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The first challenge most people have is creating a name for their fantastic new blog. A blog name is the first part most readers will notice, hence the need to make it appealing. 

Selecting the right name for your blog is undoubtedly a crucial decision that should be your top priority.

The thought of coming up with a catchy blog name may be so overwhelming that people lose enthusiasm before attempting. However, things don’t have to be that way. 

We’ve compiled a list of 16 helpful suggestions below to help you in this process.

Why Your Blog Name Matters

As a startup, you may wonder why a blog name is important. Like titles, blog names are the first thing and sometimes the only part most readers will read before being convinced to read the content.

Furthermore, an exceptional blog name compels readers to click through and continue reading your content. 

Moreover, a blog name that genuinely represents your chosen niche might gain you loyal followers. The name of your blog needs to be chosen with a lot of consideration in order to be appealing enough to readers.

A blog name is also critical for branding. Similar to renowned brand names, a well-thought-out blog name will make you stand out and remain relevant for a while. 

This is also vital when trying to develop and maintain a positive image, improving your ranking in search results and ultimately increasing the popularity of your blog.

Things To Consider When Naming Your Blog

As explained, a good blog name is important and will require you to take several things into consideration before settling on how to name your blog. Here are things to consider before picking a name;

  • Your target audience
  • Branding opportunities
  • Style of writing in order to complement the tone and the name of your blog
  • A name that is easy to read and remember
  • Keywords to include to improve your rankings
  • Whether it is a personal blog or it will include your business too
  • Your expected long-term growth—Your blog name has to be timeless
  • Whether the blog name can accommodate different topics

Actionable Tips To Help You Find Your Blog Name

While the process of choosing an ideal blog name may be hard, there are a few tips on how to come up with blog name ideas. 

Below are 16 useful tips to help you brainstorm several ideas before narrowing down your perfect name.

1) Understand Your Audience

Knowing who you want to read your blog can help you decide on your blog’s style, content, and name. Although it often serves as a personal journal, you’re writing the blog for your readers. 

Therefore, you must strive to come up with blog name ideas that will resonate with your readers. This can be considered a sort of “Golden Rule” when brainstorming your ideal blog name.

Blog names should be something that your readers would feel at ease discussing in casual conversation. For instance, a serious, educational site shouldn’t have a silly, light-hearted name. Similarly, a humorous, informal blog shouldn’t have a business or formal title.

Furthermore, you will need to consider whether you want to grow with your audience over time. For example, if your blog is about young moms with young kids, you need to consider that kids grow, hence the need to keep your content relevant. 

Your preferred blog name needs to be timeless to combat the need to keep changing it every once in a while.

2) Spy On Your Competitors

People believe that their concept is original and special, but we’ve all been inspired by something. 

It can be really helpful to browse blogs written by competitors on related topics or blogs written for an audience like yours. 

This will push you towards the direction you need to take when naming your blog. 

Remember, you’re spying on your competitors to get inspired, not to copy what they are doing. 

3) Learn Niche Lingo

Starting a blog requires you to pick a topic you will concentrate on. There are several blog niche ideas with proven demand that you can choose from. 

Whether you choose fashion blogging, interior house designing, or food blogging, each niche has its terms.

Utilizing lingo that relates to your blog can offer a good name idea. Moreover, learning your niche vocabulary helps you learn how to write specifically for your target audience. 

For instance, “Minimalist” is an ideal blog name for simple home decor designs. Also, “Core” would suit a fitness and workout blog.

4) Play With Rhymes

Rhyming and other wordplays are fun and can help you come up with a melodic and memorable blog name.

There is a reason why certain songs keep replaying in your mind, and it has to do with rhyming words. You can add the same kind of quirkiness to your new blog name with rhyming words.

If you are running low on ideas, using rhyme word search engines such as Rhyme Brain or Rhymer is a first step in the right direction. Explore different types of rhymes such as eye, slant, or end rhymes. Brummy Mummy is a perfect example of a rhyming blog name.

5) Consider Your Positioning

As a blogger, branding your blog is a decision that needs to be made from the onset. 

You do this by combining your blog name and your blog’s selling point. The name needs to portray your unique stand in the niche. 

Also, the name has to grow with your brand to avoid constant rebranding. Remember, there is more to branding than the blog name.

6) Try Alliterations

Alliteration occurs when the first sound or letter of two or more words that are adjacent are similar. Because it works so well, it’s one of the original tactics in poetry, writing, and naming.

You can use a thesaurus to find alternative phrases that can blend in with your words. This can be really beneficial if you’re having problems coming up with a unique name. 

