How to Start a Fashion Blog

Fashion has millions of fans in all parts of the world. If you have a great concept and you’re strategic about development, you can craft a fashion blog that attracts a large audience. The following guide will show you how to accomplish the goal.

How to Start a Fashion Blog

1) What’s Your Fashion

A great fashion blog has a unique, innovative concept.

Having a simple lookbook isn’t enough to attract a massive audience and keep those followers interested. You will have to pinpoint the one sub-topic that you’re passionate about and that appeals to a large enough group of people.

Will you write about fashion on a dime? Will you travel to different countries and explore the local fashion trends? Is your mission to find young and promising designers that the world should know about?

Take some time to fine-tune the original concept you started with. Make sure that your blog is specific enough and that you’re highly interested in the topic. Otherwise, you’ll find it difficult to generate great content on a regular basis.

2) Choose the Right Name, Choose the Right Blogging Platform

This is where the process starts being much more creative. It’s time to come up with a blog name. The Lady Fashionista isn’t a great choice – do some research and you’ll find dozens of other blogs that share similar titles.

Choose something relevant, something that tells the world who you are and what your blog is trying to accomplish. Penniless but Trendy is a great choice for a fashion blog that will share budget-friendly ideas and suggestions.

If you’re still stuck and you can’t come up with a title, try using our blog name generator for some inspiration.

Once you have a blog name in mind, it’s time to get your website set up. We recommend WordPress as one of the simplest platforms that even beginners can master within a short period of time. If you’ve never tried the platform before, you will benefit from the following guide on how to set up a WordPress blog.

We suggest going with BlueHost to host your website as they have a easy one-click WordPress installation tool, you can get 60% Off hosting and a free domain name here.

3) Build Your Online Presence

A fashion blog is as good as the audience it attracts. You can’t sit idly and hope for people to find you. A proactive approach is required to promote your content and reach as many people as possible.

The first essential is creating a lot of quality content. Online content has its specifics and it differs from texts appearing in magazines and print publications. Learning a bit more about the specifics of successful blog content is the first step towards making yourself visible.

Next, you should start working on your online reputation. It consists of all the online platforms you’re active on.

To market your fashion blog, you need to have social media profiles. Opt for Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Fashion is visual and so should your social media marketing efforts be.

What content do fashion bloggers create?

In the world of fashion blogging, there’s one must-have type of content. This content is visual. Whether you opt for photos, collages or even sketches of your own models, you need to accompany texts with visuals that demonstrate trends and fashion ideas.

A good camera and some image editing software rank among the absolute essentials for fashion blogging.

You can create your own look books, trendy combos or reports from runway shows. Once again – the types of visuals and texts will be dependent on the specific niche you choose.

Video content is also a great choice for fashion blogs. Try clips that present different product hauls, that create designer overviews or take the viewer on a shopping spree.

Create engaging and relevant content

Your content should highlight your original style. Do some research to see what others are doing and find inspiration. Take notes while exploring other fashion blogs. You can note down the best ideas, the things that miss the mark and the ones you can build upon.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different formats and content styles. The website analytics you have will provide a better idea about what the audience loves and what seems to be missing the mark.

Finally, remember that good content is all about consistency. Once you identify the style, tone and formats your audience prefers, you should stick to these in the future.

How to grow your traffic

A fashion blog’s traffic can be increased in a number of ways.

The first and most important thing to do is optimise your content. Whether you’re focusing mainly on visuals or texts, you will have to follow the rules of search engine optimisation (SEO) in order to have your pages appearing among the top Google results for the respective keyword.

Engagement with your online community is also crucial. Answer questions, moderate your social media pages and interact with the audience in a friendly, personalised way.

Finally, consider a bit of online marketing. The development of your social media profiles is free of charge and it can produce excellent results in terms of driving people to your content. If your social media posts go viral (originality and knowledge of your audience will be required), you will quickly turn into a fashion star and a powerful influencer.

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How to make money with your Keyword Blog

tMaking money with a fashion blog is possible in several ways. Try affiliate marketing platforms – there are dozens of options out there. CJ Affiliate and Amazon Associates are two of the most prominent options. To earn from affiliate marketing, however, you will need to have a solid fashion blog audience.

Building your Instagram following is another great way to monetise. Many influencers, especially in the beauty and fashion industry, are paid to publish promo photographs that present a product to their large audience. Once again, a massive audience is essential to attract sponsors.

Finally, you should definitely consider starting your own YouTube channel. A YouTube channel can be monetised and it can also be used to drive traffic to your fashion blog. It’s a win-win situation!

Top #3 Fashion Bloggers

#1 Monikh

According to Marie Claire, Monikh is the go-to fashion blog.

It was started by Monikh Dale, a London-based blogger and fashion influencer/model. Monikh is known for discovering many brands that have the potential to go huge. In addition, she provides great tips for the styling of simple, inexpensive clothes.

The blog is diversified and it has fashion, travel, as well as interior design sections. In addition, Monikh features an online store and a seriously developed Instagram presence that both help her earn more than enough from her fashion blog.

#2 Fishnets and Rainbows

Fishnets and Rainbows was started only three years ago by Rita Saraqi from Kosovo. While young, this fashion blog has been performing exceptionally well. Rita’s fun style and personality are two of the main contributors to the rapid growth.

The blog discusses Rita’s personal beauty and fashion understanding, as well as multiple other topics – health, fitness, inspiration and lifestyle.

Rita is also known for her massive social media presence. She has over 28.6k followers on Instagram where she does feature some promo posts. Just like the previous entry in the list, this fashion blog also comes equipped with its own online shop.

#3 Aleali

When superstar stylists aren’t working with their famous clients, they’re known for doing a bit of fashion blogging. Aleali May has worked with numerous celebrities, including Kendrick Lamar. Her blog focuses on Aleali’s personal style and it impresses right from the start with the simplicity and the minimalism of the design.

There isn’t an awful lot to this blog and this is precisely why it has quickly acquired a huge following. Aleali’s style is quite distinctive and anyone who’s drawn to the respective fashion trend will become a fan after a single look at her styling ideas.


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