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How To Name Your House Flipping Business

When entering the business world, finding a name for your own business is one of the most basic and important tasks you have to do. It may sound silly at first, but in reality, it is difficult. Your business’ name should be clever, witty, short, and clear. Especially when we are referring to property businesses, such as a house flipping business.

Nevertheless, we have a tool that will help you with coming up with original house flipping business name ideas. The House Flipping Business Name Generator will create smart name ideas for your company. You will see for yourself how easy it is to use it.

In addition, we have a few tips for you on how to find the most suitable name and how to make your business stand out in the market. So, let’s see how to use our Generator!

How to use the House Flipping Business Name Generator

The House Flipping Business Name Generator is very easy to use. It comes up with house flipping business name ideas in no time! First, you need to write a few keywords at the main search bar. For instance, you may write the keywords quality, cozy, and house flipping. Then, you click on the Generate button. The Generator will show the results in a few seconds. You can browse through them and see which one you like the most.

However, this is not the only thing the House Flipping Business Name Generator can do. When browsing the results page, on your left, you can see some features. One of them is that you can save the name ideas you like and compare them once you have finished searching. Another feature is that you can filter the results. You can filter them either by the industry or by name. That is you can choose whether you want your company name to be one or two words, if you want the focus keyword to be at the start or at the end of the name, and even if you want it to rhyme!

Last but not least, when you choose the name you like, the Generator checks online if it is available in different domains. This is an important feature, as it makes sure that the name of your company is original and no one else uses it online.

20 House Flipping Business Name Ideas

The House Flipping Business Name Generator will become your best friend when you are trying to open up a house flipping business. It will literally save you a lot of time. Finding a name for your company is stressful and requires strategic planning. But you may not be able to afford that just yet. Thus, the Generator will assist you in this complicated step.

In order to understand how the Generator works, we have 20 house flipping business name ideas for you, that were generated with the aforementioned keywords: quality, cozy, house flipping. Note that these are only a few examples that you are free to use, but you can also add your own ideas in the House Flipping Business Name Generator.

  1. House Domestic
  2. Quality Limitless
  3. Fast Bricks
  4. Cozy Vision
  5. Flipping Invest
  6. Cozy Domestic
  7. House District
  8. Quality Lookout
  9. Quality Equity
  10. Fast Knock
  11. House Sky
  12. Cozy Homeland
  13. Fast Realtor
  14. Houseorama
  15. Houseable
  16. Flipping Invision
  17. House Prospect
  18. Cozy Villa
  19. Housescape
  20. Quality Invest

20 More House Flipping Business Name Ideas

  1. Residence Revivers
  2. Home Transform
  3. Replenish & Reside
  4. Spruce & Settle
  5. Exhiliarate Estate
  6. Awaken Your Abode
  7. Recreate Your Place
  8. Paltry To Palace
  9. Abode Amend
  10. Alpha Abodes
  11. Halcyon Homes
  12. Hocus Pocus Houses
  13. Residence Refreshed
  14. Dainty Dwellings
  15. Hearth & Happiness
  16. Dapper Dwellings
  17. Flip Kings
  18. Forte Fixers
  19. Flipping Frenzy
  20. FlipFab

Best House Flipping Businesses

Before opening up a business, you must do research not only on your direct competition but also at the best businesses in the market. On this occasion, you should look into the best House Flipping Businesses. This way you will understand what they do, and they are so successful, but you will also see the impact their name has on their success. Sometimes it sounds silly to put that much effort only into the name. But as you will see in the examples below, the name reflects the company’s brand and goals, and it gives a clear message to the customers.

Fortune Builders

According to Starter Story, Fortune Builders is the leading company in house flipping, by teaching you how to manage a real estate agency and how to build a profitable house flipping company. Their name speaks by itself. They help you build your fortune. It is an effective and brandable name that describes the purpose of their business.

Lead Propeller

This is another company in the house flipping business that helps new, as well as experienced entrepreneurs in building their firm. As you can see on this occasion, the name describes a company that leads, that is one of the best at what they do. So why would you not choose it?

The Property Flip

The Property Flip is a very successful real estate in the house-flipping industry. And guess what. You can understand it by the name alone. The Property Flip needs no further introduction, as the customers understand what the company is all about. This is why it is very important to have a clear name for your business, but we will discuss this later.

