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Hostinger is one of the best domain registrar options out there. They provide fully managed premium shared and cloud hosting services, in a safe and secure way. Hostinger Domains provides lifetime SSL, tons of storage, managed WordPress accounts, and more, all to help you grow your business effectively.




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Hostinger Review


Hostinger is a web hosting company and an online domain name registrar. It offers a fully-loaded web hosting package that can enable you to set up your website. You can read through the Hostinger domain registrar and web-hosting services review below to know more about its pros and cons, features, pricing, and other useful details. You can then use the information below to compare the offerings and pricing of Hostinger with other domain registrar and web hosting providers.

Based on our Hostinger review, the company’s overall score is at the upper end of the rating spectrum. We attributed its high ratings to its satisfactory user-friendly interface, usage convenience, support level, and other commendable features. This Hostinger review lists down additional details to support this rating.

Pros and Cons

+ Affordable offerings – The Hostinger domain registrar and web hosting services company offers low-cost plans that have substantial features.

+ User-friendly interface – The company’s user interface is highly satisfactory.

+ High uptime rate – Hostinger has a high server uptime rate with a company guarantee of 99.9%.

+ A wide array of e-commerce and security tools – Hostinger offers a huge variety of e-commerce and security solutions.

+ Fast hosting speed – The company also provides one of the fastest domain registrar services and hosting platforms.

Support quality needs improvement – Lack of adequate customer support.

Non-standard payment conditions – The company’s refund policy contains several exceptions to its refund guarantee.

Lack of a dedicated hosting service – The Hostinger domain registrar and web-hosting company does not offer dedicated hosting for its users.


We reviewed the main functionalities of the Hostinger domain name registrar and web hosting solutions. Moreover, users looking forward to setting up their domain name and website found Hostinger useful.

During our Hostinger review, we also discovered that Hostinger is a user-friendly and streamlined platform. Users can easily learn how to set up a website in just a few minutes. Besides, this platform provides readily available templates, video training, job-aids, and simple instructions while building their websites.

Currently, the Hostinger domain registrar and web hosting firm have not yet developed a mobile-friendly version that can allow users to access their hosting. Instead, users can access the hPanel via mobile devices. The hPanel is highly optimized for mobile devices.


Based on our Hostinger review, the platform has various features that make its domain name registrar and web hosting services appreciated by the users. In addition, the quality of its features pushes up the rating of Hostinger to the higher end of the rating scale.

Integrations. Hostinger allows you to integrate various apps such as the Flock productivity app, Gmail, and other tools to make your website more intuitive.

Collaboration tools. Hostinger also allows you to collaborate with remote developers, experts, and other team members while building your website.

Customization options. The software also allows you to customize your website by providing editable templates and helpful tools. No need to develop a special program.

Fully-loaded domain registrar and hosting services. You can easily find a wide array of intuitive solutions to help you build your website within a short time.

Support Quality

Based on our Hostinger review, we discovered that the company’s support quality needs more improvement. However, we also encountered some reviews where the company’s support was rated highly. Nevertheless, Hostinger’s support quality score still ended up at the higher end due to the favorable response from the majority of the users. There are also no support differences that Hostinger provides under each pricing tier.

The Hostinger domain name registrar and web hosting company offers 24/7 live chat and email support, developer documents, guides, videos, job-aids, and other tools.

Hostinger Pricing – What does it cost?

The Hostinger domain name registrar company has a tiered pricing structure, and it is billed monthly. However, there is no annual discount mentioned. As the pricing tier levels up, the key differences include increases in several areas. These include monthly visits, storage, websites, bandwidth ceiling, and other exclusive features for higher tiers. Below are the Hostinger domain name registrar and web hosting bundle pricing plans:

Free TrialNo


Based on our Hostinger review, its domain name registrar and web hosting offerings provide many benefits to its customers. These include affordable features, useful hosting tools, and satisfactory hosting speed. On the other hand, we encountered some bad reviews on the company’s customer support and dedicated hosting service. However, the Hostinger has a score that reflects favorable ratings for its overall key features.

With regard to the pricing set by the Hostinger domain name registrar firm, some features increase in value as you go up the pricing tiers. The pricing tiers differ around monthly visit numbers, storage sizes, and other features. As for Hostinger’s features and capabilities, its solutions can help you obtain your domain name, find a home for your website, and build it. In addition, it offers training materials, videos, instructions, and other documents that can help you set up your website within a short period.

Try Out Hostinger Now!

The Hostinger domain registrar can help you find the perfect domain and build your website within minutes. Its user-friendly features, intuitive platform, and quality support can help you accomplish this.

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