How to Start a Fitness blog

Here’s everything you’ll want to know when starting and growing your fitness blog.

How to Start a Fitness Blog

1) Finding your Niche

The first step in starting a fitness blog is to choose your niche. There are various specialties in the fitness world, you could be a keen follower of body-building or an athlete. If this is not your thing, Yoga could fascinate you or you could decide to specialize in short exercise routines for people with busy schedules.

The content you wish to blog on is definitely going to appeal to a certain type of audience. Before you start, you need to understand your niche and learn how to effectively communicate with your audience. Ensure you stand out from other bloggers in the industry, this would be your competitive advantage.

A good way to do this is to try and explain the purpose of your blog to yourself in a sentence. If you can’t achieve this, by describing who you are and the essence of your blog in a brief way, then your audience may not understand it too.

2) Think of a unique blog name and create your website

Now comes the fun part, creating your blog name. We suggest a name that’s short, sweet and is relevant to your audience. Some names for a Fitness blog could be: Life Starts with Food or Wellness Rediscovery or if you’re still stuck try using our blog name generator for some inspiration.

Once you have a blog name in mind, it’s time to get your website set up. Don’t worry, this is much easier than it sounds and can be easily done in less than an hour! Checkout our full guide on the best and easiest way to setup a WordPress blog here.

We suggest going with BlueHost to host your website as they have a easy one-click WordPress installation tool, you can get 60% Off hosting and a free domain name here.

3) Get the essentials

Social media is key for you to reach out to a large audience for your fitness blog. Ensure that your chosen name for your blog is available on all social media platforms that you will use like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat etc.

If your blog would require high quality photos or videos, you have to invest in getting the appropriate equipment. Vloggers and bloggers that need photographs for their blog would need lights, microphones, camera(s) tripod stands etc. Or you could simply save yourself the cost and get a premium mobile phone like the iPhone X, Samsung galaxy S9 or Oneplus with their amazing camera and other wonderful features thrown in.

On the other hand, to be a successful travel blogger, you should have power batteries, a large sized memory card a compact tripod stand, external hard drive, wifi dongle etc.

What content do Fitness bloggers create?

Another question to ask yourself before starting the blog is “What story are you going to tell?”, after you answer that, you need to ask yourself “Who and how are you going to tell it?” Would it be a how-to guide, reviews or opinion pieces? Determining the content for your readers is key to the success of your fitness blog.

If the content you wish to blog about is on weight loss, it’s advisable you do not deviate from it. It doesn’t necessarily have to be weight loss alone, it could be bodybuilding, or you may want to share your knowledge on nutrition. Avoid randomly writing posts that do not fit with the theme of your blog, as it could lead to loss of your cherished audience. Be consistent with your blog identity.

After identifying your audience and your content, decide how you want to get the message across. You have to choose whether it’ll be video clips, exercise guidance, regular podcasts, challenges within a specific period of time, clean eating recipes etc. Don’t try to be a jack of all trade as you won’t be considered a specialist. And the fact is, your audience will pay more attention when you are an authority in a particular field.

Create engaging and relevant content

Now, you are almost done. The most important parts have been taken care of, it is time to get to the business of blogging on your chosen fitness niche. Remember, you have to post unique content for your waiting audience. You may be wondering how possible this is.

The first way to go about it is to check out and get inspiration from popular bloggers and established blogs in your niche. Check out what they’ve missed or how to improve on their content. Research on recent findings in this niche, add infographics, videos or newer content and most importantly, add your personal thoughts to it

How to grow your traffic

With everything in place for your blog, it is time to amass a following. Drawing traffic to your site is important to the success of your blog in the long run. The first way to go about this is to join a network of fellow bloggers within your niche. Create and interact with a network of bloggers as this would increase your visibility from zero to thousands within a short period of time if done appropriately.

Take advantage of social media platforms to spread the word about your blog. Create pages on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and add links to your fitness blog on them. Try to stir up activity on this platforms that will encourage your followers to go to your page. Also, ask them to share your page to increase visibility for your blog.

Email marketing can also help spread the word about your blog, you can send out newsletters weekly or monthly to keep your subscribers updated on new content on your blog.

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How to make money with your Fitness Blog

With more people following your blog, and you keep dishing out high quality content regularly, it’s advisable you start getting rewarded for your passion. Blogging has one of the lowest running costs which makes it a very rewarding venture provided you are doing the right thing.

For beginner bloggers looking for how to start making money with their fitness blog, the Amazon affiliate program is a great way to start. This works by recommending Amazon’s product to your audience. You’re now seen as an expert in your fitness niche, so whatever review or post you write about a product, your audience is most likely to make a purchase. Take for example you recommend a specific gym equipment after writing a detailed review, anytime any one makes a purchase by clicking one of the links on your blog, you get paid a commission.

Google’s Adsense is another way to generate income for your blog, if you sign up to show ads on your site, you get paid either by the amount of clicks on the ad or by the amount of views your fitness blog receives. Don’t worry about your viewers seeing ads that are irrelevant to them as this is shown by their browsing history or items they’ve viewed before. Other ways to earn money from your blog is through guest posts and sponsorships.

With these in place, you’re likely to catch the attention of various companies and brands because you’re now considered an influencer. There are various advantages you get some of which are invitation to events, free products, services, free travel etc.

Top #3 Fitness Bloggers

#1 Natalie Jill Fitness Blog

Named after the owner, the Natalie Jill Fitness blog was started after she gained a tremendous amount of weight after a triple tragedy, she lost her house, retired and her marriage ended. She was able to turned things around and was also able to inspire others with her determination and tenacity.

Her blog focuses mainly on body weight training, living a healthy lifestyle, fitness, weight loss, and body weight training. Her blog seeks to not only motivate people to fitness, it also empowers people to become better in everything

Her blog can be found on Facebook, Google +, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube.

Some of her popular blog posts are on booty-building workouts and how to use your body weight for an upper body workout.

#2 ACE

ACE stands for American Council on Exercise. They are a not-for-profit organization that endorse health coaches and exercise experts.

The primary aim of ACE’s for people to get moving. They also provide the necessary education to scientifically help fitness experts and fans of healthy living to reduce preventable diseases caused by laziness by 2035.

They write in-depth articles discussing fitness and other exercises to improve agility. They can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn

#3 The Fitnessista

A mother of two children, Gina a weight loss specialist, fitness instructor and personal trainer sometimes share bits of her family followed by fast and healthy recipes that are easy to make on her blog. She also posts on effective workouts on her lifestyle and fitness blog.

Her blog can be reached on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Snapchat.

Some of her popular post are on fitness motivation, workout regimen that can be done anywhere you please, and cardio workout that people can do with a park bench.

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