This approach is a fantastic way to create a catchy title that has the priceless “rolls off the tongue” effect. Love and Lemons is an attractive food blog name using this method.

7) A Name That Makes Us Laugh

A comical blog name may be that contagious element that makes your content go viral. This is most suited for sites with a funny tone and an overall playful brand.

Human nature dictates that everyone loves to laugh and, more significantly, that they enjoy sharing things that get them smiling with other people.

A humorous blog name can be a wordplay, a witty pun, or just a painfully honest and audience-relevant remark. Some witty blog names include Not Always Romantic, It’s Broken, or Not Always Related.

8) Invent A New Word

We live in a world where invented words like Skype, Spotify, and Google have become household names, which may sound absurd. That said, inventing a completely new word might be the perfect blog name you have been looking for.

There are several ways of creating a new word. 

You can choose to create one from scratch, borrow from other languages, misspell words or add prefixes and suffixes. 

For example, Veganish Foodie is an invented word that could suit a vegan recipes’ food blog

9) Combine Two Words Into One

A portmanteau might be your next blog name, and you can do this by combining two words that are different in meaning, but the blend they make creates a great name.

If you want to come up with catchy conjunction, try typing down several terms that are related to your company and connecting them. 

Examples include: Bookathon, a combination of “book” and “marathon”, and is suitable for a book review blog. Animaniacs is the combination of “animated” and “maniacs,” perfect for an animation review blog.

10) Try Foreign Languages

Foreign languages can be a great way to pop up with a catchy or distinctive blog name. This might become a hot topic of discussion or a good way to start a conversation about your blog.

Specific tones and voices can also be conveyed through specific languages. For instance, while Latin is frequently connected to history, wisdom, or discovery, French is typically considered beautiful and romantic.

There are many wonderful words in several languages that are attractive and fascinating. 

Why not consider how the blog would sound if it included a tiny touch of German, French, or Spanish?

11) Use A Smart Name Generating Tool

When attempting to come up with an idea for your blog name, online tools such as our Blog Name Generator are designed to help you get beyond creative hurdles. 

Just come up with keywords that apply to your blog, enter them into the generator, and look through the variety of original options.

The ideas generated are extensive and the generator allows you to explore unlimited name options before settling for one. 

You may kill two birds with one stone by using our name generator, which also provides instant domain availability check.

12) Make It Pop

It’s evident that popular culture has taken the world by storm, as most people find music, art, fashion, and literature an indispensable part of their lives.

That said, why not make witty references to iconic pop culture figures in your blog name? 

It doesn’t have to be plain, as you can incorporate some touches of pop humor, alliteration, puns, or wordplay to draw the attention of your readers.

For example, Steve Jobless would make an ideal unemployment blog name as it is affiliated with the late popular CEO of Apple.

13) Look At Images For Inspiration

There is a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. 

Images can inspire countless blog name ideas by improving your imagination and creativity. 

It may actually not take you long to find the right name. Study the image by concentrating on the main object, background, and every detail on that canvas.

14) Find The Right Metaphor

As a figure of speech, metaphors help us explain actions in a way that goes beyond descriptive words. 

They have the power to link two things in the most colorful way making the incomprehensible to be comprehensible.

A metaphor as a blog name can instantly create a mental picture that will prompt your readers to be more intrigued about what your blog entails. 

The Forked Spoon is a food blog that uses a metaphor in its name.

15) Make Sure The Name Is Unique

All blogs need an online platform, hence you’re required to check for domain availability. 

Before settling on any blog name and domain name, ensure that the name is unique. 

If not, you risk being sued for registering a trademarked name. 

In addition to being sued, you will have to rebrand your blog and start the naming process all over. 

Fortunately, name-generating tools such as our Blog Name Generator include a domain availability check.

16) Get Feedback

After choosing the best name for your blog, it’s always good to get a second opinion. 

Get feedback on your blog name using different platforms. A blogging buddy is a good option. 

However, if you have no one in mind, reach out to a blogger from a relevant platform who has good experience by dropping an email. 

Twitter and Facebook are also great platforms to seek constructive criticism.


A blog name can make or break your blog. Without the ideal blog name, even with the most intriguing content, you might not drive enough traffic to your site. 

Moreover, your blog name selection process should be done cautiously to appeal to your target audience.

With our actionable tips, coming up with great blog name ideas doesn’t have to be overwhelming. 

You can always make a list from each of our tips and narrow it down to one name that is the most catchy and suiting. Fortunately, even if you pick the wrong name, rebranding is always an option.

However, a good blog name is only a step towards the success of your blog. With myriad options available for readers, you need to constantly improve your content to keep your readers happy.


Miloš Soro

Miloš Soro

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