that kids can enjoy, of course, under the supervision of their parents.

Super Healthy Kids

A food-based blog, as evident from its name, Super Healthy Kids writes on recipes and meal plans with picky-eater strategies for kids. 

Though for kids at heart, the blog caters more to parents struggling with teaching their kids how to eat healthily. 

You can find dinner and breakfast recipes, along with general recipes and meal plans all categorically divided on the blog. 

They not only help you make your own meal plan but also provide you with their own. However, you need to subscribe to the blog to get their customized meal plan.

Super Simple

This is an educational blog for preschool kids and a little older. The blog is exceptionally well-made and very attractive for kids around that age group. 

It teaches the basics a child needs to know around that age through songs and fun activities. It also offers an app that you can download for convenience. 

Not only that, but Super Simple gives you free printables, which are very useful for on-the-go parenting. Kids can learn and play on this blog, while parents also learn something about their own roles through their “Parenting” and “Teaching” segments.

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