Flipping Junkie

This is another case of a successful name. Flipping Junkie is one of the best house flipping businesses. Its owner, Danny Johnson, is also the founder of Lead Propeller. After the success of his first company, he decided to establish another one in the industry. What is important to keep in this case is that both companies have been prosperous and part of that is due to their names. When a customer wants to flip houses, he knows where to go to.

The Flipping Kings

They truly are the Flipping Kings! And when you hear of them, you expect nothing less than excellent service. It is true, their services are some of the best in the market. Their name is brandable, as it corresponds to their goals, but also their attitude towards their customers. The customers are always pleased when choosing the Flipping Kings!

Unique Advice Content

The name of the company reflects the whole brand. This is why it is so important to have a suitable name for your business. When customers hear the name of the business, they automatically understand what the company is about; what it sells, if it has a good reputation. You probably figured that out from the aforementioned house-flipping businesses.

So, if you want to come up with creative house flipping name ideas for your own business, we have a few tips that might be helpful. Along with them, we will also explain why our House Flipping Business Name Generator is the best option to gain time and energy in this difficult task.

5-Tips for creating unique House Flipping Business name ideas


First and foremost, you need to brainstorm. Write down keywords that describe your company, yourself, your aspirations. This will help you visualize your business. You will be able to come up with ideas and see if you would like them on your logo or business card. Moreover, by brainstorming and checking other companies, you will find inspiration on how you want to build your own brand.

The House Flipping Business Name Generator will provide you with ideas that you can visualize and narrow down to those you like the most.

Opt for a short and catchy name

It is very important to opt for a short and catchy name for your house flipping business. As you saw before, some of the most successful companies have short, catchy, and clear names. If you came across the names of Flipping Junkie or the Flipping Kings, you would not confuse them for something else.

The House Flipping Business Name Generator will create interesting ideas based on the keywords you add. Given that its algorithm allows it to create only names with two words maximum, you can be sure that the name will be short. Also, adding adjectives such as cozy in your search will allow the Generator to come up with catchy names too, not just basic ones. Last but not least, you can always choose to have a little fun by activating the rhyming feature. It will provide you with house-flipping business name ideas that rhyme!

Consider branding your location

That is you may want to consider adding your business’ location in the name. For example, an idea would be New York Flipping Invision. This way you allow your customers to understand in which area your business is operating. Don’t forget to add it to the search engine of the House Flipping Business Name Generator, in order to get name ideas including this!

Add an emotional or a humorous adjective

As aforementioned, adding a keyword such as cozy or happy not only provides you with catchy names but creates a positive atmosphere for your customers about your brand. Thus, they will know that at your company not only the available properties will be cozy, but the overall service will be nice and warm. The same goes for a humorous name. It attracts the customers because it creates a positive reaction, which is a smile or laughter.

In the House Flipping Business Name Generator, you can add as many adjectives as you want. They can be all sorts of positive adjectives, such as lovely, mood, complete, fantastic, knock knock, etc. The Generator will come up with even more house-flipping business name ideas for you to choose from!

Never forget about your branding

In today’s world, where every business is online and has a social media presence, it is critical to stand out. Before opening up your own business, you have to think carefully about your branding. For example, do you want to deal with more affordable houses, apartments, or more luxurious? Do you want to work only with companies or with individuals too? What vibes do you want your business to have? These characteristics are very important because they will be mirrored in your company’s name. So, always choose carefully the keywords you add at the House Flipping Business Name Generator. Thus, it will come up with options that truly reflect your brand’s identity and what you stand for as a business.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, the House Flipping Business Name Generator is completely free of charge. Its special features are also free.

You simply add all the keywords you want in the search engine and the Generator provides you with various house flipping business name ideas. For more information, please read the section How to use the House Flipping Business Name Generator.

Your company's name should be short, clear, catchy, and unique. This way your business will stand out from the competition.

No, there is no limit on how many times you can use the Generator. You can use it as many times as you want until you come up with a great name for your business.

Yes, the company's name needs to be original so that there is no confusion with another company, and you do not have infringement of copyright problems.

Yes, the Generator will check if the name you chose is free in any domain. If it is, you are free to register your company. If it is not, you have to come up with a different one.


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