How to Create a WordPress blog

For beginner bloggers creating a WordPress site is actually alot less daunting than it sounds. In this guide you’ll learn, step by step, how to create a WordPress site and get your blog up and running.

Creating your WordPress site with BlueHost

All websites require some form of hosting, for those less tech savvy, Web hosting can be seen as renting your room on the web. It’s holds all of your websites information and gives it access to others on the internet. The best part about this is there are a lot of hosting providers around the globe competing to gain you as a customer, which means cheaper than chips pricing!

We recommend using BlueHost because they’re one of the most popular providers on the market and offer one of the lowest rates on the market. You’ll only ever pay $2.95 per month and that’s for everything including your domain name, hosting, WordPress installation and SSL certificate (the HTTPS infront of your URL that lets people know your site is safe & secure). More importantly though, they have a great 24/7 support team on hand which is a life saver for any new blogger/website owner.

Follow these steps signup with BlueHost

1) Go to the BlueHost sign-up page (click here)

How to Signup to bluehost

2) Choose a hosting plan

We suggest the $2.95 per month option, it’s all you’ll really need to get started and you can always upgrade at anytime.

Selecting a BlueHost Plan

3) Register your Domain Name. BlueHost’s will automatically check it’s availability for you.

This is the URL of your website so try to keep it the same as your blog name, you can also try our Blog Name Generator for some name ideas or inspiration.

Try keep your Blog name relevant to your audience aswell, so if you want to use your name in it go for something like “John’s Juicy BBQ Blog” or try a catchy phrase like “HustleMoney”. Also, aim for a ‘.com’ if possible it’ll be easier for people to remember.

Choosing a Domain Name in BlueHost


4) Create your BlueHost Account.

Now your domain has been chosen, enter the necessary billing and contact information to secure your website.

Create a BlueHost Account

After that just enter your payment details and hey presto! You now own and operate a website.


Last Step) Time to check your email

Bluehost will have emailed you a welcome email with all the next steps to set up your site. Their easy to follow guide will Automatically install your WordPress site and even provide a range of great themes to get you started (you can change your theme at any time).

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